Serbia's Chance for Freedom


For quite some time, Serbia has been undergoing a process of gradual destruction. However, recently this process has been speeding up. The main actor on the Serbian political scene in Serbia is the Serbian Progressive Party. This party came to power in 2012, in coalition with the Socialist Party of Serbia, promising change in the foreign policy course of the state. The most powerful figure in the Serbian progressive Party is Aleksandar Vucic, who is the current Prime Minisiter of Serbia. Although Vucic made a commitment to strengthen Serbia during his electoral campaign, he has only accelerated its destruction.

Aleksandar Vucic is under strong British and US influence, and of course we must recall that the main proponents of the NATO bombing of Serbia and Montenegro in 1999 were the US and Britain. Nowhere is the silent occupation of Serbia by the US and Britain as visible as it is in the Serbian army. Accordingly, within the Serbian army over the last few years, we have witnessed the implementation of programs of cooperation with at least two US federal states. The plan for Serbia is to transform it from a militarily neutral state into one which is above all against Russia. 

The pressure upon the Serbian army is so great  that some 60% of the military training and education of the Serbian Army are with members of the US army. An example of this was on December 7th, 2015, a seminar was conducted entitled "Strategic Communication", which the General Staff of the Serbian Army was compelled to participate in. The seminar was organized by the US.  The lack of actual Serbian neutrality is exemplified in the fact that in the audience of this seminar were twenty-four members of the Ministry of Defense and the General staff, as well as operational level commanders - which means all of the colonels and generals.

There were also lectures held by the Center for Civil-Military Relations, from the Monterey Maritime School.  A question remains - what can the superbly educated command staff of the Serbian Army actually learn from them? Since 2011, the Serbian Army has conducted exercises in the American training Center at Hohenfels, Germany. These are conducted entirely under the pretext of increasing the "operational capabilities of the units".  In early October, Lieutenant General Frederick Ben Hodges, Commander of the US Army in Europe, visited Serbia.

General Hodges spoke about the problem of immigration and "the problem of Eastern Europe' (of course referring to the Russian activities in Ukraine which he alleged were contrary to international law), and complimented the Serbian Army, as if it were an allied army that was part of the anti-Russian alliance. When he had been discretely reminded that it was the US with NATO, contrary to international law, that bombed Serbia and Montenegro, general Hodges clumsily tried to justify the crime saying: "The United States is not perfect. We make mistakes just as other countries have throughout history, wanting to do the right thing. Although the US is not perfect, everything that we believe in is right." 

It should be mentioned here that some of the trainees of General Hodges and his units were the four KLA commanders, along with another 150 armed bandits, who participated in the terrorist attack in Kumanovo, whose aims were for the extension of greater Albania into Macedonia. Fortunately, the Macedonian authorities liquidated them, and it turned out that among them were US and British special forces  A scandal ensued, and the head of the EU mission along with US, British, and the German ambassador demanded that the names of the killed Americans and British, identified by the Macedonian security forces, should not be published. General Hodges played a role in this. At the same time, the US is arming Croatia. The has donated 16 M270 Multiple Launch Rocket Systems, and 16 OH-58 D "Kiowa Warrior" light reconnaissance attack helicopters. The Croats already ordered the powerful German howitzers, PzH 2000. This weapon will completely change the balance of the region. With them, Croatia will be militarily stronger than Serbia, which is the main goal of the US.

But on January 9th, Dmitry Rogozin, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, is expected to arrive. he is in charge of the defense industry, and his primary task relating to Serbia is providing maximum assistance to and equipping the Serbian Army. They will also talk about the troubled Serbian economy. Rogozin comes, of course, on the orders of President Putin, and he will also bring other top officials of the Russian defense industry with him, who will elaborate further details of the Russian offer. It involves the production of new complex combat systems in Serbian factories, the purchase of fighter planes, air defense systems, Kamaz trucks for the Serbian howitzer systems.  Rogozin's arrival should mark the end of many years of American agitation upon the Serbian defense system. It is time that Serbia, with Russian weapons, military diplomacy and strong defense against the US and NATO, preserve themselves and the tradition of freedom. Aleksandar Vucic is now facing a choice, will he gather the courage to resist the US and NATO and the destruction of Serbia, or allow that destruction to continue?  One thing is certain, the Serbian people is with Russia and has grown tired of the US dictatorship.