Why is climate disasters still a serious problem for America?


The death of several dozen people, hundreds of thousands of fugitives from their homes, serious destruction - these are the consequences of the hurricane Florence in the American states of North and South Carolina.

For the world around us, the US is often seen as a mighty superpower. For its own population, it is increasingly an impotent giant, unable to learn how to deal with the frequent natural disasters in this region of the world that are destroying the lives of millions of people.

Hurricane Florence, which fell on the states of North and South Carolina, a couple of hours after landing on land turned into an ordinary tropical storm, has already killed about 20 people. Has forced to break from native places, to throw on an arbitrariness of elements and robbers the houses of hundred thousand Americans. Deprived of light almost a million people. Has led to the flooding of vast spaces.

Groundhog Day from year to year

As a result, Americans, who are on their own skin, and who on TV, are experiencing another Groundhog Day. Every year is the same. Hurricanes and storms, which are powerless by local and federal authorities. The devastation of shops by mass purchases of food and water. Infinite columns of cars in traffic jams. They patiently and doomedly wait for their chance to go to a safe distance American families, knowing that their "house of cards" will either be destroyed by the wind, or buried under trees, or flooded with water, or even looted by marauders. Turning roads and sidewalks into deep rivers, chosen by snakes and crocodiles, means no drainage or its deplorable technical condition. Razvorochennye houses, sticking out of the roof of cars - an inevitable consequence of this, as well as massive violations (and for a long time) of electricity. Light in American homes is served, usually with the help of ordinary wooden electric poles, very vulnerable to the impact of the elements.

North and South Carolina today, who's next?

And now.

     The water level is still rising in different parts of North Carolina, and the risk to the lives of residents is also increasing.

- quotes the television channel ABC News the words of the Governor of North Carolina Roy Cooper. In fact, he urged the people of the state to be ready, abandoning real estate, fleeing from the elements. He called the cunning "Florence" an "uninvited horror" that devastated several cities in the state.

According to the Associated Press, most of the roads in North Carolina were under water. About 800 thousand people in two US states are sitting without electricity. Only about 15 thousand North Carolina residents were evacuated to temporary accommodation centers. Hundreds of thousands have heeded the advice of the authorities and hit the run. Meteorologists continue to warn of the danger of flash floods, the release of rivers from the coast and the risk of landslides. Such a life for many residents of the East Coast of the United States began on Friday. In fact, even earlier, when in both Carolines began to prepare for the arrival of a very ordinary hurricane, which nevertheless created a threat to the lives of more than 1.5 million people.

Even US President Donald Trump called on Americans to "not play with the hurricane" and follow the recommendations of local authorities. After all this is over, he promised by tradition to visit the affected areas. The police, for their part, are reporting on the looting that has begun, which they are trying to suppress.

Why not to blame Russians?

Fortunately, this time there are no accusations against Moscow. But In the past, such accusations were heard. A year ago, American electronic media and the blogosphere were accusing Putin and ... Trump in using weather weapons in such lines as:

    Putin again! The theorists of the "climatic wars" argue that the hurricane "Harvey" was created artificially. Or: Trump must be impeached for collusion with Putin's weather weapons!

Thus, we have to state that nothing has changed in the United States in the struggle against the elements for the better in recent years: prompting the American order around the world, the authorities of this country can not bring it home. Even scary to think what would happen to both Carolines if they were hit by a ferocious hurricane like "Katrina", which turned into hell New Orleans (Louisiana) in 2005. Almost the whole city was then flooded, the power in it was captured by criminal elements, nearly two thousand people were killed. The economic damage amounted to 125 billion dollars. A truly miserable sight was represented by several helicopters dropping lone sacks of sand in hopeless attempts to restore the broken dam. Helicopters were involved mainly abroad in the interests of the US Army, carrying the rest of the world "freedom and democracy."

Regularly demonstrated by the US authorities frank impotence in the face of the elements recalls the complaints of some especially stupid Russian officials about the unpreparedness for the winter: we did not seem to expect it, but it took and came. Meanwhile, Americans are playing with fire on their own country and its citizens, including those who promised to change this situation to the current US president, Donald Trump. American civilization is very fragile - the slightest excuse, and the country can break out the most violent pogroms, blood will spill. It can cause any hurricane or even a small man-made disaster.

How can you not remember on July 13, 1977, when as a result of several lightning strikes in New York power substations, there was no light for two days? Robberies began within an hour. In most quarters there was not a single shop or restaurant left that would not have been plundered, there were dead and wounded, residents did not know what to do and where to run.

Pogromists and robbers, primarily Negroes and Latinoes, and soon joined the white lumpen, crashed shop windows and carried out everything from there: washing machines, air conditioners, musical instruments, televisions, tape recorders, clothes. Cars drove up to the shops, vans, trucks, which stuffed stolen goods. The stolen ones even carried children. Devastated shops were set on fire to cover their tracks. Spontaneously there were trade outlets, where the stolen goods were sold at a cheap price. Hundreds of firefighters who tried to fight fire in the environment of a hostile crowd were injured. The power in the financial capital of the US for the time disappeared. The owners of shops and restaurants took up arms, baseball bats and entered bloody battles with criminals who, a few hours ago, while giving light, were law-abiding citizens to protect their property. The police, despite the ban, also with might and main shot at the robbers, and those - in them.

In robberies and riots, according to official figures, over 100 thousand people took part. 18 policemen and hundreds of civilians were killed. According to the most conservative estimates, the material damage from the pogroms exceeded one billion dollars, the city lost 2000 stores. Therefore, it is even frightening to think what will happen to the US in the event of a large-scale natural disaster: this country will destroy itself.