Russia's Foreign Minister blames US for ignoring multipolarity


The big press conference of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is not only an excellent occasion to discuss the most important trends in international relations, but also an opportunity to track the main vectors of Russia's foreign policy.

The number of questions from journalists on this or that topic, their tonality and, of course, the answers of Sergei Lavrov - this is enough to draw many conclusions. Moscow continues to focus on the Middle East settlement: the Syrian issue, the Arab-Israeli conflict - most of all questions were on these topics. As for Syria, despite the success of the military operation, problems remain.

Sergey Lavrov about Syria:

As for the difference between the Obama administration and the Trump administration, there are no real differences. Unfortunately, in either case, we see a desire not to help to resolve the conflict as soon as possible, but to help those who would like to take practical steps to change the regime in the Syrian Arab Republic.

Sergey Lavrov about the USA:

Unfortunately, our American colleagues and their allies still want to conduct business solely on the basis of dictatorship, ultimatums. 'They continue to work using the language of diktat and ultimatum. They do not recognise the reality of a multipolar world'.

Sergey Lavrov about Ukraine:

Politically, we are interested in the Minsk agreements being fully implemented without any exceptions, and this fits into our line of full respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine in its current borders that have developed after the referendum in the Crimea.

After the press conference, the press also had the opportunity to ask questions to the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova. She drew attention to a clear contradiction in relation to the West to interferences in the affairs of other countries. 

"We note the interference in our sovereignty not only on the eve of the presidential elections in Russia. We regularly hold elections to legislative assemblies, and somehow our Western colleagues believe it is possible to show such activity. And at the same time they themselves accuse us of interfering in elections around the planet and, I think, even beyond its borders".  - said Zakharova.