Premier Johnson Suffered First Defeat


The European Union rejected the main demand of the new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson - the revision of the Brexit deal. This was announced by telephone the head of the British Cabinet of Ministers, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

As stated in the press release of the European Commission, Juncker confirmed the position of the EU that the existing agreement is "the best and only possible deal." At the same time, the EC chairman pointed out that Brussels is “ready to cooperate” with Britain in changing the political declaration on future relations, which is not a legally binding document.

European Union position remains unchanged

Brexit’s chief negotiator for the EU, Michelle Barnier, was categorically opposed to the exclusion from the deal of the so-called “backstop” - the mode of stay of Northern Ireland within the EU Customs Union and the EU market, which Johnson insists on. He expressed confidence that London will not succeed in splitting the common position of the EU.

France’s demand quickly responded to Johnson’s demand - one of two EU “engines”. And also negative: Paris does not intend to revise the terms of the Brexit deal.

If the UK wants to leave the EU and wants to do it in an orderly manner, then the best we have is an agreement

- said today in the broadcast of the TV channel France 2, the Secretary of State at the Minister for European and Foreign Affairs Amelie de Montchalen. She recalled that this agreement was "the result of two years of work."

This is the European response to Johnson’s demand for the EU to “rethink” its position and make additional concessions in the negotiations. He threatened to cancel the agreement, according to which London should, in particular, pay Brussels for a “divorce” - as its initiator - 39 billion pounds sterling.

Why Johnson is a threat

The British prime minister claims that his country is “better prepared” for leaving the EU than many people think, and that as a result of this it will become “the best place on earth” by 2050. The leader of the British opposition, the head of the Labor Party, Jeremy Corbyn, expressed concern that Johnson strongly "overestimates" his strength, and this is very dangerous.

And this is true, and for all. The prospect of a “tough” Brexit without a deal, and by October 31, led to a record weakening of the euro in recent months, since not only Britain would suffer, but also countries of continental Europe, especially Germany, whose economy is export-oriented.

And yet these fears should not be exaggerated, because in fact the Conservative Party, which has split over the Brexit, does not have a real opportunity to get Parliament’s approval of the deal of former Prime Minister Theresa May with Brussels. And it will be all the more so if Johnson tries to tighten it.

In Brussels, they are now betting that Johnson and his government will “burn” for several months, and after the early elections, which demonstrators on the streets of London demand, the new authorities will change course, and you can forget about Brexit as a nightmare. Laborites, liberals, Scottish nationalists, some conservatives and several other small parties are opposed to Britain’s withdrawal from the EU. For - most of the Tories, the Brexit Party of militant Euroskeptic Nigel Faraj and several other minor parties. The majority of the population, according to polls, is now against. This train has already departed, and Johnson’s attempt to catch up with it is doomed to failure.

The most serious problem of today's Britain is that its elite has split over Brexit. The appearance of the outrageous clown Johnson on Downing Street, 10, seems to have been conceived, first of all, by the puppeteers of British politics so that this “abscess” would quickly break through.

In this, one can see the continuation of the “macronization” trend of the policies of Western countries, and at the same time a request to completely compromise and fail Brexit. Because globalists, whose interests are being enforced by the “philanthropist” George Soros, do not need a sovereign Britain with nuclear weapons and old imperial traditions in the world. They need a single global world under their power and with specific “values” that Johnson shares only partially, although he swears loyalty to liberalism. In fact, the role Johnson spelled out is different: to weaken the state, to parody the right and conservative values, to finally bury Brexit. And he copes with it well.