Chairman of Vatan Partisi (VP) Mr. Doğu Perinçek declared the resolutions of the Central Board of VP to “Referendum for Independent Kurdistan” Barzani announced for September 25, 2017.

Perinçek: We cannot be a witness to the referendum. Close the Gate of Habur!

1- The referendum attempt for the so-called “Independent Kurdistan” is, in fact, a part of U.S.A. and Israel’s plan to establish the Second Israel in western Asia. The Second Israel targets the regional states, world peace and the entire humanity. From the vantage point of our motherland, it poses a threat to the territorial integrity, national unity and domestic peace of our Turkey. “Independent Kurdistan” is only a dream. However, the very same plan will cause bloodshed in the region and serve for putting the Kurds at fire for American and Israeli interests. Turkey, all together with its state and nation, will never let the implementation of such a plan.

2- The AKP government is devoid of any serious sensitivity and determination. It does only keep making ordinary statements about the referendum attempt for “Kurdistan’s independence” and passively watching the process. No sanctions are the case, told the Presidential Spokesman on June 14, 2017. Furthermore, they are paving the way for the establishment of a Consulate General of Kurdistan, allowing the opening of a representative agency of Erbil in Ankara.

3- The representative agency of Erbil in Ankara must be closed down until the decision to hold a referendum for the independence of Kurdistan is revoked.

4- The Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq must be notified that unless they revoke the initial decision to push for a “referendum for the independence of Kurdistan”, the border gate of Habur  will be closed as a sanction. It must be granted a reasonable deadline. An initiative  must immediately start to open up a second border gate to sustain and further Turkey’s commerce and relations with Iraq and other western Asian countries.

5-. Negotiations must start with the Iraqi government pertaining to any common policy implementations. Any ensuing decisions must be announced publicly.

6- The Turkish government must urgently make deliberations to its neighbors including Syria, Iraq, Iran and Azerbaijan to discuss the future policies ad sanctions to be implemented. Most particularly, our relations with Syria must be normalized; the Turkish Embassy in Damascus must be opened. Turkey and Syria must initiate a discussion of measures, including common military practices, in order to protect and preserve the territorial integrity of the region.

We do announce to the Great and Honorable Turkish Nation with utmost regards.