Why does Trump need two extra years in the White House?


Donald Trump actually supported the initiative to extend for two years the presidential powers in the form of compensation for the investigation of Special Prosecutor Robert Muller, which hampered the White House’s work during this period. And not because he lost his mind

Donald Trump posted on Twitter a call from lawyer Jerry Falwell, Jr. to extend the White House’s powers for two years. We are talking about two years that were “poisoned” by the investigation of Special Prosecutor Robert Muller about the “conspiracy” of Trump's election campaign with Russia, which justified in the final analysis the current US President.

A lawyer who heads the University of Virginia in Liberty, stated that there was "no collusion, no obstruction to the administration of justice" by Trump. Jerry Falwell - Jr. believes that Trump should add another two years to his first term as compensation for the time he was stolen by this dishonest and failed coup attempt.

In his comments on this proposal, Trump actually repeated the same arguments and supported the proposal, albeit very carefully.

What is it for?

We are interested in the political aspects of the voiced initiative. Why did Trump and Co. need to annoy the Americans, many of whom count the days before he leaves the White House, denying his current master of trust? Why mock and troll the majority of voters (Trump's rating, already low, continues to fall), risking a hail of accusations that the president is completely crazy?

There are three points that should be understood to correctly answer these questions.

Firstly, the completely unusual appeal of a lawyer sympathetic to Trump, posted on presidential Twitter with a benevolent White House host commentary, can be said to be a key issue for American politics cannot be an accident.

Secondly, the announced initiative is practically unreal. Questions of the presidency are carefully spelled out in the US Constitution and do not provide for anything like this.

Thirdly, it is, in all likelihood, that Trump actually offers his critics a kind of deal.

The fact is that several committees of the House of Representatives of the US Congress continue to “investigate” not only Trump’s alleged ties with Russia, but also intend to actively engage in business activities of the President and his family members, to catch them in tax evasion. Democratic-controlled mainstream media continues to destroy Trump's reputation. The journalists who dig under it are given the Pulitzer Prizes. The current American president and his administration do not have complete confidence that Special Prosecutor Muller is no longer dangerous. His report didn’t really fully justify Trump’s accusations.

In addition, Muller, who disappointed the Democrats so much that he could not unequivocally confirm the “deal” between Trump and Co. with Moscow, was displeased with the form of a summary of his report and was voiced by the head of the Ministry of Justice William Barr. In the near future, Muller is scheduled to speak in the US Congress, against which Trump is categorically opposed. It cannot be ruled out that in the course of it, lawmakers will learn something from the special prosecutor that will be extremely unprofitable for the White House owner. Although Trump's competitor in the fight for the presidency of Hillary Clinton, on whom the prison has long been crying, still has no problems with justice at all. All this indicates that the position of Trump and after the completion of the investigation of Special Prosecutor Muller is rather fragile, because for the US Governor of the “Deep State” he remains a stranger.

Meanwhile, it has long been known that the best defense is attack. Therefore, the initiative voiced at the request of Trump and extending his presidential powers for two years is, first of all, a signal to the Democrats that Trump will not be in a dull defense, that he is preparing to go on the offensive.

So this is most likely a trial balloon, a truce proposal: you leave me alone, and I don’t raise the issue of renewal. You never know what, my team and I can still come up with in order to protect yourself from your anger and rage - for example, appoint a new special prosecutor to investigate the ties of the Democrats and Kiev, who united several years ago in order to prevent Trump from taking power. Therefore, the prpasal is not at all as insane as it might seem at first glance.