Trump Expelled the US Attorney General to Avoid Empeachment


Following the mid-term elections, Donald Trump received more opportunities to appoint his people to the necessary posts due to the strengthening of the Republican positions in the Senate. Therefore, the President of the United States immediately began to take preventive measures in order to avoid the threat of impeachment for the so-called “ties with Russia” and possible financial abuses of his family, which are threatened by democrats who have taken control of the House of Representatives. This is precisely the meaning of the resignation of Attorney General of the United States Jeff Sessions: he did not intend to divert the blow from the president, entering into confrontation with his powerful critics.

Moreover, this Trump appointee, an old conservative from Alabama, did not stop Democrats from developing a poan to overthrow the President. He focused on the work of his department, which he did very well. But in the eyes of Trump, Sessions was primarily a coward and a traitor, and he had long wanted to replace him. He wanted it so badly that did it a couple of hours after the completion of the mid-term elections, as a result of which the Democrats increased their ability to initiate all kinds of investigations regarding Trump and his entourage.

To block this activity, to curtail the activities of Special Prosecutor Robert Muller and his agents — this is the main task that confronts Shessions' successor. At least, for several months, these duties will be performed by a man who had long suggested limiting and quickly completing the “Russian investigation” and in no case will search for financial incriminating evidence against members of the Trump family, which was actually started by Muller.

Dreams Come TrueTrump could not hide his joy when he announced the resignation of Sessions, who had disappointed him deeply and the appointment of Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, a relatively young ambitious lawyer. A year ago, Whitaker offered a very reasonable plan in an interview with CNN, how to get Trump out of all the trouble without unnecessary noise and dust, and stressed that Muller “will cross the red line” if he starts an investigation into the finances of the presidential family.

We are pleased to announce that Matthew G. Whitaker, Chief of Staff to Attorney General Jeff Sessions at the Department of Justice, will become our new Acting Attorney General of the United States. He will serve our Country well....- Trump wrote on his Twitter. Trump also coldly thanked Sessions for his work, wishing “all the best”.

What is required of the Attorney General?

Sessions confirmed his resignation, noting that he was leaving the post "at the request of the president."

The leadership of the Republican Party has repeatedly called on Trump not to fire Sessions, who had represented Alabama in the Senate for many years, to allow him to “leave without losing his dignity,” noting that he had made great strides in combating illegal migration and drug trafficking.

Yes, according to these indicators Sessions was an excellent Attorney General. However, he was unable to rid Trump of the threat of impeachment, and this proved to be the main argument in favor of resignation. On the pretext that Sessions himself is involved with the "Russians", because he several times peacefully talked with the former Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak, he refused to supervise the relevant FBI investigation. Sessions obliged to do this his deputy, Rod Rosenstein, a protege of globalists. He quickly singled out this case in a separate proceeding, appointing the enemy Trump - the ex-FBI director Robert Muller - as the special prosecutor with the dictatorial powers to “investigate” the activities of the president and his entourage. So Trump was hung on the impeachment hook.

However, now — at least temporarily — the chief curator of the “Russian investigation” will be Whitaker, who proposed to cut Mueller’s budget severely a year ago.


With the dismissal of Sessions, Trump kills several “birds with one stone” at once, since this measure is directed at least to Rosenstein, who is in the center of intrigues spinning against Trump. The new Prosecutor General will want a new deputy for himself, and this odious figure, fully committed by the democrats, will lose the opportunity to harm Trump greatly.

All this is perfectly understood by the Democrats, who are now terribly concerned that their plans to bring Trump under impeachment by false accusations are crumbling before their eyes.

For Trump it is more important that the Republican leadership reacted to his actions with understanding and calmly: the incessant “witch-hunt” was clearly annoying to them.

The consent of influential party members to eliminate Sessions will be surely used by Trump to pass some new changes in his administration.

Most likely, Trump will not touch the ministers of the “economic bloc” of his administration, whose appointment he defended in a fierce fight against the liberal American establishment and with whom he is generally quite satisfied.

The most serious threat loomed, perhaps, over two figures from Trump's entourage. Firstly, the Minister of Defense "Mad Dog" James Mattis - for the fact that he was not mad enough and often rcontradicts Trump. Secondly, over the White House staff’s chief of staff, retired General John Kelly, because he spoke out against Jared Kushner and was unable to stop the “leaks” from the White House.