Trump begins to build a digital version of communist utopia


Recent tragic events in the US have forced Donald Trump to pay special attention to the Internet.

Preventive measures

US President Donald Trump demanded the introduction of the death penalty for hate (intolerance) killings in all US states, and also called for the immediate execution of such sentences. Against the backdrop of repeated mass executions, this is a completely understandable desire, although, of course, it is strange to hear it from Trump, whom no one has accused of excessive tolerance - he is also a master to kindle.

But even Trump understands that it is better to prevent a crime than to punish a criminal. Therefore, he proceeded to take control of the Internet.

According to Trump, We need to develop tools that can identify those who are going to arrange a mass execution before they begin to act. Authorities should reform laws affecting mental health in order to better identify mentally unstable individuals who can commit acts of violence, and to ensure that such people not only receive treatment, but are also imprisoned when necessary.

The first person in the state, therefore, calls for the introduction of the notorious punitive psychiatry, and posts on social networks will become the evidence base for danger to society. Bright performance. After Adolf Hitler, no one spoke so radically about cleaning society from the mentally ill.

The rights of the mentally ill are a complex and painful topic; we must speak about it separately. But the very idea of combating crime through tight police control of the Internet is quite popular; however, it does not fit in with the US reputation as a stronghold of freedom.

Translated from the language of emotions to practical actions, Trump offers the Ministry of Justice to collect statements on the Internet, store them, analyze them by machine, and manually with an alarm of artificial intelligence.

This is not liberalism. It's worse

We often call the digitalization of everything and everything a “liberal” initiative - probably based on the fact that people with the reputation of “liberals” support such projects. In fact, there is nothing further from liberalism and freedom than putting citizens' indices in a single matrix.

Capitalism at the beginning of the 21st century has almost completely exhausted itself. It is replaced by the so-called digital society. Why digital? Because it will be controlled with the help of a digit as a control signal. The era of digitalocracy is coming. This is the last page of human earthly history. This is a fierce global dictatorship, which can be figuratively called the "electronic banking concentration camp."

In addition, the collection of intimate details about a person gives rise to incredible scope for abuse. We live in an imperfect world. If an interesting database appears somewhere, it will be available very soon on the well-known sites of the "dark Internet". And with a certain desire and expenses, the malicious person can learn about you absolutely everything.

Trump's Utopia

One way or another way, but this goes both the Western world and the countries of Southeast Asia. The only difference is that in the West and, say, in Japan, your data formally remains in the hands of corporations, while in China it is completely officially transferred to the government. Donald Trump, with a painful interest in the actions of Beijing, is ready to adopt a useful experience for himself. Characteristically, it was this president, with his successful capitalist background, who realized and formulated a path to further growth of corporate profits under the pretext of the fight against terrorism.

It will be a society without crime, where, as Trump dreams, illegal acts will be stopped at the stage of expressing opinions or at least hints of opinions. No, the conditional Breivik will easily camouflage his intentions, but government can really isolate juvenile psychopaths in advance.

This, quite possibly, will be a society without poverty, for with full knowledge of the needs of each citizen, it is quite possible to satisfy them to one extent or another without much damage to the owners of money. The digital version of communist utopia.

It will be a democratic society where everyone with the right to vote will receive sufficient information to vote at the behest of their conscience and at the same time as decided by the authorities for the current election cycle.

Do you want to live in such a society? Most likely, many will answer “yes”, and this should be taken seriously. No one has the right to take away a person’s democratic right to put a bell on his neck and keep up with his herd. Zealots of the digital society will say this, that Jesus called himself a good shepherd who makes happy his sheep.

Indeed, there is no difference. That's just the flocks of Jesus - for the sake of the kingdom of God, and the flocks of Mamon - for the sake of stable sales of corporations and the calm rule of the oligarchic clans. The Son of God did not care what the person was once — it was only important for him who he was now.

The only true freedom of man is the choice of a shepherd.