Romanian Nationalism Reloaded


The nationalists of United Romania Party (Partidul Romania Unita) held their first congress in Bucharest on January 24. On this occasion URP launched a patriotic platform of opposition to the liberal-globalist agenda of enslaving Romania  and of support for a  new economic and social model based on national interest and social justice.

The United Romania Party is a  new political formation whose rapid rise is largely due to its “enlightened nationalism” rooted in the common-good tradition and opposed  to  the nihilism of liberalism.   The Enlightened Nationalism  conceives the common good as a set of goods in which all members of society participate and whose distribution to one does not exclude the participation of others.  Unlike socialists and liberals, the United Romania Party believes that economic justice for all  is best achieved through a widening of ownership rather than artificially narrowing wealth. Thus the new economic model launched by URP  favours the growth of small businesses, the self-employed rather than “wage-slave” and the cooperative rather than transnational corporation. The key factor here is the “small, local   ownership”, the redistribution of ownership not the redistribution of wealth as in the socialist model.

The first URP congress marks a turning point in the Romanian political life. Officials from the Russian and Chinese embassies attended the event  while  The Romanian mainstream media gave it  the cold shoulder. The Soros sponsored “civic society” hysterically  opposed   the creation of   unarmed    patrol groups (“Vlad Tepes Patrols”). Announced  at the congress, the patrols were created   to boost  civic engagement among the youth and protect the meek from mafia.  Some Sorosistas  even asked the constitutional court to ban United Romania Party altogether.  The liberal  attacks cannot but  increase  even more the popularity of the new rising star of Romanian nationalism.