Why Trump canceled the summit with Kim, and then changed his mind


The summit that was canceled by President Donald Tramp in Singapore may still take place, because just the day after his demarche, Trump changed his mind and again began to declare his readiness to hold a meeting with the leader of the DPRK, Kim Jong-un, almost on the previously agreed dates - 12-13 June. The American president explains this by saying that the North Koreans really want and strongly seek this meeting.

What happened, and why did Trump change into the air?

And what happened was that the Americans, presenting to the North Koreans, even before the talks began, insolent and totally unacceptable demands put themselves in an extremely unfavorable light. Especially against the background of the full dignity of Pyongyang's reaction, which rightly pointed out that it was cornered with outrageous speeches, blackmail and threats. And it was not just superheaters that did it - US Vice President Mike Pence and Trump's adviser on national security John Bolton - but also the US president himself.

However, the Americans quickly realized what a serious mistake they made that their appetites and that arrogance played with them once again a cruel joke.

They realized that they will have to moderate their tone so that the world does not decide that they are the warmongers to try to determine for this role Kim, if he does not want to capitulate after the talks with Trump.

Americans Incorporated an old plate

So, changing his mind a day later, Trump again sang an old song: "Our American team arrived in North Korea to prepare my meeting with Kim Jong-no. I seriously believe that North Korea has great potential, and one day it will be an excellent state financially and economically. Kim Jong-Eun agrees with me - it will happen! "- he wrote in his favorite Twitter. The US president even attacked those who doubted that the summit would not be postponed from June 12, since it was already impossible to prepare it for the previously announced time because of Trump's escapade. "They made a mistake again," said Trump, who was eager to show how hungry he was for this meeting.


There are other American officials bustling about. The American delegation is reportedly already negotiating a future summit with representatives of the DPRK government at the Panmunjom border crossing point on the demarcation line between the two Koreas. On Saturday in Washington, they announced that another American delegation is preparing to fly to Singapore to train the leaders of the United States and North Korea at the summit.

According to the press secretary of the president, Sara Sanders, "the working team of the White House will go to Singapore on schedule, as planned, to prepare for the summit, if it becomes possible."
Pyongyang play the same game

In Seoul, they play along. Seeing that the Americans quickly realized to what trap they had driven themselves and intend to jump out of it, the North Koreans, in order not to allow the Yankees to do this, also now, as if nothing had happened, declare that they are preparing for the summit with might and main.

The DPRK state media writes that Kim shows "unbending will" to meet with Trump. At the same time, the North Korean leader actively uses the opportunities created by the "thaw" to establish ties with South Korea, which is extremely interested in defusing tensions on the peninsula and establishing relations with its northern neighbor in as many areas as possible, although this is not at all interested in the United States. The summit in Singapore is a good occasion for the leaders of both Koreas to push forward the bilateral relations as much as possible, which they took advantage of on Saturday, unexpectedly having held another meeting.

As the press secretary of the South Korean president said, both Korean leaders frankly talked on different topics for two hours. The Central Telegraph Agency of Korea, in turn, reported that they agreed to meet regularly "to conduct a lively dialogue, share experiences and apply joint efforts to establish a nuclear-free zone on the Korean peninsula." And for this, thanks to Mr. Trump. Well, as an "alibi" for both leaders, Kim, after meeting with the President of South Korea, expressed his firm belief that the summit in Singapore will take place.

Summing up

Thus, Pyongyang and Washington, suddenly recaptured at the last moment, are now competing in a demonstration of peace, knowing full well that there are no serious prospects for arrangements that both agree on. This is done solely for external consumption.

In the case of the US, this is necessary to continue ... the previous policy of pressure, threats and escalation of tension, so that it would be more convenient to fish in troubled waters when Kim refuses to capitulate. Excessive expectations, which Washington is consciously creating again, are needed by the American side to put Pyongyang in an unfavorable light when he refuses to surrender and give his country under US control, with all the ensuing consequences for the current North Korean elite.

It is even difficult to imagine what American "guarantees" should be, especially after an ugly history with Iran, so that Kim agreed to "denuclearization". How can it be possible to unilaterally give Americans, who can not be trusted, their main trump card, thanks to which they are now ready to communicate with North Korea? At the same time, Washington will not accept any other option.

In the case of the DPRK, the goal is different - to ensure that the country is left alone, so that everyone understands that the North Koreans wanted peace, they wanted to come to an honest agreement with the US, but because of the forgotten diplomacy of the Americans this was not possible. Another goal Pyongyang - to establish the closest possible contacts with South Korea. Since Kim, having acquired and tested nuclear weapons, is going to behave peacefully, he needs to discharge on the Korean peninsula, mitigation or even cancellation of sanctions. Perhaps in order to try to change North Korea on the Chinese model, which provides for the preservation of the ruling party in power. For a well-known foreign life, who studied in Switzerland Kim Jong-un, this can be quite a natural option.

The Republic of Korea, China, Japan and Russia are also extremely interested in turning North Korea into a problem-free neighbor. You do not need only the USA. An alternative to a military conflict in the region involving the DPRK for them can only be the transformation of North Korea into its protectorate to create problems for China and Russia. Both of these goals are no longer needed by anyone in the world, so the chances of the DPRK to get out of international isolation by demonstrating their peace of mind are higher than ever. Kim has already defeated Trump, and now he has the opportunity to consolidate this victory.