Trump consolidates power and gets rid of enemies


On the eve of the presidential election of 2020, the current US leader Donald Trump is strengthening his position in the American establishment, and he finally got the opportunity to actually begin to fulfill one of his main campaign promises - to build a wall on the border with Mexico.

Trump gets rid of a powerful enemy - National Intelligence Director Dan Coates, who publicly criticized the US president, in particular, for his relationship with Russian head of state Vladimir Putin and policy toward North Korea.

The President of the United States wrote pompously on his Twitter:

 I am pleased to see the Director of National Intelligence. A former U.S. Attorney, John the Lead Dan Coats, the current Director, will be on the 15th. I wouldn’t like you The Acting Director will be named shortly.

The Director of National Intelligence is an extremely important position, since he is responsible for the work of the entire US intelligence community, is an adviser to the president and the National Security Council, and prepares daily intelligence reports for the head of state.

It was impossible, of course, to tolerate the enemy in such an important post under the conditions of the election campaign that had begun. Especially since Trump, according to Axios, has plans to seriously reform this structure, to reduce its size. The previous democratic administrations managed to politicize successfully many formally neutral state structures, appointing their supporters to prominent posts in them. And Trump has to fight it.

The most important thing now is whether Trump’s new appointee, in fear of the “in-depth state,”, flips his predecessor, as it did, for example, with former US Attorney General Jeff Sheshns or the current head of the Federal Reserve Jerome Powell.

Trump's main victory

In addition, the president is celebrating a big and long-awaited victory these days. The US Supreme Court by a one-vote majority ruled that Trump has the right to allocate $ 2.5 billion from the Pentagon’s budget to build sections of the wall on the border with Mexico. This was one of Trump's main campaign promises, which was prevented from being implemented by the Democrats and the US judicial system under their control, which blocked relevant presidential decrees. In this case, the Supreme Court overturned the decision of a federal judge in the state of California, the estate of the Democrats, which forbade spending budget funds to build a wall.

Trump declared the Supreme Court ruling “a big victory” for his supporters, “a victory for security at the border and for the rule of law,” which makes it possible to “advance” in the implementation of this large-scale project. The president also intends to receive another $ 3.6 billion for construction from military construction funds and $ 600 million from the Ministry of Finance. Trump's legal victory means that now the United States will be able to secure the most problematic sections of the border in California, Arizona and New Mexico.

The total cost of building a wall on the 3326-kilometer border with Mexico is $ 23 billion.

Already allocated funds for this, of course, is not enough. However, it is clear that now the process will go much faster and in combination with other measures to protect the southern borders of the United States can have a positive effect. This is a state of emergency in the border areas, which President Trump announced at the beginning of the year due to a sharp increase in the number of illegal migrants entering the United States. These are several agreements with southern neighbors - Mexico and Guatemala, which force these countries to impede illegal migration at risk of serious financial costs, rather than condone it, as it was until recently.

All these measures, as well as the preparation for the mass expulsions of “illegal immigrants” from the USA, of which there are at least 12 million people, confirm the seriousness with which Trump relates to the fulfillment of his election promises, and allow him to show voters that, in any case, he does everything possible to fulfill them. As a result, according to the US Customs and Border Service, 104,344 people were arrested in June at the southern border of the country, which is 28% less than in May.

These Trump successes cause Democratic gnashing of teeth. They need millions of "illegal immigrants" to reformat the United States, and they view them as their potential voters. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that the leader of the democratic majority in the House of Representatives of the US Congress, Nancy Pelosi, accuses Trump of “stealing part of the military budget,” and calls the wall itself “costly and ineffective.”

Of course, one wall will not solve all the problems, but in combination with other preventive measures will prevent colonization of the US.