Who wantes to Kill Maduro?


Who attempted on Saturday with the help of drones with explosives for President of Venezuela Nicolas Maudro, is not yet clear. The main suspects are the Venezuelan oppositionists living in the US.

Survivor of the attack on the parade, the President of Venezuela, Nicholas Maduro, makes exalted statements, promising the people that he will now live long and dedicate "every year of his life to the struggle for his homeland." Foreign Minister Jorge Arreasa said that hundreds of parade participants in Caracas, and not just seven wounded national guards could have been the victims of the assassination.

The authorities arrested several alleged members of the assassination in hot pursuit and started arresting journalists.

In addition to internal opposition, the perpetrators of the incident Caracas declared neighboring Colombia and the United States, primarily the fugitives from Venezuela who settled there. The Venezuelan army declared full support for President Maduro, warning that he would not allow violation of the sovereignty of the country. At the same time, voices are already heard that the attempt was a mockery to rally the supporters of the Venezuelan regime and create a pretext for an attack on the opposition. Such is the situation at the moment around the assassination attempt on Maduro, the responsibility for which was assumed by the marginal insurgent group, which was hardly audible since the beginning of the year.

All this raises more questions than gives answers to something. It is clear only that it was an attack of drones, and not an explosion of a gas cylinder in a neighboring house, which American news agencies began writing about, referring to anonymous firefighters. There are live witnesses and even video posted on the Internet. However, everything in order.

The new determination of the Venezuelan authorities

Minister of Defense Vladimir Padrino Lopez in a TV speech "before the Venezuelan people and the whole world" categorically condemned "this cowardly action whose aim is to upset the peace and tranquility of the nation", which at the moment there. He warned that the army "under no circumstances" will not allow the violation of national sovereignty and will "unconditional support" Maduro.

The minister added that "no government that attempts to come to power undemocratic can not count on the support of the National Bolivarian Armed Forces." Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreasa, at a meeting with representatives of the foreign diplomatic corps, drew attention to the extreme gravity of the Saturday incident: "These drones could kill hundreds. Not only fighters of the National Guard, but also members of their families, media employees who recorded it. " Interior Minister Nestor Reverol confirmed that Maduro was attempted with the use of drones, which were placed on a kilogram of explosives C-4.

Who and how responds to charges

The Venezuelan authorities still point a finger at Colombia and the United States as the countries involved in the attempt on Maduro.

"The investigation points to Florida and Bogota as places where the plot appeared, declared Foreign Minister Arreas.

Colombia reacted very quickly, rejecting all charges. The Colombian Foreign Ministry on behalf of the government called the accusations of Caracas "absurd and devoid of any grounds."

Noticeably later, they responded to US accusations, somehow deafly and indistinctly. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated that Washington allegedly has no information about the attempt, because "in fact we do not have so many details about what happened outside what you saw." After that, Pompeo referred to the relevant statement by John Bolton, Assistant to the US President for National Security.

There are also doubters

Meanwhile, by no means everything in Venezuela itself and abroad, they are sure that the authorities of this country did not plan the incident in Caracas themselves. Among the doubters - the former president of Mexico Felipe Calderon.

    What is the evidence that this is a real attempt? ",

Calderon wrote in his Twitter. The Mexican politician stressed that if the attempt is genuine, then it "deserves condemnation", as deserves it and the "irresponsible attribution" of what happened to Colombia and its president Juan Manuel Santos.

Bolivia, Nicaragua and Cuba have no doubt about the true nature of the assassination attempt on Maduro, who have the most difficult relations in Latin America with the United States. The corresponding official statements on their part have already been made, and very quickly.

If we separate the assumptions and speculations from the facts, then there are not so many of them. Here they are. After the actual attack of drones with explosives that led to the injuries of seven national guards, but not a single member of the country's top leadership, Venezuelan authorities arrested six people for "attempting an assassination attempt" on Maduro, who were already called "terrorists and hired assassins" at the initial stage of the investigation ". What "important information" is received from them is not disclosed. In addition, as reported by the National Union of Workers of the Venezuelan Press, the authorities arrested 11 media employees working for local, Spanish and Argentine publications. The union protested and demanded "to punish those responsible for this violation of the right to information."

Thus, although the staged nature of the incident can not be ruled out, it is also likely that it is a dilettante attempt by the Venezuelan opposition settling abroad to get even with the hated President Maduro and his entourage, standing on the government rostrum. Colombia here, most likely, has nothing to do with it. But the United States is very likely to have a certain attitude towards the incident, as well as to the activity of the Cuban emigration that has been going on for more than half a century against Cuba from its territory. Hence, such a cautious reaction from Washington.

There is no doubt also that the Venezuelan authorities will squeeze the most possible benefit out of this incident, first of all, to weaken the internal opposition, trying to play on the dictatorial habits of the current regime, the deplorable economic situation, the shortage of food and even gasoline in one of the largest oil-producing countries countries of the world and inflation of 40 thousand percent. The truth is that a significant part of these difficulties were artificially created by the sponsors of the Venezuelan opposition - the Americans - to discredit the government of Nicholas Maduro. In general, the situation for the two days that have passed since the incident has cleared up a little, but it is still far from complete clarity.