Putin-Trump: the long-awaited meeting for the whole world


In Helsinki, the historic meeting between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump ended. The atmosphere was quite laid-back, and there was a place for irony, which aroused the fury of the former CIA chief, who had already announced the betrayal of Trump.

Melania's outfit

The meeting between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump took place on a hot summer day. The heat, soaked to +28 degrees of heat, seemed to emphasize the whole degree of expectations and tensions that prevailed outside the Gothic Hall of the Palace of the President of Finland. This weather even surprised the American president's wife, who had flown in brown trousers and a light blue overcoat. Social networks immediately rushed to discuss the "inappropriate view" of Melania Trump, incidentally recalling the way she once walked on stilettos on the lawn.

Putin wasn't late

The meeting of the presidents was marked by a complete violation of the protocol. In Helsinki, Putin arrived late in 1.5 hours. However, at the very meeting, he appeared before his counterpart - a rare case for the Russian leader. Trump had to wait 20 minutes. Negotiations lasted longer than planned, took 2 hours 10 minutes - almost as many as the presidents spoke on the margins of the G20 summit in Hamburg. It is understandable, too many questions accumulated over the year: Syria, Iran, "cyber attacks", sanctions, Ukraine, arms control, etc.

Trump weighed every word

However, before leaving behind the "closed doors", the leaders of the two great powers held a "thumbs-up" for several minutes, conveniently sitting in armchairs. Of important statements, Trump's appeal to "get along with Russia" was remembered. Trump listened attentively to Putin, and spoke, carefully choosing words. Trump understood that journalists from "fake" news agencies would not miss the opportunity to grab any word to interpret it in their own way. Putin, against the background of his colleague, looked very confident, like an experienced politician, which Western journalists consider him to be. Putin recalled the various "problem points" in the world that were to be discussed, and Trump noted that in the United States and Russia 90% of nuclear arsenals are concentrated, and "this is not something good." The head of the White House in this part of the ceremony spoke almost 2-3 times longer than Putin as if trying to justify himself or deliver something of the utmost importance.

Atmosphere of friendship

Meeting in the hall of the Palace of the President of Finland, politicians walked to one another with their arms extended for a handshake. Trump calmly held Putin's hand, not trying to play "tug-of-war", as is often the case with EU leaders. In addition, the position of the hands at the moment of greeting is curious: Trump "from below", from Putin "from above". This sign language indicates that in this case, the owner of the situation was the Russian president, and the head of the "Oval Office" showed himself ready for compromises.

"The world has changed in four hours"

The main part of the summit was a briefing with journalists. According to Putin, the United States and Russia made "the first steps" to improve relations. An extremely important point, like the summit in Singapore. Inspired by the results of the meeting, Trump patted his counterpart on the shoulder and made it clear that it was time for diplomacy, and it was necessary to "seek common ground".

Israel is winning

Speaking of content, apart from the general intentions to achieve normalization, both leaders noted the need to coordinate the settlement of the Syrian conflict. Perhaps it was especially flattering to hear the local speeches here in Tel Aviv. Russia and the United States will guarantee the security of Israel after the operation for the liberation of the southern regions in Syria has ended. The requests of Benjamin Netanyahu did not pass without a trace.

The agreement on Israel is almost the only one that the presidents have voiced.

All questions through the court

The points of contact, in spite of the tricky questions of American journalists, were also noticeable in the so-called "Russiagate." Putin demanded that the prosecutors, instead of throwing bare pretensions, should solve the problem in court. He even offered to let the former FBI head Robert Mueller go to Moscow to personally interrogate all 12 agents, whom the US justice ministry had accused on Wednesday of hacking the Democrat's headquarters. In response, Putin expects that the US will give to Russian investigators the access to the "Browder case".

As a result

Trump said separately that he proposed to Putin "put pressure on Iran" and fight "radical Islam", which threatens the security of the two countries. Putin suggested that the United States, as a major oil and gas producer, jointly participate in the regulation of hydrocarbon prices.

Summarizing the meeting, which analysts have yet to digest, we can say that Helsinki is by good conscience becoming a place of detente between Moscow and Washington. However, many in the US did not appreciate the efforts of the two presidents to establish relations. The former head of the CIA, John Brennan, has already accused Donald Trump of high treason.