Syria's Shabbiha, Bacik's Brigades and Turkmen Thugs


The fascists, neo Nazis and sundry flotsam we discuss here spent much of January 2018 not only plotting to smash up Peace for Syria meetings we held in Ireland but also defaming and plotting to butcher me.  As with any other crimes, the trails these street thugs left behind them is of note in identifying patterns and nodes of the Nazi grid in which they operate.

This article outlines some of those nodes and Nazi slime trails in the hope that Syrian and Irish lives will thereby be saved and peace with justice for Syria and the entire Middle East be brought a little nearer as a result. To help achieve this noble objective, this article is divided into the following sections: Section one outlines previous attacks on my peace efforts in London and Dublin; section two dissects line by line a pivotal Sunday Express smear piece written by the son of an Italian fascist defaming me, the leader of the British Labour Party and the Presidents of Russia and Syria; section three clarifies a number of points arising and concludes the article by showing how the fascist tactics employed against me are part of a larger and more insidious NATO inspired project to perpetuate the mass murder of Arabs and Aramaeans and to intimidate those of us who believe in the rights of all peoples to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.



1. Here I stand. I can do no other


Like many others, I observed the lies MI6 and the CIA were peddling through the state controlled British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and Guardian to justify their war crimes in Syria. The most egregious of their war propaganda stuck in my craw and I determined to do something about it and, eventually, to stand up to the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS scum and their fellow travellers in the British security services and Irish and British media which unrelentingly pump out pro terrorist propaganda.

As part of this process, I interviewed people who were then more knowledgeable than me on NATO's campaign of genocide in Syria and I also organised for Mother Agnes Mariam, a Syrian-based Lebanese nun, to address, through the British Conservative Party, MPs in Westminster's Houses of Parliament and, a few days later, Irish Parliamentarians in Dublin. We also arranged for her to speak at a public meeting in Cricklewood with a Nobel Peace winner and the British Stop the War Movement agreed to allow her to address their annual convention.  All of this was done with the intention of more fully informing British and Irish policy makers and thereby enabling them to make more informed decisions on Syria and other countries in NATO's cross hairs.

The Nazis, Muslim Brotherhood cut throats and sundry other extremist riff raff were having none of it. They launched a terror campaign against these initiatives: leading Muslim Brotherhood heavies I later reported (in vain of course) to the British regime's security forces shouted the foulest sexist obscenities at the nun and young Syrian mothers attending the Cricklewood public meeting and the dolly mixture of Irish, British and Syrian fascists at the event even attacked little Syrian children attending it. Although I have named these thugs elsewhere, it is impossible to shame these brainwashed extremists as their lust for the blood of innocents has short circuited any moral compass these loathsome beings may once have had.

As paid hacks like James Bloodworth and Michael Weiss were defaming Mother Agnes in the British media and allied far right sites in the most outrageous manner, the Hampshire Police, on the instructions of these scum, conducted armed raids on my house, deliberately terrifying young Vietnamese women who were staying there in my absence. When I returned to Southampton, regime forces again raided my house and unsuccessfully tried to force me to sign incriminating documents endorsing the Muslim Brotherhood murder gang. The Muslim Brotherhood also got their solicitors to sue me “for very substantial damages” but did not follow through on their threats when I called their bluff.

The next pertinent event was the November/December 2016 visit of Syria's religious leaders to the Irish Parliament and Dublin's Trinity College which I organised. When Irish and British Nazis heard of this, they again went ape shit. Ali Selim, an Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood extremist, who led a mob attack on Dublin's Belgian Embassy with Irish ISIS suicide bomber Terry Kelly and who, like Bacik is also employed by Trinity College for reasons we can only guess at, was paraded on Irish television, cackling that the hard pressed Syrian Arab Army, which has never once deployed suicide bombers, were going to launch mass suicide bombings across Ireland and Ivana Bacik, whose father controversially fled to Ireland from Czechoslovakia shortly after the Soviet Red Army liberated it from the Nazis, tried to shout down Syria's religious leaders when they addressed Irish Parliamentarians and members of the diplomatic corps.

Although the Syrian delegation were supposed to speak for three hours, Bacik and others, working through Brendan Smith, the chair of the committee and Noel Murphy, its colourful clerk, cut their time down to one hour and planned for Bacik to shout the delegation down, as she had ignorantly tried to do with the Russian Ambassador a few weeks earlier and, through Murphy, for the other two hours to be given over the terrorist apologists “to get the appropriate balance”. Following representations I made to a very senior Irish government Minister, Bacik and Murphy were forced to relent and the Syrian delegation spoke for two hours, with the other hour being given over to a rambling rant by a Muslim Brotherhood propagandist at the centre of these virtual and real time attacks on me.

We also foiled an assassination attempt the Nazis had contracted for members of the delegation. Bacik, meanwhile, was also paraded on Irish radio, roaring in the studio at the two Syrian physicians who accompanied the elderly religious leaders that Syria's leaders were all war criminals and that she would not go to Syria to verify her silly claims but would instead plot and pontificate from Trinity College about that far off country on which she is totally ignorant.

Fast forwarding to January 2018, although the Nazis promised to not only disrupt the meeting but to slice me up into little pieces, they succeeded with neither and vented their frustration by getting the son of an Italian fascist (with “left of centre views”) to write a hatchet piece on me and to thereby traduce my good name and to put my life in further danger. Although the next section of this article dissects that poorly informed Sunday Express smear job, this section now concludes with these important observations.

Just as the Soviet people resisted and overcame fascism in their Great Patriotic War and just as the Syrian people are defying almost insurmountable odds by resisting the world's worst barbarities since the Soviets defeated the Nazis, so also must we make the same moral choice the Soviet and Syrian peoples made. That choice is to bear witness, to resist fascism and to cry out into the faces of these fascists: ¡No pasarán!  and join all people of good will, in blessing and supporting the heroic Syrian people and their protectors, the unbowed, unbroken and undefeated men and women of the Syrian Arab Army. 


2. 'Dangerous' Assad apologist claims he briefed Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on Syria


The Sunday Express headline of this article, replicated above, put my life in imminent danger by painting me not only as an “Assad apologist” but as a very dangerous one, who should best be terminated with extreme prejudice as British Army death squads have been wont to do with hundreds of my compatriots. The mention of both the Syrian leader and the leader of the British Labour Party is in line with the writer's subsequent confession that his primary aim was to use me to defame, denigrate and shame Jeremy Corbyn and that having me assassinated was only inconsequential collateral damage to this subversive plot. That the article begins with a photoshopped picture twinning Corbyn with Assad confirms the author's dishonest intentions.


By Marco Giannangeli, EXCLUSIVE


As the pictures this non-story and non-exclusive is based on were made public over four years old, contrary to the boasts of Giannangeli, the author of this screed, who is a self-confessed son of a war-time Italian fascist, this is not an exclusive. Rather it is the end product of the efforts of a number of terrorist apologists who picked up the story as part of their fascistic attempts to disrupt peace meetings we organised in Derry and Dublin in January 2018.


AN APOLOGIST for tyrant Bashar Assad who was once placed on an Interpol blacklist claims he briefed Jeremy Corbyn on Syria. Declan Hayes posted pictures online of a meeting with Mr Corbyn in the House of Commons in which he says he discussed Syrian issues with the Labour leader.


This paragraph begins by putting my life in danger by wrongly inferring I am a paid propagandist for the President of the Syrian Arab Republic, who is described as a tyrant even though the author of the piece subsequently confessed he had no problems with Dr Assad's mode of government but only with some of the methods the Syrian Arab Army were wrongly accused of employing against terrorist invaders British court cases showed worked under the direct orders of the British intelligence services.

The paragraph mentions my detention at Bangkok airport as part of the terror campaign of MI6 and Hampshire police against me; identical tactics were used by far-right Irish extremist Ivana Bacik in the Irish Parliament to denigrate Syria's Grand Mufti. Contrary to what this paragraph contends but which the picture the article subsequently used shows, I said I was “briefing” Corbyn, not that I briefed Corbyn or that I discussed Syrian issues with Corbyn. The difference should be apparent to any Italian fascist who is moderately competent in English.


Also in the room was controversial nun Mother Agnes Mariam de la Croix, who, like Hayes, has denied that Assad used chemical weapons on his people.


This sentence does not say what is controversial about the named nun. By only mentioning me and the nun, the article infers we were some part of conspiracy to railroad the Labour MP into taking an unconscionable or, more probably unpopular, position on terror attacks by NATO hirelings against Syrian civilians. Most informed people would contend that, on the evidence, the Syrian Army has never deployed its chemical arsenal, which they held as a deterrent against Israel and that NATO's terrorist proxies have used chemical weapons on multiple occasions, both as false flag attacks and as part of their normal arsenal as well. The paragraph does not detail what is controversial about the nun, who leads an abstemious life and who has simply found herself and her fellow Levantine “Cross worshippers” on the cross hairs of NATO and their Christian-killing proxies. The reality is the nun has been smeared for calling into question false flag attacks which NATO was going to use to ravage Syria, just as they used other lies to loot, ravage and destroy Iraq and Libya.


The former finance lecturer at Southampton University, who has made frequent trips to Syria, recently boasted about his influence on the Labour leader with the caption: “me briefing @jeremycorbyn on Syria.”


Although the sentence claims I boasted about my influence on Corbyn, by saying the photo is of “me briefing Corbyn”, it also makes plain that I did no such thing. Quite why Southampton University had to be mentioned is moot. The reasons for my “frequent visits to Syria” is to understand why the British and allied regimes are so intent on murdering Syrians. Because of the low standards of British journalism that this inane sentence typifies, such journeys are necessary.


Last night Labour sources said the meeting happened in 2013, but denied Hayes was an official policy adviser.

No doubt the same Labour sources would also deny that Corbyn tortures his wife, that he fought with Napoleon at Waterloo or that he has the same sort of confused sexuality those Giannangeli uses to defame me have.


Hayes regularly writes for a pro-Russian think tank and describes Nato as “a parasite that controls the minds of its hosts”.


I have written a handfull of articles for this think thank,  which is better described as being Russian, not pro-Russian. As I explained to Giannangeli, I would happily also write paid articles for the Sunday Express, which is British, even though it works for Britain's warlords and works against the interests of ordinary Britons Corbyn represents.


NATO is indeed a parasite on the peace-loving people of the West. It serves the interests of war mongers, war lords, arms manufacturers and the media and other amoral parasites that serve their base goals. It does not serve the interests of the large mass of people like me, who know mass murder and war crimes are wrong and criminal, and who believe Arab and Aramean people should be allowed to live in peace and the pursuit of happiness without NATO droning them or having ISIS jihadists enslave them.


During his visits to Damascus he has met with former Syrian PM Wael Nader al-Halqi and, allegedly, Areen al-Assad, The Assad clan member is said to belong to the notorious Shabbiha, the pro-Government militia responsible for the 2012 Houla massacre in which 108 people were murdered.


I have indeed met Mr al-Halqi, who is one of nature's gentlemen. What of it? I have met members of the Shabbiha and circulated photos of them. I met these people in the company of several others, including a 6 year old boy and his armed guards who has a $2 million rebel bounty on his little head, a Palestinian transexual and a Syrian Sunni tribal chief who was forced to watch most of his clansmen being literally chopped up and fed to the birds. The Shabbiha member I got photographed with showed me the deep lacerations in his neck from where the Saudis tried to lynch him (his brute strength saved him). As all the Shabbiha I met were packing and as all had at least a 150lb weight advantage on me, Giannangeli should have explained what I should have done in the circumstances. More generally, accusing people of being Shabbiiha or, in my case, of being friendly to the Shabbiha, is just a code word to have them murdered. The Sunday Express should be well aware of that tactic from their time targeting Irish Catholics as IRA apologists for British death squads to torture and kill.


Last year supported claims - subsequently traced as fake pro-Russia trolls - that the Syrian White Helmets, a humanitarian organisation made of volunteer engineers and firemen, strangled 28 children in Khan Shaykhun.


As all objective evidence, the British court case of terrorist hitman Bherlin Ghildo included, shows that MI6's The White Helmets franchise is also part of the Al Qaeda franchise, the purpose of this sentence and the obligatory mention of  the “pro-Russian trolls” canard is unclear. The White Helmets are implicated in a lot more than 28 child murder cases. Only a fool, an MI6 agent oor a MI6 propaganda would believe that a benign organisation

 could work in rebel-held Syria, where women are kept in dog kennels and school teachers are burned alive in front of their pupils.



In fact, the Syrian town had been subjected to an airstrike by Assad forces followed by a chemical attack using Sarin nerve agent which killed almost 100 people.


This is disputed and a number of twitter users who concentrate on examining such issues contacted Giannangeli to put him straight. Stating something as fact or repeating the propaganda of disgraced and discredited NATO war lords like David Cameron or Tony Blair does not turn NATO lies into humanitarian truths. The same forces which got Cameron and Blair to murder Libyans and Iraqis want to destroy Syria and murder and enslave Syrians on similar tissues of lies. That is what the evidence and the logic indicate and screeds like Giannangeli's which spill ink simply to discredit Corbyn and to have me assassinated change neither the evidence nor the logic.


Many of Haye’s views are published by the Katehon think tank.

Katehon have published a very small number of articles I penned and they have interviewed me via Skype on a similarly small number of occasions. They have not published “many” of my views.


Its board members include Sergey Glaziev, a Putin advisor who said the Ukraine crisis was “orchestrated, provoked, and financed by American institutions in cooperation with their European partners. "They financed neo-Nazis”.  Glaziev later called new Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko a Nazi, a claim which even Putin’s official spokesman was forced to deny.


Although this detour seems to be included solely to discredit Corbyn and myself by association, Glaziev seems to have a good appreciation of the Nazi forces NATO has encouraged to devour the Ukraine.


In an article entitled ‘The West is Following Hitler’s Plan” Hayes accused the West of demonising Russian leader Vladimir Putin and Assad, whom he describes as a merely a “middle-class, middle-aged doctor”.


The West is indeed following Hitler's plan. It was the Nazis who first came up with the idea of using Muslims to slice open Russia's soft underbelly; Hitler's Muslim project and how NATO made it an essential part of their playbook are detailed at length in A Mosque in Munich: Nazis, the CIA, and the Rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in the West by Pulitzer-Prize winning Ian Johnson. The West does demonise “Vladimir Putin and Assad” who, like Putin, has a first name, even if Giannangeli feels anti fascists like Assad do not deserve a name, never mind a life.

Although Assad is, at heart “merely a “middle-class, middle-aged doctor””, he has had the good fortune to marry one of the world's most remarkable and cultured women who, with him and millions of other Syrian civilians of all ages and backgrounds are showing remarkable courage, bravery and fortitude in the face of aggression by NATO and its proxy terror forces. The example of the Syrian Arab Army and the Syrian people, exemplified by Syria's President and First Lady, has been unparalleled in recent history and it has been a privilege to stand by them against NATO's fascist hordes.



He adds; “The power is with the army, not with him.  “Therefore, they turn them into devils.”


NATO's criminal war against Syria has meant that power, for now, is with the army as the Syrian people fight for their survival. There is nothing controversial in that, the efforts of Giannangeli and other paid trolls to demonise them notwithstanding.


Nato is a “crocodile” allowed to sell its lies, while the West’s overall aim is to “break communities in Syria, In Southern Russia, in the Caucasus …and turn them into markets, vassals and slaves of the West.”


Although comparing them to crocodiles may be taken as an insult to crocodiles, NATO is a criminal organisation which seeks to “break communities in Syria, In Southern Russia, in the Caucasus …and turn them into markets, vassals and slaves of the West” and the fact that Giannangeli and others are paid to write otherwise does not change the evidence that is plain as day.


In opposing Russian actions in Crimea, the West is “actually supporting Nazis”, he added.


And so it is. Ukraine is infested with Nazis, who not only worship Hitler and Ukraineans who collaborated with him but who are incrementally instituting Nazi policies. Because of the swift actions of the Russian authorities, Crimea has yet again been spared the Nazi jackboot and this is absolutely no thanks to the NATO crocodile or to paid apologists like this son of an Italian fascist, who could afford to send him to one of England's most expensive finishing schools.


He also called for the criminal prosecution of David Cameron, Tony Blair, President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright for the deaths of Iraq civilians.


Cameron, Drone Man, Blair and Albright are all war criminals and until they and other NATO war lords are jailed for their crimes, NATO controlled war crimes' courts will remain a cynical charade.


In 2014 Hayes was invited by the Syrian Government to form part of an international delegation aimed at ensuring fairness during elections.


This is untrue. Had the son of the Italian fascist contacted me, I would have told him I was invited by a non-Syrian NGO. However, Giannangeli and his bosses try to discredit the Syrian President and those who observed the elections by lying that the Syrian Government, whose over arching priority is defying NATO's proxy war against the Syrian people, were behind this great peace initiative.


Assad secured 87.7 per cent of the vote.


Indeed he did. This is not surprising as this “middle-class, middle-aged doctor” is a war President who has shown remarkable leadership in standing against the fascist, fundamentalist hordes NATO rallied against him.


One of the other (left-wing American) observers with me remarked that in Illinois, where he lived, the Democratic Party regime had controlled the entire state at every level since the days of Al Capone, who was a major supporter of and inspiration to the Democratic Party.


Although Dr Assad's vote may be attributed to many things, in particular to an effort by ordinary Syrians to tell NATO to stop their murder campaign, it was a major endorsement of Dr Assad's heroic defence of secularism and tolerance and a vote against the NATO crocodile and its legions of proxy killers, rapists, gangsters and paid apologists.


Two years ago Hayes was arrested upon landing in Thailand and told that his name had been placed on an Interpol watchlist. He spent 18 hours in custody before being flown back to Britain.


I was not flown back to Britain. I was flown back to the Netherlands.


His response was to brand Hampshire Police, whom he blamed for the listing, “racist”.


Hampshire Police paid me compensation for this racist attack, in which they were fully complicit, on my person and my good name. When I tweeted a copy of the letter of abject apology Hampshire Police's solicitor sent me, the Nazis who fed Giannangeli his non-story, set about defaming the solicitor.


Last night foreign policy experts dubbed him a “dangerous extremist”.

What makes these regime supporters experts and what gives them the right to set me up for assassination by defaming me as a dangerous extremist?


Col Hamish de Bretton Gordon, former head of the British Army’s CBRN Regiment, said: “In  2014 I collected samples which offered irrefutable proof that Assad’s Government used chemical weapons. “The UN Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons underwrote those results a few months later.


Even this paid NATO gunman with his double barrrelled name should realise that samples a biased pawn like him may or may not have collected does not constitute proof, irrefutable or otherwise. The evidence points to NATO's paid terrorists concocting made to order criminal attacks like this to get paid front men like Tony Blair, George Bush, David Cameron and Droneman Obama to authorise criminal air and missile attacks on Syrian schools and maternity wards.


“The fact that the leader of the opposition was getting advice from someone who is peddling the Russian story is worrying and distressing.


Not as worrying as Russophobic simpletons with double barrelled names trotting out Hibernophic and Russophobic banalities to justify NATO's proxies committing war crimes.


“That this could influence policy is a shocking thought for any humanitarian who believes Britain should be protecting people who cannot protect themselves.”


Given that this Russophobic clown with the double barrelled name purports to condemn me on behalf all humanitarians, how does he explain that I have paid out of my own pocket for children in Damascus who are the direct victims of his paymasters' genocidal policies to have expensive life-saving surgery? If Corbyn is to be criticised, it is for paying heed to paid henchmen like Hamish and the lipstick on a pig humanitarian groups they promote. Britain does not protect Syrians; it murders them directly and through its proxy murder gangs, just as they did in my native Ireland.


Crispin Blunt MP added; “Hayes’ views on the merits of Nato and Western values, and the democratic freedoms that Nato seeks to protect, will not give any comfort to those whose duty it is to protect the UK. Frankly, it’s dangerous.


“As the leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition, he must try to understand the world as it is, and the world that policy makers have to manage.”


Blunt, with his blood-soaked background as a British Army enforcer and his history of philandering with a string of male “lovers” behind his wife's back whilst at the same time voting to oppress his fellow homosexuals, is the real cause for concern. Having a blustering Colonel Blimp figure like him who finds it hard to keep both his fly and his mouth shut before he thinks is the issue. Blunt should know that the picture of me with Corbyn also includes figures from the British Conservative and Liberal Democratic parties and Blunt's argument that NATO protects Western freedoms by funding Nazis in Ukraine and Islamic head choppers in Syria is as confused as is his sexuality and, frankly, it's dangerous as innocents in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Libya and Nigeria pay with their lives for the fantasies of this philanderer who “must try to understand” that neither Corbyn nor anyone else with moral probity has anything to learn from him and his antics.


The fact is that Blunt, Bacik and the other NATO apologists do not believe in free speech. They believe in NATO and the baubles it bequeaths its vassals. Bacik, in between showing propaganda snuff films to the Irish Parliament extolling the virtues of Al Qaeda's White Helmets, is now taking to attending commemorations to Irish patriots, who enjoyed killing unarmed British regime soldiers and thereby providing, along with the Colonel Blimps, further evidence, if such were needed, that warped patriotism is indeed the last refuge of the scoundrel.



3. Bacik Brigades


Ms Ivana Bacik is a barrister and a Reid Professor of Law, which is a junior lectureship, obtained by passing a necessarily opaque internal exam at Trinity College Dublin, which has been very good to her both as a student and as a paid employee. When attacking Syria’s Grand Mufti in the Irish Parliament on 1 December 2016 and Russia’s Ambassador at the same venue two weeks earlier, she appeared totally ignorant of the matter at hand, she did not speak clearly and she spoke much too quickly for someone who has won an internal Trinity teaching award, and who therefore should know to slow her speech for people whose first language is not English. She should, of course, also speak through the Chair but to ask that she has a safety catch between her brain and her mouth might be too much to ask of this woman whose family fled to Ireland from Czechoslovakia following the collapse of the Nazis many years ago. As a barrister, she should know that her accusations, such as those she made against the leaders of Russia and Syria, should be based on evidence, not on uninformed screeds published by biased and discredited and uninformed outlets. The very fact that she wasted the Committee’s time by throwing the same stale accusations to the Syrian delegation that she threw at the Russian Ambassador also indicates a kind of autistic pathology amongst those who support the Islamic and other invasion forces in Syria. Although in fairness to Ms Bacik, it can be stated that her modest qualifications are inferior exam based rather than research-based ones, as she has not published any substantial original research, as any professor worth their salt is expected to do, from her overall performances and manner, she seems to be part of a constellation of problems, not the solution.

Perhaps because of her family's Nazi related past, she remains, at heart, a confused, abused little girl. After the White Helmets were given the Moonies’ funded “Tipperary” Peace Prize, Bacik, along with the Green Party’s Eamon Ryan took part in a tree planting ceremony with supporters of the defeated terrorists in Dublin’s St Stephen’s Green, close to Traitors' Gate. As Bacik’s twitter time line around the time of the tree planting was full of folk telling her what exactly the White Helmets are, she cannot feign ignorance to their war crimes. Ms Bacik has also been peddling hate speech against the Syrian delegation, decrying world Church leaders as “Assadist apologists” and showing terrorist propaganda in the Irish Parliament. She has also popping up at commemorations paying homage to Irish Republican extremists, who thought it a giggle to murder unarmed British regime forces in Dublin and, whether as a wind up or just because she knows no better, she is now sending portraits of them to the British Parliament who sent them to Dublin in the first place. Although these acts of desperation may be attempts by Bacik to get some belated street credibility, her apparent blanket ignorance on Irish history is but another of her many handicaps in that regard.

Although Bacik cannot be regarded as a political or academic heavyweight,  one must ask, given her extremist views and her erratic actions, if she has been compromised and if so, by whom and has the rot spread to apparatchiks like Noel Murphy. If fascism or foreign intelligence services have infiltrated the Irish Parliament through Trinity College which has always been a hub of MI6 subversion since well before the 1974 Dublin bomb attacks, in which several students and staff members were involved, then the appropriate action should be taken and the fifth columnists jailed. As Bacik has now taken to donning Irish Republican attire, she could not, in conscience, complain as a felon's cap has long been regarded as the proudest crown an Irish Republican can wear.

Perhaps I am partly at fault for Bacik popping up at the graves of Ireland's patriot dead. When I wrote to Irish Labour Party leader Mr Brendan Howlin. TD Complaining about her Der Stürmer style hate speech on 24 January 2018, I did mention the women of the Irish Women’s Workers’ Union (IWWU), of which Constance Georgine Markievicz (aka Countess Markievicz), who shot dead an unarmed policeman in 1916, was a member. Perhaps Bacik felt compelled to embrace her grave to don her mantle to mask her own more subversive and reactionary one. Unlike Markievicz, the Irish people have decisively rejected Bacik at the ballot box outside of the British bailiwick of Trinity College, which has been so good to Bacik and which still commemorates to this day its pivotal role in suppressing the 1916 Rising and condemning Markievicz and very many others to death. Although Bacik might only be paying lip service to the Markievicz model of shooting unarmed Irish policemen dead, there are plenty of others who share her genocidal views on Syria that are prepared to wade through rivers of Syrian and Irish blood to establish their Caliphate.

Robin Yassin-Kessab who, like Hamish de Bretton Gordon, likes to sport a double barrelled name, played a pivotal role in the attacks on our recent peace initiatives. He has taken part in a number of disruptive operations, which include being allowed by Bacik and Murphy to speak for an hour on 1 December 2016 in the Irish Parliament so as to crowd the Syrian delegation out, and organising a mob Twitter troll of Tuttle Publishing to defame me and lower me in the esteem of Tuttle and others.  Having most likely checked out my Linkedin page, Kessab and other Turkmen and Nazi “activists” sent Tuttle a large number of spam tweets concerning me. When Tuttle eventually replied to a large number of them with the same message that 1. they had contracted with me to publish a number of books; 2. that they quite naturally did not necessarily share or endorse my views (or those of other best-selling authors); and 3. that they did not condone violence, Kessab and the other riff raff took that as some kind of condemnation of me and support for their own fascist views and tactics, which have included, desecrating and defiling churches in England where peace people were due to speak.

Although desecrating churches might seem a piece of harmless fun to Bacik and her ilk, law abiding people in Ireland and beyond are terrified for their own sakes and that of their families of these Muslim Brotherhood scum and Bacik, who supports their efforts, should not be allowed divorce herself from their methods. She should be, if not actually arrested and interrogated, made to aplogoise for her hate speech and be made swear not to reoffend.

Muslim Brotherhood

The Muslim Brotherhood, its strong links with Western intelligence forces and dubious Trotsykist groups notwithstanding, is the Arab world's original, most subversive, and most dangerous terrorist organization. It strongly believes in imposing the Caliphate and, as their atrocities in Egypt show, murdering or subjugating all who resist them. There will be no peace in the Arab world until the Muslim Brotherhood is crushed in its spawning grounds and in those areas of the Western world NATO has allowed it colonize. Syria's former ruler, the late Hafez el Assad, accurately described them in HYPERLINK ""this video.

The Muslim Brotherhood, in which Egypt’s Morsi, Turkey’s Erdoğan, Qaradawi and other Qatari-based sociopaths are all leading lights, is the main terrorist organization behind Syria’s violence and it should be dealt with accordingly. Following their failed 1982 coup, most Syrian Muslim Brotherhood terrorists fled into safe haven boltholes from where they built a network of dedicated and highly professional cadres to spew their toxins. Although the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood has countless professionals and aspiring political leaders with huge senses of entitlement in its ranks of exiles, it not only lacks boots on the Syrian ground but its Nusra armed wing has lost out in that important regard to ISIS and the other groups it formerly nurtured. As in Egypt and Syria, so also here: the Muslim Brotherhood should be declared illegal and its leaders and their molls charged with directing terrorism in the same way leaders of any other comparable terrorist organization are charged. Much more detailed information on this supremacist murder gang is available at this link. Their misogynistic views on women are articulated here.  That Muslim Brotherhoood linked Ali Selim, Ivana Bacik’s Trinity colleague, is now under some public pressure, is, hopefully, the end of the beginning and Bacik and other hate pedlers will also now begin to feel some belated heat.


The Turkmen are key fifth columnists, who have sided with Turkey in their war of extermination against Syria's other minorities. Although many of them will have to be brought to account for their treachery, the ultimate criminal here is Sultan Erdoğan and the Muslim Brotherhood murder gang and their Grey Wolves and other militia who have radicalized Turkics from as far afield as China to commit the atrocities we have witnessed in Thailand, in China, in India, in Ireland and in Syria itself. Because they are, by and large traitors, Syria's Turkmen will probably have to relocate to Erdoğan's Turkey, where they can fortify the Grey Wolves and other criminal gangs that have the same right wing expansionist aims of rape and conquest as their fighters do. Syria's Turkmen should not be confused with those of Iraq, who have suffered greatly at the hands of ISIS and other MI6 controlled murder gangs.


The TURKMEN (written by a friend on the Syrian border with Turkey)


The Turkmen community in Syria are full Syrian citizens. They were never oppressed, and had the same rights as their neighbors. They attended the same schools as their neighbors. Here in Latakia, we knew many Turkmen families; in fact my own nephew married a Turkmen girl 10 years ago.  The Turkmen living inside Latakia city were in various industries and businesses, and many had government jobs (civil servants). The auto-repair (mechanical repair) business was in the hands of mainly Turkmen.


Once the Syrian crisis began, the Turkmen decided, en mass, to leave Syria for Turkey. It was as if they were all connected at the hip: it was shocking to see a group migration, when there was no apparent reason They were not oppressed, or targeted. Jut one day, they shut their houses, farms, shops and left.


40 minute drive North of Latakia is a Turkmen village named Qastal Maaf. It is in the mountains, on the way to Kessab. This village was 100% Turkmen. We knew many of the residents. This village hosted the Jihadists in 2011-2012-2013. In fact, a group of Australian Jihadists, who I actually had been a neighbor to in past years, were there and one of them was killed in Qastal Maaf. In the course of the war, this village was completely destroyed and now sits abandoned.


Closer to Latakia, was a mixed area of farmland called Kallah Fallaa. Here it was Alowi farmers living next to Turkmen farmers. When the crisis began in 2011, the Alowi farmers there heard rumors the Turkmen were planning to leave and go to Turkey. They had a meeting together, and the Alowi farmers assured them that they should stay here in their own homes and farms and not leave, and they would be safe. In other words, the Alowi would not target them for reprisals. However, the assurances fell on deaf ears, and they all left in a group migration to Turkey.


One of the Turkmen who left was a civil servant and had a good job and was well respected. He had a large family and had a beautiful daughter who was in University in Latakia. When they left they had to pass through an area which was Free Syrian Army, but by then the foreign Jihadists had mixed in and out numbered the Syrians. As the family was crossing the Syrian-Turkish border nearby, the Jihadists kidnapped the beautiful daughter, and took her away as a sex-slave. Later, an  Alowi neighbor had telephoned the cell phone of the man, checking to see if they made the trip safely. The distraught father told him the whole story and was so regretful of his decision to leave the safety of his home in Syria.


We later learned that Pres. Erdogan had enticed the Turkmen to come to Turkey and they would be given special benefits, and they would fight alongside the FSA and receive $ 1,000 per month, paid out in Turkey by a Saudi paymaster.


I have often wondered after so many years in Turkey, have the benefits continued for them? Have they regretted their decision to be traitors to Syria, which was the only citizenship they had?


The Turkmen of Syria will go down in history as a group which lost everything for being traitors. Their homes and businesses are still here, vacant. The gov’t so far has no plans to ‘take’ them legally. I have felt they should all be given to the families of martyrs.

Perhaps the same should be done in Ireland and elsewhere to ISIS, MI6 and Muslim Brotherhood fifth columnists. Perhaps they should be treated as lowly Czech collaborators were in Prague from 1945 to 1948. Gratifying though that may be to some, the perpetrators and beneficiaries of NATO's war of terror must be rooted out, not only from the Sunday Express but from the anti-Irish and pro-NATO academic and political crannies they use in Ireland to further, either as fools or as knaves, the NATO and Gulf States' war agendas.