Russia needs a better Information Strategy


By reading most non-Western online news, one really gets the feeling that the Western MSM is hyperventilating a huge amount of propaganda (e.g., "we are perfect, they are bad"), hypocrisy (blaming their own faults - war crimes - on others), and censure in the form of non-reporting/suppressing important news and facts, disinformation (portraying villains as saints, e.g. - White Helmets in Syria) and outright lies (using and fabricating fake evidence) or outright slandering without evidence or facts. 

In my honest opinion, Russia is a bit too soft, even if the wonderful Maria Zakharova or the experienced Churkin at the UN often respond speedily with logical, smart, witty remarks. But all too often, Russia, as the innocent victim, has to prove and debunk the alleged fact. It's time to force the accusers to prove each fact. 

As the MSM's quality of news relies all too often on a top-down organized script writing entity, each MSM news outlet becomes merely a loudspeaker of the mandated communication strategy and aggregator site, like the major portals, Google news, Yahoo, and MSN spreading the news even further. 

Now, the MSM world is a highly integrated network of news agencies. As a means of defense, an asymmetrical response should to used to attack the parroted messages, where each patently bogus news item is targeted on each news outlet (retransmission node). So each news item can be struck at tens or hundreds of times. 

The proposed method would be to:

  • introduce media defamation (libel) laws with extremely high fines (similar to US laws where fines are tens of millions USD or even more) for the publisher and republishers, with double fines in the case of fabricated evidence (e.g. Russian presence in Ukraine by using 8 old Georgian war photos, Hollywood style makeup of bombed injured children in Syria, or nonexistent facts). The fines should increase or multiply for each media type (print, radio, TV, internet), each language, and each country. 
  • introduce media terrorism/extremisms laws for news organizations to ban them from cheering on terrorism and from using terrorist-provided info. 
  • ban all companies which operate subsidiaries in Russia to have business relationships (mainly advertising) with guilty foreign publishers. 
  • To avoid a flooding of appeals to higher courts to congest, choke and slow down the court system, a lost appeal should have the fine doubled, and to lodge an appeal the double amount should be deposited in full. 
  • The law would allow to consistently name and shame the unethical publishers, punish the unscrupulous media and "earn" some redress. Funds could be used to launch other defamation suits in Europe, and the US. 
  • To top it off, the law should be called “Media Ethics and Professionalism.”