The real reasons of Davutoglu demission and the prospects facing Turkish foreign policy


On the issue of the resignation of Prime minister Davutoglu, I'd like to note that one of the most important US magazines, "Foreign policy”, titled this news as "America Loses Its Man in Ankara". Of course, Davutoglu was the one realizing the neo-Ottoman project. and his decommission will lead to a reorientation in Turkish foreign policy towards improving relations with its neighbors.

The present PM, Binali Yildirim, is a man who has lived whole his life in Turkey. He had no long residences elsewhere and did not study in the West. He is not involved in Western academic and political circles as Davutoglu was. He has his roots in Turkey.

The most decisive problem for Turkey now is the growing conflict with the United States of America. Today, Turkey is fighting against the PKK, which the US called has called  "a ground force". Just yesterday, the US ambassador John Bass called us to restart negotiations. Likewise in Syria, the US is supporting the transformation of Syria into a federation with the aim of establishing Kurdish autonomy in the North of the country, which is a threat to Turkish security. This would be a base for the PKK. Last week, I visited Damascus, where we met with high ranking authorities of the Syrian government. They all told us that the autonomous zone in the North of Syria would be a base against Turkey.

Thus, if Turkey wants to maintain Syria’s unity, it has to fight against this autonomous zone which is supported by the US. The main dilemma of Turkish foreign policy is how to resist America's plans to divide our country. How this will turn out depends on relations with Russia. If we fight the US as an opponent, then we need allies. And one of them is Russia. Other ones include Iran and Syria. Yesterday, Binali Yildirim declared that a new coalition between Turkey, Iran, and Russia could be realistic. We expect Turkish-Russian relations to improve due to our basic confrontation with the USA.

The West is pressing Turkey with the so-called "genocide" issue. Tomorrow, the German parliament will discuss a resolution concerning the Armenian genocide. They are trying to use Turkey to breach the Caucasus and diminish the influence of Russia on Armenia in exchange for more influence of the West. I think that the solution to problems in the Caucasus lies in excluding Western influence from the region and having all the involved countries - Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Georgia, and Armenia - meet. I think there are positive prospects for this to happen.