Rebuking the "no-fly" zone myth over Syria


There is no formal "no fly" zone in Syria because that requires:

a) "grounding" the targeted air force by bombing their on-the-ground positions (hangers) like they did Libya and Iraq;

b) exercising continual air dominance over the targeted area with regular patrols; c) and proceeding to destroy all "enemy" ground units in the zone of operations, none of which has occurred because:

1) the Russian Aerospace Forces still have full dominance over the skies;

2) neither the Russian nor Syrian air force units on the ground in Syria have been targeted;

3) and the SAA is still in Hasakah and Deir Ez Zor.

The so-called "no-fly" zone would also infer that both Damascus and Moscow have ceded this portion of the country to the US, which also hasn't happened in the manner that Iraq did with the northern Kurdish region in the past.

Yes, there are sensitive de-escalatory steps being taken, but no, I don't believe that there is any "no-fly" zone in place such as the ones previously imposed over Bosnia, Northern Iraq, and Libya.