Today the West is dead

The West against Europe

I think the Western civilization is against Europe today. So the EU, the European Union, is against Europe, because the EU values are not the traditional European values: Europe for people; Europe of identities, of the Christianity.

Europe have lost its roots

The problem of the problems is not Islamic issue or terrorism. The Islamic terrorism is a great problem of the order and the international security, we want to defeat the Islamic terrorism but the Islam is not our great problem. The problem of Europe is the roots that are not our roots now. The American way of life have changed our traditions, have destroyed our souls, and so we are too weak to defend us, but the problem is not the Islamic terror, because we can beat it. We doubt our identity; the Buddhism or other sects or religions can also destroy us. We have lost your roots, because the materialism has destroyed our identity.


We have to stop the peacekeeping, the mission of the NATO military alliance that is not a good idea, and we have to remember that Europe in NATO, maybe, was a good thing before the end of baling world, but now we have to change the vision. Now the multipolar world is the best idea, but unipolar world should obey the USA, all the lobbies, the corporations that want to decide the US politics. We have to change it and to stop NATO, for example. Stop it, because NATO now doesn’t defend our borders, but is against Russia. It is a stupid thing.  It is natural, all natural change in the vision to operate. We have to close NATO, the Europe must be independent from Moscow and independent from Washington. Now it is the Washington colony.

Europe-Russia Alliance

One century ago, Spengler wrote The Downfall of the Occident, and I think that today the West is dead. It is the night. We are in the night of the western civilization. Because we depend on the ideas and the dictates of the great corporation, the globalism, and the Atlatisism. This is not Europe. This Europe is not real Europe, but we have the possibility to reborn your traditions, the Christianity, values, family, not gender, not the incredible attack on the family that the European society does now against nucleus of the society, family, for example, because you destroy the society, if you destroy the family. So, we have to build our traditional values, natural Europe will be a great alley with Russia. Because Russia is Europe like us, and we are colligated, we have great historical, commercial, cultural connection with Russia, its people and its tradition. So, together, we will win. Separate, we will lose.