Iran is going to execute the CIA spies


Iran reported the arrest of 17 CIA agents who handed over the nuclear and military secrets of the Islamic Republic to the Americans. Some of the detainees have already been sentenced to death.

USA - Iran: The probability of war is growing


Events are taking place in the world that in the coming weeks may lead to a military confrontation between the United States and Iran, a sharp exacerbation of tensions in the Middle East.

Iran breaks nuclear deal


Iran refused to fulfill part of its obligations under the “nuclear deal”. What will be the consequences of Tehran’s decision and how will the United States react to it?

EU helps US plunge Middle East into chaos


Skeptics in Tehran who initially did not believe in Europe’s ability to withstand the sanctioning pressure of the “big Satan” of the United States and who doubted Tehran’s need to adhere to this comprehensive deal with Washington’s withdrawal from