This year for Europe was a disaster

We are skeptical about most of the events in modern Europe. We don’t like the way our European leaders are ruling European Union. So we are pro-Europe, we are for our country and Europe, but we believe that, in the way, they act and how they rule Europe now, they just kill it. So, that’s why we are Euro-skeptical.

Europe is seriously affected by the strong immigration from Islamic countries. Millions of Islamic people come to Europe, they change the EU demography, and, in the future, if we don’t stop that kind of trend, we will be the minority. So, it is the first problem. And the second one is that we change the behave of Europe, the liberal followers, so-called liberals, are aimed to cut all the roots of the people; they cut the tradition and the way they keep together people. They want to be individuals, only individuals, not collective people. We put some collective issue before the persons, for example, we are the Christians, and the values of Christianity should be the value of all of us.  And this is more important, then our personal needs. Someone want to cut it and let the whole individual idea only for them, so everyone should think how they want. Everyone should cut their relation with the best. Everyone have to choose if he is a man or a woman. They cut also the physic difference, because we are men and women, as we are physically made different, and they want to cut also that. They want to say: “No, they are individuals. You can be a male or a female as you decide. You are physically male, but you can behave like a woman”. So they cut all the basis of lives that are the physical different, they create the common behavior. Doing it, they kill people and create just robots. People now look in the Facebook what they say from the USA. They say you have to kill yourself, so they kill themselves, because it is written out there. So cut the mind of the people. And this is what happening now in Europe.

I think, it is one big problem, the problem of multipolar or monopolar world, because we believe that the pole from one country or another sure have the possibility to develop itself and leave it with its roots, its way of life, and its common vice. And this means that the future of peoples of the world is in the multipolar world, where everyone has the right to develop themselves how is better for them. In the monopolar world that exist since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the USA tries to establish its order where nobody is free to act how it prefer, but everyone, every people of the worlds should act in the way it want. So, it tells you: “This is the real political system that you have to follow. You have to use this kind of democracy that we tell you, and then you must put first singular and personal value before the collective rise in your life. Then you should not have roots in the past, but look only in the future, and this will change the world in the worst.” Because of that, we have a lot of countries that creating worse and problems, because they don’t accept that. In the most of Islamic countries, they starting to fight, because they don’t accept that kind of life. And, if we can say to the Islamic country: “We can leave you to develop your civilization as you want, we don’t tell you which way you should follow”. They will stop the war with us, the problem is that we should say: “You can develop your own civilization in your country, but don’t come to mine. You should not impose your way of life to my country and to my people”. So, we should give the opportunity to everyone to develop their civilization in their way without to propose them only one way to develop their country and their political system. In this case, I think the world could be a world in piece. If we want to impose to people of the world the same system, we will always have wars. Always. Because people are so different, the cultures are so different, everyone need a system that can fit them, and everyone should be able to self-organize, self-determine. This is the principle we believe. So, I think this is the question.

This year for Europe was a disaster. Because the economy is still weak, the economy is losing billions and billions, because of the sanctions, the stupid sanction that are against Europe, not against Russia, against Europe. And, you know, we have had a meeting with mister Klimov from the United Russia Party. He told us that Russia lost 15% of the trade with the European Union, and the USA trade has grown by 10%. Europe is so stupid that it tries to kill itself, saying: “We don’t want to get gain, get money from this trade with Russia. And we leave it to the USA”. So it is incredible, but true. So the EU behave was crazy. What happed as the result? Terrorist attacks, because nobody control them. So it was a disaster, we have to change the government of Europe to start to act in a different way for the benefit of Europe. We have to fight with the USA, we are not against the USA, we are not pro-Russian, against the USA, we are pro-Italian, pro-European, and we hope that he USA realize that the right way to act is to make agreement with Russia for the multipolar world.