Roots of terrorism. Part 6


Existence of God

For bringing an end to terrorism in the whole world, it is essential to keep eye upon those countries and religions that have stopped or closed the doors of debate, discussion and dialogue and do not allow the books of the opposite sects to enter their territories. They are actually profaning (disrespecting) and making the mind of the people to involve in terrorism by producing to them one-sided literature and propagating and preaching own nonsensical beliefs. To achieve this goal at international level the most important thing is ‘love of God’, which will prove to be a strong deterrent (hindrance) To this end, if the hearts of the people are motivated towards the love of God then all the people will worship one God. Having one beloved (God) for the whole world people will be able to settle mutual differences and rifts and bury their hatchets forever. Therefore, it is necessary and very important to disseminate (sow) knowledge and recognition of God on international level.

Of course, all the important religions of the world believe in the love of God, which needs to be further strengthened in the hearts of people. Having one God to be worshiped and loved there is left no point in fighting with each other.

In order to inculcate (implant) love of God in the hearts of people sufficient knowledge regarding recognition of God is to be provided. In reality, those who are devoid of love and the recognition of God, they commit crimes and advance in tempo (stroke, pulse) of terrorism.

Therefore, it is fundamental responsibility of the United Nations and other important countries to educate people world wide in the real recognition of God.

Moreover, the Communist lobby, which still exists even today, also can be crushed (destroyed) with the help of this knowledge.

The atheists, who deny the very existence of the Creator, say that there is no Creator of the cosmos, however, it is an automatic process, this means, cosmos (universe) has automatically come into existence and has grown without the help of anyone, or any Creator. If you ask the atheists, has the wristwatch, on our wrist, automatically come into existence? No one other then a fool will accept that the wristwatch came into existence automatically or it came into being without a creator. The system of the watch is a brief and a simple one. When this small wristwatch, which has a non-complex system. This cannot come into existence automatically. Then how can one believe that the whole cosmos and Galaxies with the system so intricate (complex) and so wonderful and astonishing came into existence without a Creator. It does not appeal to mind and simply one can understand the stupidity of the person who does not perceive or does not accept the Creator of the cosmos. Nevertheless, reckoning (thinking) the large and enormous (huge) the whole cosmos we can consider a link and think how big, how great and how mighty is the Creator of the cosmos.

If the atheists, after having perceived the fact, do not accept the Creator of the universe then they are considered or thought to be fools. These atheists believe the matter to be the Creator of the universe. However, if matter is considered to be God then it has certain limitations, for example it has got no sense, no intelligence. Since the man is endowed (flourished) with intelligence, then how can the non-intelligent and senseless matter be the Creator or master of the man having intelligence and wisdom?

At least three characteristics (condition) are supposed to be possessed by a creator. First of all, he must have the absolute knowledge of the thing to be created. Second, he should have strength and power to do so. Third, the creator must have will power and determination for creation. Whereas matter is devoid of these characteristics as it does not have determination or will power, absolute knowledge and power or strength to maintain itself in one uniform shape (form).

As matter does not have the ability to maintain itself in one unit or form then how can it control such a big and enormous universe?

Those who believe matter as the creator are similar to the idolaters who accept idols as their Creator, Lord and Master thinking they can give them benefit and loss.

In this connection, we cite an incidence of a companion of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his progeny) Abuzar Ghaffari who saw, one day, the idol worshippers sitting outside the temple, their worship place, the idolators were looking very upset, down dishearten and disappointed. Abuzar inquired the cause of their being disheartened and upset, they answered, ‘an unfortunate dog has urinated on our god, the idol, due to which we are very down hearted’. Hazrat Abuzar smiled and told them vividly (sharply), ‘whom you consider as God cannot protect himself from the urination of a dirty dog so how can it protect you and deliver you to safety? Or how can it give you benefit? Therefore, those who think or consider the senseless and unintelligent matter to be creator are fools, because senseless matter can never be creator of an intelligent being like humans.

The Cause for the Reason of Existence of the Universe

Accepting the matter to be their God, the non-believer of God, accept matter as God, will be considered as fools as the idolaters (idol worshipper).

However, they uphold another scientific theory of ‘big bang’ that because of the greatest explosion the whole universe came into existence. Logically, even the explosion involves two things. First, someone or something is needed to be there to cause the explosion. Second, material is needed with which the explosion is likely to be caused. Then the question arises as to who created the material for the explosion? In this way, also the idea is confirmed that there is someone who can be considered as the Creator.

Let us look at it from other angle to make the concept crystal clear. For example, if a beautiful picture is hanging in front of us then someone may ask us about the painter that who painted it? If we say, ‘there was an explosion and the painting came into existence automatically. Is anybody going to believe us? Certainly not! Actually, anything spread in a certain room, after an explosion, will have no systematic arrangement.

However, looking carefully at the universe we find that everything is built up, and formed systematically. For instance, human beings inhale oxygen that comes through a process by which Trees and plants give out (emanate, expire) oxygen out. Otherwise, if the trees and plants do not provide us with oxygen then there will be no oxygen left whatsoever in the world. On the other hand, similarly human’s expire carbon dioxide, which is absorbed by the plants and trees. In turn, if plants and trees had not consumed the carbon dioxide then the environment would have been polluted. This brief example is a proof that everything in the universe that we find is arranged in a systematic way and is interrelated. In a round about way, we can say that the Creator of human beings is also the Creator of plants and trees.

As for as photography is concerned we need a camera and a film or a roll to put in it then we have to ascertain (determine) whether we want a colour film or black & white one, and make sure whose picture is taken, and light is also important. After having all these things available then we become successful in taking a desired picture.

Have you ever considered carefully the God given camera through which you take Millions and billions of photographs without using a single film or roll? That is the camera of eyes. If we claim this materialistic camera to come into existence by itself, no sensible person on earth will accept this logic. Then how sensible persons can believe our camera, the eyes, which are not man-made can be created by themselves. The eyes not only function in taking pictures but there are many wonderful and astonishing things about them.

 For example, in countries where weather is extremely cold like England, Europe, Canada etc and temperature goes below zero centigrade there people wear gloves on hands and socks and stocking on their feet and legs. Although hands and feet are the toughest organs compared to the eyes, which are most tender (delicate) organs of the body. Look at the wonderful arrangement, hands and feet of a person feel cold when exposed to cold whereas eyes do not feel coldness (chillness. If eyes feel coldness and the person covers it with some kind of bandage in order to protect it from the cold and harsh weather then it will become difficult for him/her to work.

Now the above example illustrates that God the Creator has put a great and peculiar (odd) system or organization in the human body. The function of the eye is to look and to see that is why, the eye does not get chilled or feel cold. Every child born in this world is a sign or proof of God, the Creator. You will never be in the position to show two persons similar or identical in all characteristics in fact, everyone has a different voice or sound, different fingerprints and also different DNA and RNA. Until today, not a single machine has been created that could make different products having different utility and different shapes means totally un-identical to each other. On the contrary, hundreds of millions and billions of people have born and have been created, but there are no two persons that are alike, this is a sign or proof of the existence of the Creator, God, the omniscient (aware) and the omnipotent (Almighty).

This world has not come into existence as a result of an explosion rather behind it, there is a definite will of God and He created a system through which the whole world has come into being.

There are numerous signs in the eye, for example, the famous scientist Newton has said, ‘I saw the system of the eye, and when I made a discovery on light, my intelligence was surprised and utterly astonished to find an absolute compatibility between the system of the eye and that of the light. If the slightest difference occurs between the two, the man would not be able to see and identify different colours. At that juncture (union), I admitted that there is only one and the same authority or entity that has surely created the eye as well as the light. Similarly, Newton investigated the inner system of ear and then did research on sound system. At his astonishment he found complete compatibility between the two. If there was no ramble arrangement between the eardrum and the sound system then man would not be in position to hear, in that case, he would not be able to comprehend it at all. At that point as well, his heart and mind admitted, accepted and acknowledged that there is a sole Creator. He who is the Creator of the ear is the Creator of the sound.

Likewise, in the human body, there are many orders, systems and arrangements. Everything we need in this world God has given us, like flexibility in our fingers without which they would be rigid making us handicap to hold anything. Many people do not give any importance to the thumb. But it has great importance in our life. You can experiment it, for example, try to open a button of your shirt without the thumb, certainly, you will be in great difficulty and would not be able to open it.


Therefore, in effect, any organ or part of the human body is not useless. Long time ago, in the early days of medical science, doctors used to say that appendix was a redundant, useless and an additional slight kind of an organ in the human body. Nevertheless, with fresh research it is been brought into the limelight that it is a very big gift or blessing of God as it gives resistance to the human body against cancer.

Beside the man, in the whole universe, there is an order, a system and an arrangement. As our world or the earth revolves around the sun and there are other planets as well which revolve around the sun, what a beautiful, wonderful and attractive system exists. Every planet revolves around its own orbit without moving out of it. If it comes out of its orbit then there would be havoc (destruction) in the universe. So clear and wonderful type of system we see around. It is affirmative to believe this kind of arrangement and order as a proof of an absolute Being, God, who is responsible to create such a system in the cosmos. Can we think of the entity, which created this kind of real cosmos? If this universe had come by means of an explosion then there would not be any form of order or system. As much as you investigate, as deep you investigate you will be more flabbergasted (amazed) to find smart systems from the tinniest (smallest) animals like ants to the gigantic (biggest) creatures such as elephants on the earth. Precisely (actually) every creature is embarked (permitted) with, ordered with and arranged with biological and ecological systems.

Thus, the order of the Universe is a sound argument, sign and the proof of the great and mighty Creator who has the absolute knowledge.

The Entity behind Motion

According to the scientific information of ‘action’ if anything is stationary it always remains stationary (stagnant). If anything is in constant movement then it always goes on moving. When any external force acts upon the stationary thing then it moves. For example, a small stone does not come into movement unless and until someone or something from outside pushes or acts on it. If there is a very big stone, boulder like, weighing thousands of tons, is to be moved or put into motion then that much energy will be required. If we had to put into motion a mountain then how much energy can one estimate. Now, there are thousands of mountains on the earth, to put entire mountains into motion, just imagine, how much energy is required.

According to the scientific theory, nothing on the planet earth or in the cosmos can move until and unless an external force makes it move. Therefore, we will have to acknowledge a great powerful force to be present in the cosmos. That sampling part of the Creator is responsible for moving many, many planets in the universe.

When the Prophet of God (peace be upon him and his progeny) put a question to an old woman whether she believed in God, she answered in affirmation. The Prophet of God (peace be upon him and his progeny) said, ‘if you believe in the entity of God what argument can you advance in this respect and what sign or proof do you have?’ The old woman, who was working on a handloom machine or weaving machine, removed her hands from the handloom and the machine stopped. Upon that she said, ‘this is the evidence and proof that the little handloom does not work until I make it work, then, certainly, there is a supreme being, God, who is responsible for moving and handling of such gigantic, colossal, and enormously huge cosmos’. It is He who makes it function and we see the sun and the moon rising and setting.

Cause and Effect of Creation

The Philosophical argument on the entity of God is that all things in this world are created for some cause and reason. Cause and effect are prerequisite or very important for the creation for example the son and daughter would not have been born without the father. Now here the father will be called illat (cause) and son will be called Mahlool (effect). Our cause is our father and we are the effect of the cause, our father. In this way, our father is our cause, and father's cause is his father and his father's cause is his father and if this process is multiplied then our grand-father's cause is our forefathers. It is just not possible that cause may go on and on at a continual repeated rate. For the reason, cause cannot go on continuing this process as to go and stop.

However, at a certain stage, one and first absolute entity will have to be accepted and will have to be admitted as the ultimate cause of the creation. Of course, the cause and effect of that absolute entity cannot be visible and possibly discernable.

Believers consider God to be the cause of creation of the cosmos or the universe. However, the materialists, those who do not believe in God, consider matter as the cause of creation of the universe.

Definitely, the cause of creation of the universe would be very much ancient or pre-historical.

In reality, the characteristics of matter are variable and do not remain constant. For example, matter is destructible; it declines and finishes as well.

Anything made of matter, with the passage of time, changes its volume, colour and entity, and eventually it gets destroyed. Matter, therefore, cannot be everlasting; it does not have eternity so definitely it will not remain intact forever.

All of the Universe can be paced on non-material things, characteristics of which can be everlasting and having eternity are devoid of changes and alteration. We have earlier discussed that matter does not have knowledge and wisdom and lacks will power. This logical argument amply proves a lot.

Towards creation of the universe, it is not the matter that matters but there is something beyond it which has no death and no destruction and that is very intelligent and omnipotent; and one of the signs have been tuned to all mankind.

The body of the man is made of matter. Gradually, the man grows old and aged as a result the limps and organs of the body become weak and at certain point stop working. Nevertheless, even if the person reaches the age of 100 years yet his desires and wishes do not get old, because all these human desires are related to the Soul or Spirit, which in reality, does not grow old because it is a non-material thing. Surely, in this life, Spirit being immaterial thing is dependent on the human body. So, whenever the Spirit departs from the human body then, eye cannot see nor ears can hear rather every organ of the body stops functioning.

In the same fashion, the entire materialistic world depends on one entity, which is not matter but God the Almighty.

Once the Great Scholar, the Sea of Knowledge Imam Jaffer-e-Sadiq (peace be upon him) was interrogated, "why is God not seen by our eyes?" Imam replied, "Not seeing God with the eye is itself a proof or evident of the existence of God." The naked eye can only see things, which are made of matter and God is pure and not at all related to matter.

The atheists object that why God cannot be seen by the naked eye? Or why He is not visible? In the world there are many thousands of thing that the eyes cannot see yet no one can deny the fact. For instance, feelings of some ones’ love or hate cannot be seen by the eyes. This is because the vision of our eyes is limited. Therefore, we cannot determine the existence and presence of anything on the basis of seeing with eyes. It does not appeal that something exists due to the fact that we see it with the eyes and deny its existence because we are not able to see it with the eyes. Hence, not to be seen by the eyes is not the proof that something does not exist, for example, the entity of God Who is not visible, does not signify that He does not exist.

It is already been discussed that the eye can only see things made of matter. The things that are non-material, and cannot be seen with the eyes, can be discerned by the human mind. To this end, if people intend to have some light of recognition of the entity of God then after attaining the primary recognition about God the relationship between God and man should be realized. Having established that God is the only Creator of the universe and all creatures including man, it should be acknowledged that all the boom and things that we receive, may come from a certain person, are actually sent to us by the Sustainer of the universe, God.

It is in human nature that they begin to love and respect the one whosoever is benefactor or kind to them. For example, you are thirsty in a jungle and someone gives you a glass or tumbler of water, you'll be thankful to him and you always remember and respect that person who helped you in the time of need. Just for a glass of water you will like or love him.

Let us take another example, God forbid if both of your kidneys fail you are struggling between life and death. In the mean time, a person donates a kidney to save your life, beyond any doubt, for rest of the life you will remember and be thankful to the benefactor and will cherish love and regard for the person because he/she saved your life.

In the way indicated, one needs to consider that God has given us two kidneys, two eyes, and a brain. God has bestowed other unaccountable blessings upon us. After recognizing all these graces one starts loving and respecting his/her Creator, the God. It so happens that we love our children and forget about God who blessed us with them. This means a kind friend sends us a very precious and costly gift, we like the gift very much but forget about him, or do not pay due regard to the sender. Genuinely, to be oblivious of God would be stupidity and ignorance on our part. In the similar way, to love children and forget to love God for the blessings He gave us, his ungratefulness on our part

Nature of Man

God Almighty has bestowed the man with many blessings so the God should be loved for His being so kind to them. However, the man has proved to be so selfish in loving gifts but forgetting the giver.

After being embellished with the ornaments of recognition of God the man can find an automatic process of love for his the Creator, God. Once the love for God is developed in the heart of a person then he/she will never resort (retreat) to doing cruelty to the fellow creature.

In order to end terrorism, it is a must to have human mind and heart filled with the Love of God. After the love of God, love of the Prophets and Saints, who are sent by God from time to time, also can help end terrorism as their teachings make people merciful and loving to fellow beings and encourage them to oppose cruelty Additionally, all those personalities who have sent out message of peace, love and tranquility, urge people to refrain from cruelty. Should be respected, even though they are not Prophets, yet they have given this message of love. Therefore, having introduced such kind of persons who have been beneficial to the community would amount to end of terrorism.

All human beings of the world have the same nature. Therefore, a research should be conducted at international level by some Educational Foundation and by determining the human natural trends (habits), terrorism, crimes, atrocities (badness) can also be eradicated (wiped out) of the human society.

In nature of the man there is an element of love and passion, due to lack of knowledge he/she goes astray by making no correct decision of how and who should be loved. Therefore, sometimes he/she fall victim to wealth, sometimes to beautiful person, and sometimes goes madly after the worldly status. In spite of all hectic (hard) efforts, he/she fails to get solace of mind and remains disgruntled (bad humor).

Now let’s consider natural love. Love and passion is a very important element in human nature. ‘Love is beauty, and beauty is the joy forever’ as Keats, a famous romantic poet believed in. In this regard, there is a great similarity in the nature of mankind. For example, if someone buys the most beautiful piece of cloth for personal use then immediately and intelligently will asks whether colour of the cloth will fade (faint) after washing. If the colour of the cloth is temporary and likely to fade away after washing then the buyer throws the cloth away or discards (throw away) it. Because the beauty he/she was attracted by is quite short-lived. Whereas instinctively (naturally) the beauty he/she loves is immortal (everlasting), which does not die. Even the beauty of the man fades away due to many types of skin disease such as leprosy (disease whereby the organs of the body decay and fall off).

It is the nature of human love to be drawn in by immortality as well as by loyalty. For example, a man likes to marry a pretty girl, but after being convinced of her marrying him just for the sake of his wealth as after getting divorce and taking half of his property intends to remarry someone else later, certainly declines from marrying her. Therefore, the intelligent man only loves those who will not be disloyal to him because it is a natural urge (force). Love is ingrained or embedded in human nature having two basic requirements: first, beauty must not be destructible but should be everlasting and second, beloved must not be infidel (unbeliever) but just loyal.

Actually, being the characteristics of God, these are not found in any modal human being. If there is an enhancement in the recognition of God through the knowledge of mystics, which only means the Love of God, one can see the light of beauty scintillating (sparkling) and can derive pleasure out of the scintillating love that he could perceive in his Creator.

The third element of love, which is been found in all human beings, is that they try to reach the apex of glory and want to attain extreme kind of perfection, in this world. It is not because of their lack of knowledge or the excess of knowledge rather they fail in recognition of the highest peak of perfection. Sometimes, under the influence of ambience, people consider wealth as the perfect ethics, fall in love with it, and join the race. In addition, if there is another set of surroundings under the influence of which people are very keen to attain knowledge at the highest apex; however, to attain the highest apex or goal we need a leader or a guide having the complete knowledge of the material world and the hereafter. Just Prophets and Saints, sent by God, can be expected to have that knowledge.

Therefore, in order to reach the apex of extreme perfection or to reach the goal, the primary need is to follow the teachings of the Prophets, whose advantages grow over the man escorting him/her safely to the apex of perfection. Having good stock of teachings and applying and utilizing that knowledge an effective end can be put to terrorism.

How to Eradicate Terrorism?

In putting an effective end to terrorism at international level, self-recognition, knowing own self, is vital without which people become the worst example of terrorism and spread it fanatically. They do not even consider as to why they have been created? What is the actual purpose of coming into this world? Moreover, where they have to go? Being devoid of the real object or paramount of life, such persons do not budge an inch and quite speedily create terrorism.

What is the self-recognition? It is the part of knowledge, which is related to man itself, regarding which the Holy Prophet of God (peace be upon him and his progeny) has said, "one who has complete recognition of own self then he/she has achieved the recognition of God."

What is man? What characteristic makes the man a man? Is human skeleton or body called a man? This can be plainly understood by the following example. Somebody told us that Joseph had died. We went to Joseph’s house in order to give our condolence. We found Joseph lying on the bed with his hands, eyes and all organs of the body in order. So we asked if Joseph was dead then who that person was. We were rebutted (rebuked) by the grieved people saying what were we talking about? They told us, ‘Joseph is not living any more. The body you see on the bed is Joseph’s dead body because he passed away leaving his material body behind. Everybody accepted the idea that it was not Joseph but the dead body of him.

It is quite explicit (clear) that the name Joseph quoted here is not attributed to the body rather to the Soul. We can also explain it in this way, when I say, ‘this is my hand for instance, but ‘my hand’ is not Me, ‘this is my arm, but ‘my arm’ is not Me, ‘this is my eye’ in fact ‘my eye’ is not Me. God forbid, if my arm is amputated, or cut off for some reason but I still live, I still exist. If I close my eyes and imagine myself having no arms, no limbs and no organs, even though I feel as a person I exist.

Therefore, name is given to real existence rather than human body, which is likely to decompose and perish. When I say ME, it cannot be expressed by means of any part of the body. ME here, therefore, stands Spirit of the person.

Often people having the self-recognition confined to their body go on doing all sorts of works and things only to seek momentary (a moment of) pleasure for the body failing to do something for their Spirit. Thus, all crimes including terrorism relate to the erroneous (incorrect) recognition of the self.

Achievement (obtain) of pleasure for this body. One has to resorts to inflicting pain on others. It is bodily pleasure for which he goes to the extent to committing a sin of rape and becomes a rapist. Further, thinking wealth can purchase more material pleasures for him, he devises (make) different ways of amassing (accumulating) more of it.

Following his ways he does not hesitate to loot and kill others indiscriminatingly (aimlessly), thus involves in multiple kinds of crimes.

However, after getting the real knowledge about the self that it is not his body but the Soul, which has the real existence, the man will perform activities closely related to the Soul. Because, body is like a robe for the Soul, which after sixty or seventy years, being worn out, is taken off means this dress or this body, in which the Soul resides, gets segregated (separated).

Therefore, working for bodily pleasure amounts to as if one spends life in embellishing his/her body only, which is decomposable and perishable. This also means that one is in servitude (slavery, bondage) of his/her body but not the soul.

When the real knowledge or recognition dawns on a person revealing the Soul as his/her real existence then he/she makes up mind to do all sorts of activities, which are beneficial for the Soul, the activities would be everlasting and indelible (erasable). The entire things based on mercy can give satisfaction to the Soul, but cruelty and injustice get the soul perturbed (upset).

If we peep (look) into history we will find that there have been top-class terrorists in the past, who for the sake of personal, bodily pleasures and worldly goals have put to sword numerous people without any justification and destroyed the cities and towns mercilessly and ruthlessly. Having done all kind of atrocities they just accomplished worldly goals and acquired physical and bodily pleasure.

It is been argued that all sort of oppression, crimes and atrocities are ascribed to one particular reason of such kind of people being completely and utterly ignorant of their ‘self’. When a person becomes an expert in self-recognition then he/she strives and puts in unremitting struggle to avoid all kinds of sins and be good others.

God has given human beings a very important title, the crown of all creatures means king of all creatures and bestowed those carnal or animal desires and lust (Nafs Amara) and the spiritual taste as well. The animals are only confined (limited) to lust for eating and mating.

The physical pleasures have limitations in their range as on crossing the limits instead of giving pleasure they become constant trouble. For example, eating too much makes one suffer abdominal disorders. In the similar way, not restraining from too much sex makes one prone to develop infectious diseases and other dangerous diseases such as Aids, Cancer Gonorrhea, Syphilis (caused by excess sex) and other similar diseases.

On the other hand, the Spiritual lust knows no limits as more you seek it more you become strong and healthy because it is absolutely harmless unlike the lust of bodily pleasure, which eventually result in different problems and difficulties. As the Spiritual taste increases and multiples, one can get more benefits from it. If in this world one develops an educational type of taste, a Spiritual kind of good pleasure, then the sense can be inculcated (warned gently) in people to avoid and refrain from all sort of bad things, as we do from diseases. We get inoculated in order to protect ourselves from serious diseases or we take curative protection from diseases, for example, we take malaria vaccine to avoid malaria in future. Similarly, if the Spiritual taste is developed at school and college level, it will act like a vaccine against terrorism. Therefore, in order to bring complete harmony in all sectors of the society the young generation should be taken up to stop terrorism right from the beginning.

Self - Recognition

So far as the recognition of self is concerned, bigger the scale of the recognition is, greater the distance between the Master and the slave will be. The man will maintain himself by keeping away from terrorism and cruelty only when he becomes certain that the real thing is Spirit or Soul, which is immortal and death is only been related to the physical body and does not affect the Soul.

In fact, it is the Soul of a person, which receives the effect of his/her entire actions or activities, performed with organs. The man performs cruel actions with his hands, which destroy eventually leaving the effect of deeds with the Soul that will never be effaced or wiped out because, as we said earlier, the Spirit is everlasting, enjoys eternity. Therefore, a good deed conducted with hands might take four to five minutes but its effects are everlasting. In the same way, for example, a licentious (vulgar) man profanes (treats) the chastity (purity) of a woman bringing a stigma (marks) on her character may enjoy the vicious act for few minutes, however, its aftermath effects are of abominated (detested) nature and indelible (inerasable).

If these things are revealed before man then the man will become conscious and shall refrain from committing crimes and sins.

As a matter of fact, on departing from this material world to the next world, Man does not carry any material wealth with him but the effects of his good actions, which are his real wealth and have more value. If in this world the volumes of ones crimes and sins are great then these sins, committed on this Earth, shall become a perpetual (continuous) torture for him/her in the world to come. On account, of good and bad effects, he/she is to get a permanent body and will accordingly receive reward or punishment.

In the span of sixty to seventy years’ time, no one wants his face to be spotted (stained) and disfigured or become horrible, means every one desires to remain beautiful though the life on earth is a short sojourn (dwelling) and this material body is temporary. However, the body we are going to have in the hereafter is eternal and will live forever. While we are living, it lies within our own power whether to stain our figure or beautify it because it comes into existence due to our good and bad deeds performed in this world.

By getting the self-recognition, a person, in due course of time, is likely to become very cautious and will act and react quite gingerly. Definitely he/she will keep a clean conscience pricking that the cruelty he/she is doing unto others may happen to him/her. This point is available in the teachings of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his progeny) that on the Day of Judgment or Day of Resurrection certain people, on account of being cruel and committing terrorism to others, will appear in shapes more ugly than the horrifying animals. Because the body, we get in the world to come, will be strictly related to the effects of the actions performed in this world. In addition, regarding terrorism and its aftermaths, it is very important to keep people aware of Day of Judgment when all the criminals and terrorists will be punished. In this world the criminals perpetrate all kinds of atrocities thinking they will save themselves or guard themselves from the clutches (grips) of the police. But on the Day of Judgment, it is unlikely for them to escape justice of God. Therefore, pondering over the Day of Judgment in loneliness can stop a person from committing blunders. This belief is ingrained (implanted) in the nature of human beings.

Aesthetic sense and love are two of the ingredients of human nature. Therefore, everyone loves beautiful things, which provide a unique kind of luxury or matchless kind of luxuries. As already mentioned that the extreme pleasure, after having which there are no sorrows, is unlikely to be obtained in this material world. It is preposterous to run after it for the life being subject to both happiness (glee) and sadness in this world. In fact, this world is full of diseases and various problems of which no one can claim to be free similarly no one can escape from death. Sometimes, in phases, beloved kith and kin, mother, father, brother or some other members of the family die inevitably one has to bear the pangs of separation. So, there are unavoidable problems and untold miseries which one has to confront with.

It has been earlier remarked that Rahat Mutlaq, which is the absolute pleasure. This is an extreme, which cannot be attained at any cost in this material life. The point is, when it is impossible to achieve the absolute pleasure then why after all this kind of germ has entered the nature of the man. When one feels thirsty, the remedy (cure) is to get it quenched (satisfy) with water. Thirst implies that the existence of water is certain. The thirst is a natural phenomenon; everybody has got this kind of thirst and everybody is ready to have it quenched.

In the way indicated, thirst of absolute pleasure proves that definitely a different world exists, which is devoid and emptied of any kind of pains and pangs, problems and diseases, which cause a lot of trouble to the man, and even of death. In all the Holy Scriptures and the teachings of all the Prophets, these things are been referred to explicitly. However, in order to attain the absolute pleasure one has to accomplish certain prerequisites. This means there is a big ‘IF’ before the man. That is, God will bestow the absolute pleasure only upon those who perform noble deeds in the material world, a temporary stay, which follows after death.

Therefore, the firm belief on the life after death checks and deters the man from committing gross blunders and sins which eventually become preamble to his difficulties.

The second argument regarding the Day of Judgment is that in this mundane (dull, routine) life, many people committing many atrocities and wicked things are not expeditiously been punished, some simply do not receive any treatment and go as freelancers.

On the other hand, people who all of their life remain pious and protect themselves from the filth of sins do not get any reward of their noble deeds. Therefore, it is quite naturally essential that there must be a world where the sinners and oppressors are efficiently and judiciously dealt with, and the oppressed and the pious people who perform noble deeds, must receive their reward. Because GOD is JUST, therefore, His Justice essentially will take place on the Day of Judgment in the next world where because of good or bad people will have their reward or punishment accordingly.