UN Report: Nomads are growing in number


Refugees and those who claim to be themselves set a new record. According to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the number of people who left their homes because of wars, violence and persecution (and very often in search of a better and more comfortable life) almost reached 71 million in 2018. . This is the highest figure in the entire 70-year history of this organization. It is twice the number of registered refugees 20 years ago and by 2.3 million the figures for the previous year.

At the same time, the UN recognizes that the real figure is even bigger, since the voiced does not take into account, for example, some of the four million Venezuelans who fled to neighboring countries from the incompetence of local authorities and stifling American sanctions.

These frightening numbers are contained in the UNHCR report, published today on the eve of World Refugee Day on 20 June.

The document can be found even more than they wanted to say and show its originators. So, almost two thirds of the refugees are internally displaced persons. They took refuge in camps in their own countries and can therefore be considered real refugees, those who, taking the most necessary with them, family values ​​and children, saved their lives from a real threat. In 2018, their number increased by 10.8 million people. But another third of the refugees, whose number increased by almost 3 million over the past year, is, in fact, false refugees, refugees in quotes. It is those who “ran away” often to the other end of the planet, mainly to rich countries, to ask for “asylum”. Whereas the average citizens of these countries do not even have close amounts in bank accounts of the sums that these “unfortunate” people spent on their tour.

Friends and enemies of the "refugees"

The UN believes that every person “has the right to seek refuge from persecution in other countries and to use this refuge.” However, many states see this formulation as a fig leaf, which covers illegal migration, and they therefore refuse to consider the “right” of any person on the planet to choose a country where he would like to live. The refusal of a number of countries, both rich and caring about their identity, to subscribe to the Global Pact of Safe, Orderly and Legal Migration, approved at the UN Intergovernmental Conference in Marrakesh (Morocco) last December, is a clear confirmation of this.

For example, seven of the 28 EU member states, as well as the US, intend to ignore this Covenant. They are particularly outraged that migrants, as a rule, ignore Article 2 of the Convention relating to the Status of Refugees:

Each refugee has obligations regarding the country in which he/she is located, by virtue of which, in particular, he/she must obey laws and regulations, as well as measures taken to maintain public order.

UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi is not thrilled with this. But he also has pet countries, apparently, who believe that they are rubber and can therefore accept countless "refugees." “Germany is a model on which other countries should be equal,” the UN bureaucrat emphasized.

US President Donald Trump declares that his country “will not be a camp for migrants”, will not become a “place for keeping refugees”, and intends to deport millions of illegal migrants who have settled in the US with the connivance of Democrats next week. He constantly cites the example of Germany, which spends tens of billions of euros to feed dependent refugees and loses other billions due to the absence of several million skilled workers in the country. There is no one to fill these vacancies, while on social benefits there are six million principal idlers, not only migrants.

Everyone will become Nomads

Migrants in the FRG, especially from Asia and Africa, not only do not want to work persistently. but they do not have such capabilities - the necessary qualifications and a normal language. At the same time, 35% of newborns in the country are not Germans, 90% of serious crimes are not committed by Germans either. This data is given by the German professor Gunnar Heinsohn in his prophetic book Sons and World Domination. Terror during the growth and fall of nations ”(Söhne und Weltmacht. Terror im Aufstieg und Fall der Nationen), which appeared in 2003. It is clear that now, when the FRG only in 2015 took over a million “refugees”, the situation is much worse. Heinsohn raises many pressing issues in his book and draws honest conclusions. One of them lies on the surface - in order to destroy Europe as soon as possible, open its borders to the "refugees" wider. Then the indigenous people will overstrain themselves to feed, on the one hand, their old people, and on the other, crowds of idle migrants. As a result, they will no longer give birth to children and will flee from such a life somewhere far away - to Canada or Australia. And, too, will actually be refugees. And this process is already running. Nomads will be everywhere.

Summing up

Thus, as we see, there are real refugees - from disasters that have already occurred, are occurring, or are about to happen, and refugees, who are imaginary. All of them are a tool of globalists in building a new world in which migration will be the norm. To do this, it is necessary to erase state borders, abolish existing laws and - over time - individual states. Destroy existing identities. Stir and divide the nations. Deprive the roots of their culture, replacing some global ersatz. To ensure that the host "refugees" of the country received in their person indifferent, and even hostile citizens. It is necessary to sow the seeds of new conflicts: ethnic, civil, religious. And, most importantly, to create a pretext for their abolition, a complete rejection of the past with the help of the latest manipulative technologies and totalitarian police practices. As the wandering around the world of tens of millions of people inevitably goes hand in hand with extremism and terrorism.

All this is done in the final analysis only in order to deprive peoples of the opportunity to somehow influence their future, to get cheap and obedient workforce, and also - “at the request of workers” - to introduce a strict police regime, censorship of the media. , social networks, abolish democracy. And for everyone, both indigenous and non-indigenous residents outside the narrow circle of the elect, access to which opens only the size of the wallet. Because to deprive all of this only one of those who come in large numbers will be considered "racism."

That is why the reading of UN reports devoted to “refugees” and the pretentious speeches of biased politicians about World Refugees Day also evoke the most painful reflections of thinking people about what is coming.