New Sabotage is Being Prepared in Syria


The absolutely false accusation of the United States of Damascus in the next use of chemical weapons in Syria, which Russia had warned about as a provocation of the militants connected with the Western special services, is fraught with a sharp agg

Will Russia fight with Israel for Iran?


While some journalists are looking for the causes of the fire of Notre-Dame-de-Paris, while others worry about the fate of Julian Assange issued by the Ecuadorian embassy, another reason for a big war has appeared in the Middle East.

Kurds in Syria suffer the greatest defeat


The US leadership continues to comment on its sensational decision of the end of last year - to withdraw American troops from Syria. This decision will affect not only the US position.

Idlib turned into a kingdom of terror


The kingdom of terror is the so-called Idlib province in Syria. Militants of various terrorist and opposition organizations official in Damascus are locked in it.