The shameful act of the Ottomans


When Mohammad Fateh conquered Constantinople, the first thing he did in the city was take the greatest cathedral ever built in Christendom, Hagia Sophia, which was the heart of Byzantine Christianity. It had been in existence for more than a thousand years as the premier Cathedral of the Christian world. Sultan Mohammad Fateh passed an act, which I regretfully describe as sinful - monstrously sinful and stupid. I regret having to use that language, but somebody has to do it. He brought shame upon Islam when he took that Christian functioning cathedral, which was not an abandoned building, and transformed it into a Masjid. It is not permissible for us to do such a thing.

In particular, Muhammad said that at the end of times we are going to meet in alliance with Rome. It can’t be Rome, as we fought before to get Constantinople. It can’t be the Rome that women served in the armed forces. The only other Rome is in Moscow, the eastern Christian one.

“You are going to make an alliance with Rome”. And this is Rome’s greatest Cathedral. If you had any sense in your head, you would have never done such a stupid, monstrously wicked thing. This is their cathedral, not ours.

So the first day that our Muslim army conquers Constantinople, the first thing that the commander will do, because the Prophet described him as a “quite excellent” commander, to return the Cathedral to the Christians and offer an apology on behalf of the Ummah of Muhammad. And we will return the name to the city, the name used by Muhammad himself. So goodbye, Mustafa Kemal.