Shame and Denial of Death: The Modern Eralessness


Western post-Christian civilization seeks to get rid of mortal memory, to escape from it, and only Russia can’t keep up with this suicidal race.

Why is the cult of “eternal youth” so common in the modern West? Not just a “healthy lifestyle”, but "biohacking" and genetic modifications (just to give them the illusion of immortality)? Why, along with the active promotion of the rights to kill unborn babies and euthanasia, are today's “masters of life” trying to extend their pre-retirement age to infinity?

Why does the information on the use of embryonic stem cells in rejuvenation remind us so much of the stories about the bloody “bathing rooms” of Countess Batory, and many aged “masters” of the modern West with their longevity suggest non-standard and inhuman anti-aging therapy? Guy de Rothschild (1909–2007), David Rockefeller, Sr. (1915–2017), Ronald Reagan (1911–2004), George W. Bush (1924–2018), Jimmy Carter (b. 1924), Henry Kissinger (b. 1923), finally, the “boy” George Soros (b. 1930) - and this is only the top of the gerontocratic “iceberg”.

Why is information about the use of embryonic stem cells in rejuvenation so reminiscent of the stories about the bloody “bathing rooms” of Countess Batory? What secrets hides the longevity of the elderly "owners" of the modern West? Guy de Rothschild (1909–2007), David Rockefeller, Sr. (1915–2017), Ronald Reagan (1911–2004), George W. Bush (1924–2018), Jimmy Carter (b. 1924), Henry Kissinger (b. 1923), finally, the “boy” George Soros (b. 1930) - and this is only the top of the gerontocratic “iceberg”.

Why are adolescent death cults (all kinds of films and even animated series about vampires and other evil spirits, suicidal groups on social networks, etc.) combined with total adult infantilism on this same issue? Finally, why do they seriously prefer not only to speak about death itself, but also not to recall it? And as a result - the deliverance of the Western world from the funeral traditions, which are becoming too expensive and difficult for "mere mortals". To the extent that in many American and European cities the number of unclaimed bodies is growing every year.

And dozens and dozens of "why" in this complex issue, which is hardly possible to figure out, but it is useful to reflect. Let us try to understand the main difference between the “runaways from death” and those who remember it.

Memento mori

They say that the ancient Roman generals, returning from trips with a victory, put a slave behind them, who had to regularly remind the triumphant that he was a mere mortal man. So it was or not, but the early Christian thinker Tertullian adheres to this version in his Apologetics. Later, this reminder turned into a winged Latin phrase “Memento mori” - “Remember about death”. A phrase that Western Christians are very fond of, giving it a lot more sense lines than it was in pre-Christian Rome. Thus, in some Catholic monastic orders, these words became a motto and even a greeting.

Eastern Christians, Orthodox, both in New Rome (Constantinople and the Roman Kingdom - the Byzantine Empire), and in Rome Third (Moscow and the Russian State), Latin winged phrases knew perfectly well but preferred the words of liturgical texts to them. First of all - the “Symbol of Faith”, where it is clearly stated about our aspiration of the general bodily resurrection of the dead in the Second Coming of Christ, “come here with glory and judge alive and dead”.

"Judge". "Alive and dead." It is about that very Last Judgment, about which we know very little, but whose plot is so often seen on temple icons and frescoes. The plot is truly awesome but allows you to recall the main Christian "cure for death" - Repentance. And from which the post-Christian civilization is rapidly trying to “run away”, believing that thereby it is also running away from the Last Judgment and retribution itself.

No death, the soul is immortal

"Mortal memory" is the basis of the Christian understanding that death is in fact very relative, as it relates only to our body. Our inevitable bodily dying is the “new birth” for eternal life. But this is precisely why death must always be remembered in order to be ready for this new birth at any time in life.

Too complicated and confusing? Like so much else in our world, death is a great mystery. And therefore, no matter how great the faith may be and no matter how well a person may know the Holy Scripture and the patristic works, a human will still not be able to comprehend the boundary between life and death.

There is no death, but all life must be prepared for death because death is the door to Eternity.

The mystery of Russian immortality

For the Russian people, his death was always important, for which he prayed as if they were alive. Easter - the resurrection of Christ from the Dead - for the Russian Orthodox World is a much bigger holiday than Christmas. And even in Soviet times, when people were forced to forget Orthodox customs, cemeteries remained one of the main living spaces for everyone, and customs continued to be observed. At the same time, the Russian has never had such fear of cemeteries typical of the Western man who has penetrated the Hollywood industry of all kinds of “horror films” On the contrary -Orthodox Christians feel a holy thrill and joyful sadness.


Memento mori!