An Unpardonable Insult: Turkey wants to withdraw from NATO


November 8 - 17, during the NATO exercises Trident Juncture in Norway, Turkey's founder Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and President Tayyip Erdogan were identified as enemies.

The photo of Ataturk was posted in the profile of the enemy leaders, created in the context of a simulated confrontation at the joint military center in Norway.

In addition, NATO employee opened a fake account in the virtual chat with the name "Recep Tayyip Erdogan", which was also used in the imitation. In the messages sent from this account, expressions were used, according to which it became clear that Erdogan is in close relations with enemy leaders and cooperates with them.
The incident was attended by Turkish officers who participated in the exercises. After such an unprecedented insult, Turkey withdrew 41 military personnel from the exercises.

 The NATO leadership hastily acknowledged the incident and expressed its apologies, but this is unlikely to affect the mood in Turkish society.

Currently, the political circles in Turkey have strengthened their anti-NATO sentiments.

Here, the position expressed by the leader of the Turkish party Vatan Dogu Perincek:

"Turkey has been the goal of NATO for 68 years. NATO was established on April 4, 1949. Turkey joined NATO in 1952. Atatürk has been NATO's goal for 68 years. Ataturk is Turkey. Therefore, it is natural that he is the goal of NATO. At the exercises, NATO declared these views to the whole world. NATO does not ensure our independence, it destroys it. NATO wants to disunite our homeland. NATO is undermining our economy. Thus, the way out of the situation is to withdraw Turkey from this hostile organization. "

As we know, the West likes to use symbols and send veiled messages. Therefore, very few people believed in the coincidence of the "mistake" admitted by NATO.

In the opinion of Rear Admiral Soner Palat, adding to the enemy side the cult personality of Ataturk and linking with the enemies the name of President Erdogan, the Western Leaders made the following clear message to the Turkish people:

"We destroy the Turkish Republic created by Ataturk during the reign of Erdogan - the last president of Turkey!"

 The Turks are a proud people who are ready to go for many things for their principles. Many politicians, outraged by NATO's behavior call for drastic measures:

The government urgently needs to convene the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, to review Law No. 5886 of February 18, 1952 on accession to NATO. Turkey must declare its withdrawal from the North Atlantic Treaty.

Such sentiments have long been brewing in Turkish society. Last year, after an unsuccessful attempt at a coup d'état (organized by the West), many citizens expressed a desire to get rid of the military presence of foreign forces on the fifteen military bases used by NATO and the United States, primarily the airbase in Injirlik.

The general dissatisfaction of the Turks resulted in protests. On the day of the Republic, which is celebrated in Turkey on October 29, a major demonstration took place in Ankara.

Protests went under the following slogans: "We must master Incirlik. Let the US go, Let's leave NATO and destroy PKK,  Let's leave NATO, which is the enemy of Ataturk."

Protests caused a wide response in domestic and foreign media.

Utku Reyhan, general secretary of the Vatan party:

"For the sake of its security, Turkey first and foremost must build strong relations with its neighbors: Iran, Iraq and Syria, and with Asian countries like Russia, China and India."

Every day, Turkey is increasingly moving away from NATO and the US, which calls the PKK / AML (recognized as a terrorist organization in Turkey) "its ground power". It is now clear that the US opened a new front against Turkey inside NATO. But on this front, the US and its followers will learn a lesson.