West destroys its history


The war with monuments - secret or open - is a sharply fashionable political trend. It captures all the new countries of the "victorious democracy"

America continues the war with its discoverer - Christopher Columbus. Offensive inscriptions continually appear on his numerous monuments all over the country, they are doused with paint and trying to smash with a sledgehammer.

Last November, a landmark event took place in Los Angeles. City Councilor Mitch O'Farrell (despite the Irish family name, he claims that among his ancestors were American Indians) achieved the dismantling of the statue of Columbus in the Grand Park of the city. The demolition of the monument was widely and favorably covered in the media.

The sole defender of the monument was the Italian community of Los Angeles. It was emigrants from Genoa, who considered their city the birthplace of Columbus, 45 years ago gave the city its statue. However, the votes of the Italian minority were not taken into account. Won a minority of indigenous peoples of the United States. To the applause of the crowd, a bronze statue was loaded onto a truck and taken away.

Across the country, leftist citizens call Columbus an “occupier” and incriminate him with the mass destruction of Native Americans, slavery, racism, segregation and all the other “charms” of American history.
Of course, this concept does not stand up to criticism. Columbus was a peaceful traveler, the crew of three of his ships had neither the strength nor the desire to commit atrocities in the newly discovered territories. Columbus never read out any plans to exterminate the Indians. In fact, the local population in general did not particularly notice its landing in 1492. It passed for them without any consequences.

A little later, America was discovered by Hernán Cortes and Francisco Pizarro. So they made a real genocide for the indigenous peoples. Cortes with the help of local tribes eliminated the Aztec empire. Pizarro, following the same strategy, destroyed the state of the Incas. However, Columbus had nothing to do with these guys.

The mass extermination of the Indians in North America began much later. It was mainly carried out by emigrants from England. In the territories under the control of the Spanish crown, life was much more peaceful. The local population accepted Christianity, combined it with their religious practices, and successfully acquired civil rights. Marriages between the locals and the Spanish "occupiers" entered into the custom. The indigenous population of the same Mexico did not become extinct, but mixed with the Europeans. Generally,

Liberals are trying to hang on Columbus crimes committed by the British after three hundred or four hundred years after his death.

Spanish historians have repeatedly reminded of this obvious injustice to their American partners. However, the official Madrid continues to remain silent, considering the mass campaign against Columbus as an internal matter of the USA.

Additional strangeness of this campaign is given by its striking isolation from real life. It seems that today's USA has no other problems than to delve into the mythical crimes of Christopher Columbus.

The growing number of suicides, massive opioid dependence, huge hidden unemployment, stagnating incomes against the background of a rapid rise in prices, the total debt overload of the population, the growing division of the nation - all these real problems left the party closes its eyes. Instead, it imposes a completely meaningless discussion about Columbus to society.

Sigmund Freud would call this the classic neurotic repression reaction. The patient refuses to admit that his life is terrible, and instead he goes into the world of dreams and fantasies, where he finds himself fictional enemies and successfully deals with them. This is in fact much easier than solving your real problems.

Interestingly, the first attacks on the Columbus monument almost coincided with the elections on November 8, 2016, when Donald Trump sensationally defeated Hillary Clinton. Then the crowd seized the Museum of Natural History and demanded that the staff altogether throw out all the exhibits, because they incorrectly depict the history of America.

Since then, all attacks on Columbus consistently accompanied by performances against Trump. Injured by the will of the silent majority, left America for the third year has been taking revenge on the unfortunate discoverer for his defeat in the elections.

Soon after Columbus, activists set about confederate monuments. Statues of the heroes of the Civil War massively demolished across the country.

The strange trend of the massacre of monuments works in all countries of reference democracy.

In 2016, in Oxford, African students rallied for the right to demolish the statue of Cecil Rhodes - the largest sponsor of the university and part-time colonizer of South Africa. In Australian Sydney, they wondered if it would take down the monument to James Cook.

Yes, and why stop there? Today in Australia they are seriously discussing whether it is time to change the names of rivers, mountains, cities. After all, they glorify the British invaders, who in the XVIII century without any complexes genocide or the local population. There are fears that then the whole map of Australia will have to be rewritten, but can this really stop the frustrated leftists?

The process of destruction of the historical past is gaining momentum in continental Europe. Only there everything is much quieter, and it’s mostly not the monuments that suffer, but the churches. According to experts, to which Gatestone Institute refers in its publication, only in France every day two or three Christian churches are subjected to desecration. The situation is similar in Germany.

Temples are set on fire, littered with debris, smashed crucifixes, painted graffiti on the walls, burned the Bible, desecrate the sacrament sacraments. It happens with complete silence of the media. It is not profitable for the left party controlling them to announce this information. After all, for the most part migrants from Africa and Middle Eastern countries — the sacred cows of multicultural Europe — are so entertained.

Only this year, caring citizens recorded the desecration of the church in Nimes, the cathedral in Lavor, the temple in Uila. In March, unknown persons threw a Molotov cocktail into the building of the church Saint-Sulpice in Paris. This happened immediately after the Mass. The fire was quickly extinguished.

In the light of these sad events, the catastrophic fire of Notre-Dame-de-Paris also looks quite “in trend”. It doesn't matter if it was intentional arson or criminal negligence. The globalist elite, skillfully setting its tame "activists", simply burns the historical memory of nations.