Trump to become a "Polish king"


The US president "fully supports" the new anti-Russian sanctions, he is embarrassed only by the fact that  in order to implement them, his own power can be restricted and he can become a hostage of “gentry” and his own parliament.

The White House did not hesitate to support the ligislation on new sanctions against Russia for an unproved interference in the American elections, for disregarding the Minsk agreements, Russian Crimea and even for Syria.

The "boss" of the White House, however, does not like his presidential power to be limited in this document. Donald Trump does not want to be like a Polish king, who depended on his gentry and the Sejm and could not make a step without their approval. He certainly does not know what this particular feature of the Polish political system caused a trouble to  this once great country, stretching from the Baltic to the Black Sea  But  the US president has a feeling that it will bring nothing good for him.

We agree but…

The administration of President Donald Trump "fully supports" the new sanctions against Iran and Russia in the legislation that is under consideration by the US Congress. However, the administration is not satisfied with everything in this document. This was stated by the current White House Director of Legislative Affairs, Marc Short.

"The legislationsets an unusual precedent of delegating foreign policy to 535 members of Congress by not including certain national security waivers that have always been consistently a part of sanctions bills in the past,"Short said. Thus, the official said, the legislation represents a "diplomatic challenge" for the US administration: in this case, Washington will not be able to "quickly respond to changing circumstances." For example, if, the president wants in the interests of national security to mitigate or cancel certain anti-Russian sanctions in one way or another, as it is happening now.

Short, however,  was mistaken. The similar precedents existed before , although they never led to anything good. The mess cannot be better than leadership, even if it is not a very successful  leadership. Old Poland is not only one example here.

Why the legislation can be dangerous

The legislation particularly considers the enforcement of sanctions at the legislative level. These sanctions wereimposed on the basis of executive decrees of former US President Barack Obama. They "punish" Russia for "violating the territorial integrity of Ukraine and Crimea, creating cyberattacks and interfering inthe US presidential elections, as well as the ongoing aggression in Syria." They are also implemented against those who provide "significant financial, material or technological support" to Damascus. And they are against those who provide "goods, services, technology, information or support" to build the Russian pipelines.

Thus, it is not only anti-Russian sanctions. They are equally against the leading European energy companies that cooperate with Gazprom in the sphere of creating the Nord Stream-2 pipeline, which is designed to provide Europe with relatively cheap Russian gas without any political risks. The investments of  Shell, Engie, OMV, Wintershall, Uniper are extremely necessary for the European economy project. They are amounted to about 9.5 billion euros, which is  the half of its value.

The governments of Germany and Austria strongly condemned Washington, whichis allegedly preoccupied with the EU's "energy security", and saw an obvious political subtext and an attempt of an unfair competition and  desire to replace Russian gas with more expensive American liquefied gas.

Moreover, the legislation proposes to imposenew restrictions on transactions with Russian banks but provide funding for more than 14 days. Now, it's 90 days.

Meanwhile, if the legislation is approved by the House of Representatives and signed by the president, these sanctions can be canceled only in case another law is adopted. Trump administration cannot do this itself. In general, this is about how to deprive a bus driver of the right to respond to the situation on the road.

American lawmakers do not bother with this. They live in an illusory world where they do not see any threats for themselves and their country. Trump deals more with practical things. He sees these threats well, as well as the fact that they continue limiting him more.

Leading US oil companies against the legislation

The US oil companies saw a threat in this legislation too. For example, it is Exxon-Mobil and Chevron that warmly approve the energy policy of the new administration and lifting restrictions on the development of the industry and promoting the export of American LNG and oil. New sanctions against Russia threaten them with multi-billion losses.

According to the Vice President of the National Council of Foreign Trade in New York Richard Sawaya, if the American companies are deprived of the right to develop oil and gas fields in Russia, it will cost them about $ 100 billion over 10 years.

"US companies are already prohibited  to invest  and advise the oil and gas projects in Russia, but the legislation will also prohibit them from taking part in any project that also involves Russian firms that have been sanctioned.  In fact, it can cut off US companies from the largest deep-water development projects and thus, this will give advantages for  Russia and China, "the Wall Street Journal states says.

Tillerson’s warning

The US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, who recently headed Exxon-Mobil,is speakingabout the prospects of the proposed package of sanctions, also calls it "problematic." He drew attention to the fact that toughening sanctions against Moscow would deprive Washington of the necessary diplomatic flexibility at a time when US allies around the world are asking Americans to improve relations with Russia.

What could it bring?

However, it is not a fact that all these explanations will change the Russophobic congressmen and senators’ mind. The legislation, presented at the end of June in accordance with the US Constitution, already received almost unanimous approval in the Senate and was sent back to the House of Representatives. The new version of the document should be discussed  after the holiday.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on June 17 that sanctions against Moscow would not lead to a collapse and would not put Russia on its knees, but would complicate Russian-American relations. But the American establishment, which cannot tolerate neither Russia, nor Trump,  thinks that is not enough.

US lawmakers and other representatives have so much belief in their own lies about Russia's interference in US elections, although the US has long been engaged in their lies all over the world. They need more blood and, therefore, they are very dangerous not only for Russia, but also for the interests of the US itself. And it will end only with an even greater isolation of the United States because Russia, Europe, China can do well without the United States that dependmore on the rest of the world rather than it does on them.