Middle East

EastMed - Turkish Stream Killer


The US is ready to defend Israel, Cyprus and Greece from Turkey and wants to turn the EastMed project into an alternative to Russian gas. The interests of Moscow and Ankara coincided again

American congressmen protect Israel from Russia


On May 20, members of the House of Representatives and the Senate asked Donald Trump to make sure that Israel receives adequate support and material assistance from the United States to maintain its geopolitical superiority in the Middle East, as

The Veiling of Women


If this woman in the photo can still breathe and survive, then that shows the survival instinct in these women is very strong. However, what she goes through, like millions of other woman, is a result of the thousands of years of the old patriarchal system, of domination and control over women, of their bodies, minds and sexuality, by all possible means, including the help of patriarchal and partisan deities and patriarchal religions, that became the social norm which none dared to question or challenge.

Trump accelerates the creation of "Arab NATO"


US President Donald Trump said that Saudi King Salman will not last two weeks in power without American support. Trump wants Gulf countries to increase defense spending to create "Arab NATO" against Iran.

The Sharia law and modern legal systems


Those who are well-acquainted with the Sharia laws and modern legal systems should be in a position to show what the Sharia laws of Islam are and how they are inadequate to protect and safeguard people and their rights in these times.