The Persian people (Persian: پارسیان or فارس‌ها) are an Iranian people who speak the modern Persian language and closely related Iranian dialects and languages. Persians have generally been a pan-national group often comprising regional people who often refer to themselves as "Persians" and have also often used the term "Iranian" (in the ethnic-cultural sense).

During the history ethic term "Persian" and civilizational term "Iranian" were closely intertwined. Not all the ethnic groups that speak different variations of Persian language are “Persian” in ethnic and cultural sense. Modern Tajiks in Tajikistan and Afghanistan and Dari-speaking groups use they version of Persian but belong only to the periphery of Iranian civilization and are not considered to be a part of Iranian Persians.

The Persians in proper sense are only inhabitants of Iran and their descendants speaking Persian language as native, mostly Shia Muslims historically attached to Iranian statehood and culture.

Levels of identity:

Ethnical:  It is root of common Iranian culture and identity and is absorbed by iit.

National. The national identity in proper sense is in the process of construction. Common Iranian identity is predominantly based on the traditional set of values  and was elaborated in the structure of traditional society, so can be properly named People’s.

Individual (Civil Society) – not developed, can be found in most westernized groups of population predominantly in Tehran