We Are Together With Syria Against Imperialistic Attacks


The statement of VATAN party

We are in solidarity with the Syrian state, with the Syrian army, with the Syrian people - with our brothers and neighbors. Our hearts are beating in unison. We support Turkey's heroic resistance to American imperialism.The administration of Tayyip Erdogan, who welcomes the US missile attacks, does not represent the Turkish nation. That leadership, which welcomes attacks on Muslims and innocent people, can not represent Turkey.

In 2019, the Patriots will win, and not those who support the Crusaders
How can this be called Islam? good neighborliness? brotherhood? humanity? We see now: this government is under the control of the Crusaders! The administration of Tayyip Erdogan is an administration that supports the crusaders' missile strikes.
The Muslim world has known these crusaders for 1200 years. We promise the Turkish nation and the whole world: first of all, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon - all our Arab neighbors, Russia and China, that Turkey will get rid of this government, and will create for our Turkey a government centered on the "Vatan" Party , which will show reliability and loyalty in relations with its neighbors, will be the friend of Syria and the whole of mankind.

This attack of the United States has no significance. The United States lost. Such attempts are being made to hide their defeat. No matter how many missile strikes they inflicted, no missile can hide the defeat of the United States. Syria defeated the United States. Mankind, the oppressed nations, the oppressed peoples of Western Asia and the Muslim peoples defeated the United States.
Now came the turn of Turkey to get rid of the government, hostile to Syria. Of course, we will get rid of Tayyip Erdogan's administration. We call on the Turkish nation to consolidate under the leadership of the Vatan Party. We are against the imperialism of the Crusaders, we are telling American imperialism to "stop!".
The US government's support of the attack also damages the fight against terrorism. FETÖ (Terrorist Organization of Fethullah Gulen) now applauds Tayyip Erdogan. They stood in line with the terrorist organizations FETÖ and PKK! They were close to the United States. We appeal to ordinary members of the AKP (Erdogan's party). We also appeal to the ministers and deputies: do not be part of such a government. Do not be part of such a party. AKP members, AKP patriots, do not remain under the leadership that US imperialism welcomes and supports it.
Act like Muslims. What is happening now is not Islam. Now the withdrawal from AKP is the most pious act. Only in this way can one be pious. It is not worthy to be close to American imperialism. Do as many prayers as you wish, pray, go on a pilgrimage - but nothing will save you if you are on the side of American imperialism.
Let the Turkish nation trust the Party "Vatan". The party "Vatan" will fulfill its mission. We believe in ourselves. The future is open. We will see in the coming time that demonstrative US attacks will not make any difference.