Greek Default: To Be or Not To Be?

Backgroung source: Author: Etereuti

The situation in Greece is a little bit complicated. You should remember that Greece is not an independent nation-state anymore. It has become a protectorate of Germany, the EU, and the International Monetary fund.

Friendly Visit: Lavrov travels to Greece


Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov begins his two-day trip to Greece on November 1st. During his visit, he plans to discuss important issues of bilateral relations, contradictions between Moscow and Brussels, as well as solutions to the most pressing international problems, with the country’s leadership. 

The Unrepentant IMF!


Despite the persistent effort of the Greek Media to present the report issued by the Independent Evaluation Office on July 8th, which examines the contribution of the IMF on the “rescue” plan of three countries (Greece, Ireland, and Portugal) as a