Trump Wins Over Democrats


In the House of Representatives of the US Congress the resolution about the impeachment "for racism" of President Donald Trump failed miserably

In the US Congress, the Democratic-initiated resolution on the impeachment of President Donald Trump for allegedly racist remarks against four frantic democrats who are members of the House of Representatives failed. Despite the fact that the lower house of parliament is under the control of the Democratic Party, 332 congressmen opposed it.

The developer of the resolution, Democratic Congressman Al Green, twice tried to bring it to the House of Representatives, and each time his initiative did not find support among the legislators. And then, finally, he succeeded - she was first put to the public vote to fail miserably, boomerang throughout the Democratic Party. The resolution was supported only by 95 legislators.

A day before the Democrats were only able to "condemn" Trump for the "racism" sucked from his finger. But in fact, because he called things by their own names and put in place nothing in politics, disregarding American traditions, who boasted of their migrant origins of four ideological dolls - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Ayanna Pressley.

The Democrats brought them to the House of Representatives only so that they would anger and polarize the Americans in their party interests. And now they are outraged that President Trump turned the same technology against them, skillfully using it to their advantage.

What are they scolding Trump for?

The president suggested that these “four horsemen of the Apocalypse” instead of “loudly and viciously” telling the Americans what the US government should do, “go back” and “help fix the completely destroyed and crime-ridden places where they came from.”

Ilkhan Omar arrived in the United States from Somalia at the age of 12. The other three ladies, who have Palestinian, Latin American and African roots, were born in the USA, however they behave as if they arrived in the country only yesterday and didn’t like it terribly, which they demonstrate with their whole behavior, despising American norms and traditions. This behavior, of course, outraged many Americans, but it all fit well into the old-world strategy of the Democrats - "divide and conquer."

However, liberal and leftist supporters of radical reformatting of the United States, who are relying on "minorities", working for globalists, declaring white Americans "racists" and "fascists", so that they do not interfere with their plans, receive their reward in Trump. The President accepted the challenge and saddled this “ridge” of the Democrats. In recent days, he regularly returns to this topic, hoping thanks to this to win the election.

Trump strikes back

Trump thanked the House of Representatives for refusing to support, with an overwhelming majority, the resolution on the impeachment of the current president - “the most ridiculous project I've ever heard about” - which even Democratic leaders like Nancy Pelosi refused to support because of its futility. But it still exposed the split in the party, where there is a radical left wing. Trump made a completely correct conclusion that "Democrats ... are going crazy."

With all this "shameful" fuss, the US president contrasted his successes on the economic front, recalling the excellent state of the American economy, which grew by 3.1% in the first quarter of this year, and low unemployment.


In his Twitter, the President of the United States thanked even ... "evil young socialist women" :

The New Election, the 2016 Election, has announced that it has reached the 50%. Thank you to the vicious young Socialist Congresswomen. America will never buy your act! # MAGA2020

What makes trump points?

So, challenging the “four horsewomen of the Apocalypse,” decisively standing up to defend American traditions and the majority, Trump received a number of dividends: the Republican Party, with a few exceptions, united around the president, the Democrats thanks to the inefficiency of its radical wing split.

Trump doesn’t think to apologize for "racism." Answering the question of journalists exactly where, in his opinion, “progressive” democrats should leave the United States, the president said that this was up to them. They can stay. But they must love the country. They should not hate it.

This position is more understandable to the ordinary American, and not only to the white. In contrast to the statements of the “progressive” democrats who identified themselves with minorities, accusing Trump of “racism” and calling themselves the “face of democracy”. Because real democracy is the power of the majority, not of minorities. After all, it is obvious that this is not about “racist remarks that legitimize the growing fear and hatred of new Americans and people of non-white skin,” as stated in the resolution of the House of Representatives that condemned Trump. We are talking about the Democrats' attempts to put a “muzzle” on white Americans, who are still the majority, to impose their views on everyone.

Trump loses nothing, “insulting” minorities, who largely support the Democrats who are flattering and using them for their own purposes and mostly oppose it. But the president is strengthening his position among the white majority, which should help him to be re-elected in 2020. In general, Trump repaid the Democrats with their own coin in order to retain power, promising voters for the second presidential term to finish and keep America great, which is good not only for the majority, but for all Americans who do not separate their well-being from the country's well-being.