Visa free regime for Turkey will exacerbate animosity between Muslims and Christians


Turkey is neither geographically nor culturally part of Europe, although Turkey was for centuries in control of a sizeable part of Europe. In historical memory of peoples in Eastern and Central Europe, Turkey is viewed as a regional, Levantine, near-Eastern, Asian power hostile to Europe. 

However, in view of the globally oriented world today, in which the free market plays a role of a quasi new religion, it is understandable why modern Turkey wishes to retrieve its old, albeit failed imperial ambitions – albeit by resorting today to different “softer” and more mercantile means.

The Schengen visa free regime, recently suggested for Turkey by the EU, will have adverse effects; it will contribute to additional mass waves of non-European migrations via Turkey to the European heartland, and will further exacerbate historical animosity between Muslims and Christians in Europe.