Turkey gathers allies against US threat


President Erdogan decided to apologize to President Putin over the shooting down of the Russian Su-24 bomber in the skies over Syria, because now Turkey faces a huge conflict with the USA. The US wants not only the division of Iraq and Syria, but also the division of Turkey. So logically, if you face the USA as a counterpart, you search for alliances with your neighbors. Russia itself is surrounded by NATO forces, which are commanded by the US. We have thus found ourselves on the same side. This is the basic explanation of President Erdogan’s behavior. Of course, there is a mutual economic interest.  Above all, there is an interest in maintaining unity, which forces Turkey to look for an alignment with Russia and with other neighbors like Iran, Iraq and Syria as well.  This is a necessity for Turkey.

The Turkish position should change immediately. We, the Patriotic Party, have been acting to develop relations between the governments in Ankara and Damascus. The most important thing is the joint fight against all kinds of terror groups. The media has declared that some of the attackers on the Istanbul airport were Chechen in origin. This attack was the American answer to the rapprochement between Turkey and Russia. Moreover, it is no surprise that some Russian-born people were used. Clearly, this attack is an attempt of sabotage. However, it had the opposite effect on both sides for Moscow and Ankara. This attack produced the feeling of a necessity for cooperation. It showed the necessity of working very closely to face the common problem of terror and to fight it successfully. We hope for a rapprochement between Turkey and Russia and cooperation in the fight against terror groups.

The direction of this cooperation will be center around maintaining the unity of Syria and reestablishing the control of Syrian government. In addition, we are working on growing consciousness in Turkey. Turkey now recognizes that Russia, Iran, Iraq and Syria are on the same side. On the opposite side, there is the United States, who wants to convert Syria into a federation, as they did in Iraq.

Talks about Syria will begin very soon. In addition, there might be some steps taken against different terror groups acting in Turkey which are harming Turkish-Russian relations