Trump handed his fate in the hands of Americans


The mid-term elections in the United States will show what to expect from the country in the next two years and what will happen to its president

Today, the midterm elections to the US Congress began, which will be a referendum on the policy of this country's president, Donald Trump, and show what to expect from America in the next two years and how its current president will live this period: with wings clipped or simply as a “lame duck” . These elections, due to their drama and possible consequences, are completely drawn to the presidential elections, and therefore the Americans are going to appear at the polling stations in unprecedented quantities.

According to a survey conducted on the eve of the voting day by ABC jointly with the Washington Post, 76% of registered voters are firmly intending to go to the polls. At the same time, according to NBC, over 30 million Americans have already voted by mail. Americans will also determine their attitude to the 168 initiatives included in ballots in various states: salaries, taxes, abortions, medical insurance, marijuana, constituency boundaries, etc.

Tomorrow, the United States will become in many ways another country. In the Senate, mid-term elections will affect 35 out of 100 senators. Fully updated House of Representatives of the US Congress, consisting of 435 members. 36 (out of 50) state governors will be elected. There will be elections to the legislative assemblies (parliaments) of states, judges, school officials.

Who will win?

According to all public opinion polls, Republicans will lose control of the House of Representatives, but will retain it over the Senate. Literally on the eve of the elections, despite an entire series of provocations organized by the Democrats, the position of the ruling party somewhat strengthened, and Trump’s own rating rose.

At dozens of pre-election rallies held in recent months, Trump did not get tired of talking about his achievements at the presidency: rapid economic growth, wage increases, and for the first time in a long time, significant tax cuts, strengthening of law enforcement, toughening of migration policy. However, in order to retain both the Senate and the House of Representatives, this may not be enough for Republicans.

As the election, the ideological moment and the demonization of Trump will also be of great importance. Nevertheless, some Americans who do not like Trump as an individual will still vote for Republican candidates because they like Trump’s policies. But he also has a core of loyal supporters.

Trump will "lose weight" Strengthening Republican positions in recent days has allowed Vice President Mike Pens, who spoke very carefully about this earlier, to suggest that “Republicans will increase the majority in the Senate and retain the House of Representatives".

Trump himself does not seem to be as optimistic - “good results” in the House of Representatives and “very good” in the Senate. In other words, he has no doubt that the Republicans will retain the Senate, but does not hide their fears that they will lose control over the House of Representatives.

The leader of the democratic faction in the lower house of parliament Nancy Pelosi and other prominent democrats are absolutely confident in the latter. If they succeed, they will get the post of speaker - the third person in the US state hierarchy after the president and vice president. They will also be able to shove their people into the positions of the heads of the lower chamber committees. This will be a serious obstacle to the legislative initiatives of the Trump administration, will ensure its transformation into a “lame duck” and will allow more actively to persecute all sorts of investigations of his “Russian connections”, sabotage migration policies, even the routine activities of his administration. For the president, this will be a giant brake and a potential threat of impeachment.