Why Russia shouldn’t believe Trump’s plan to abandon nuclear bombs


Russia is ready to accept the US proposal to renounce nuclear weapons. But are the United States ready for this?

The meeting between Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin in Vladivostok made Washington pretty nervous. After all, recently Donald Trump seized the initiative in the Korean issue and negotiated with Kim tête-à-tête, bypassing Russia and China. And here a strange thing happens - Moscow intervenes in the matter and is trying to return the six-party format for Korea, which collapsed with the efforts of the White House.

"Great idea! But…"

And so, to return to the spotlight again, Donald Trump makes a loud statement. He calls not only the DPRK, but all countries to abandon nuclear weapons, including Russia, China and the United States itself.

Great idea! That’s what the press secretary of the Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov, commented on Trump’s initiative. However, he made it clear that it is not yet clear to anyone how the White House is going to implement the plan.

Later in the Kremlin they added that Moscow is ready for agreements on nuclear disarmament.

We are also ready for new [agreements, but for this we need serious negotiations, which no one has yet begun, unfortunately

- said presidential aide for international affairs Yury Ushakov.

Words differ from deeds

Judging by the real actions, only a madman can believe it. First, the US with $ 649 billion heads the top 5 countries in defense spending, as evidenced by the report of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).

Second, the United States is conducting a large-scale modernization of its nuclear forces. The program involves the allocation of 1 trillion dollars - this is almost the entire GDP of Russia.

Third, the Pentagon recently refused to make a pledge not to launch a preemptive nuclear strike.

According to US Deputy Secretary of Defense for Political Affairs David Trachtenberg, the policy of “calculated ambiguity” allows them to deter potential adversaries. Trump also refuses to sign a document with the Kremlin on preventing nuclear war.

Fourth, the president of the United States creates space troops to deliver nuclear strikes from space. Speaking at the Moscow Security Conference, Deputy Chief of the Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Federation, Lieutenant-General Viktor Poznikhir noted that the US missile defense strategy involves the formation of attack air defense systems right in orbit. Poznikhir noted that Washington is reviving the strategy of "star wars". Russia has concerns about the US readiness to hit ballistic missiles in the early stages of flight, or at the moment when the shells are in the mines.

Fifth, Washington has withdrawn from the most important disarmament treaties - ABM and ADRM - and does not want to extend START-3.

Double standard policy

The United States is not only arming itself, but is pumping allies into arms. For example, Trump has not yet blocked the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia in the amount of $ 100 billion, although the CIA, Congress, and European countries - NATO members blamed the murder of Jamal Khashoggi on Riyadh. In addition to this, the American president, according to some rumors, is going to transfer to Riyadh, which took second place in the SIPRI report, nuclear technology. On the other hand, the White House is still closing its eyes to the presence of 80 nuclear warheads from Israel, but it demands that nuclear weapons destroy the DPRK.

So, when the United States is engaged in an arms race, and Trump calls on China and Russia to destroy a nuclear bomb, this idea cannot cause anything but irony. But why does the American president offer something that he is not ready to do?

Impossible promise

Probably for two reasons. First, because it is Donald Trump. And he likes to charge some powerful tweet on Friday evening. Secondly, the USA is frightened by the newest Russian weapons systems, such as Avangard, Dagger, Peresvet, Poseidon, and so on. The Pentagon is afraid that the United States may lag behind Russia. And then Trump voiced a previously impossible proposal, in order to accuse Moscow and Beijing of not complying with the agreement. An excuse is needed for a neglected modernization of the American nuclear potential. The logic is the same as in the history of the INF. After all, the United States began to violate the treaty long before the announcement of withdrawal from it.

Therefore, the great idea of ​​abandoning a nuclear bomb should not be taken seriously. The United States will never give up weapons that turned them into a superpower. Both China and Russia, and all those who already have this weapons of mass destruction will not abandon it. Countries are driven by two fears. The first is to be deceived, as in the “prisoners' dilemma”. It is better to break the agreement and stay with the bomb, than to hope for honesty and lose the nuclear bomb. The second is the fear of repeating the fate of Gaddafi, who, unlike Kim Jong-un, did not have the opportunity to strike back at Washington, and paid dearly.