Vatan Party undertakes the need of annulment of the so-called independence referendum that is stated to take place on September 25th, 2017 in Northern Iraq.

The so-called independence referendum is against the Iraqi constitution and the international agreements. The Kurdish state attempt, an attempt our Party has called to be "Second Israel" for the past 30 years, a puppet state which aims to reach the Mediterranean through Northern Iraq and Northern Syria, targeting territorial integrities of Turkey and Iran.

Vatan Party, through the meeting and rally series launched on September 15th, declares it will disallow the Second Israeli State in the making. The first meeting was held in front of the Israel Embassy in Ankara. Press declaration was made by the Secretary-General Utku Reyhan. Secretary-General stated that the government needed to initiate a series of sanctions rather than making statements. Utku Reyhan further stated a six matters immediate action plan. These included Ankara Erbil representative's office to be shut down and the Incirlik Air Base, Adana in service of the US Armed Forces, Israel, PKK and Barzani to be closed to any further US operations in order to be handed back immediately to the Turkish Armed Forces.


With the participation of Vanguard Youth of the Party, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Governor of Ankara was called upon duty:

"A conference in support of Barzani referendum is to be held in the middle of Ankara with the participation of HDP and KDP. At such a period, a conference of this kind cannot be allowed to take place in Turkey's capital" was the statement. The meeting was canceled by the Governor of Ankara.

On September 16th, Vatan Party and the Vanguard Youth was in front of Incirlik Airbase, Adana. The press release was introduced by the Chairman of Vanguard Youth, Aykut Diş on behalf of the Vatan Party. In his speech, Diş stated that the US tries to divide nations of the region in order to realize its imperialist agenda and uses Barzani and the PKK to do so.

Diş, called citizens to the meeting on September 19th which will be held in front of the Israel General Consulate in Ankara.

And Vatan Partisi, go on protest everywhere in Turkey.