PM Johnson - Ready to ruin Britain


The warlike British euro skeptic Boris Johnson won a landslide victory in the election of a new leader of the ruling Conservative Party. As the results of the internal party voting announced today showed that 66.4% of the party members voted for the former mayor of London and the former foreign minister. For the current Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt - 33.6%.

This means that Johnson, as the leader of the Conservatives, will replace Theresa May as prime minister and will hold the first meeting of the new government on July 25.

In his speech, Johnson promised to get down to work without delay, naming three main goals: to embody Brexit before October 31, to unite the country, to defeat the leader of the opposition Labor Party Jeremy Corbin.

This premiership promises to be stormy and brief and end in disaster. Since Johnson, most likely, will not be able to accomplish any of the stated goals, as described below.

Why Johnson

No one, in fact, had any doubt that the winner in the race would be Johnson, who in Britain is simply called Boris.

Public policy in the West has finally and irrevocably turned into a farce. Therefore, in the struggle between the smart conservative foreign minister Jeremy Hunt and the “charismatic” Boris, a member of parliament, who won the race for the post of conservative leader, the latter won. And he became prime minister - as Napoleon re-emperor of the French 100 days before Waterloo, which in the case of Johnson would be Brexit.

And this is not at all because Boris is a relative of Queen Elizabeth II, and Hunt is only the son of an admiral. Because “charisma” in the public sphere today means more than the mind.

Boris, from the point of view of the average man, is a cool man, with whom all sorts of funny stories are constantly taking place. His directness and spontaneity is similar to the inhabitants of pubs and football fans, although he is a graduate of the elite Eton College, in which 19 of 54 British premiers attended, now 20.

Politically, of course, this played a role, since approximately half of the Tory parliamentarians were studying in private pay schools. By the way, Boris also studied at the European School in Brussels, where his parents worked, one of several elite educational institutions of the European Union, which the current head of the German community, Ursula von der Leyen, who was also European officials graduated from in the EU capital.

As you can see, in terms of status, education and social connections, as well as the ability to please a very common category of commoners, Boris is ideally suited to be the leader of Tories and the British prime minister.

What is wrong with Boris?

However, there are a number of reasons why his premiership will cost the country a lot of money, strike a blow to prestige, lead to a split in the Conservative Party and a catastrophe in the next elections, which will put an end to Boris’s political career.

Firstly, Brexit at any cost, which Boris intends to achieve in spite of everything, is no longer possible. Through the British Parliament several times failed to pass the soft version of the gap with the outgoing Prime Minister May from the EU. And even more so, the hard version will not pass.

According to the decision of the Supreme Court, the government cannot launch Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty on the EU without the approval of Parliament. For this decision voted 11 judges, three - against. This was the response of the highest court of the United Kingdom to the appeal of the government against the decision of the High Court of London, according to which the 50th article cannot be launched without the consent of the House of Commons. Therefore, Johnson will not be able to implement Brexit until October 31, even if he tries to take advantage of parliamentary holidays to do it through the heads of deputies.

July 25, the parliament goes on vacation and will return only on September 3. Then, before the deadline set by the EU - October 31 - will be less than two months, and the new negotiations on this issue with London in Brussels are being refused. There is also a parliamentary decision, according to which the government should report to deputies on the measures taken to return to the normal functioning of the executive in Northern Ireland, where it is not possible to form a regional government.

Meanwhile, the withdrawal of the kingdom from the EU will have serious consequences for Ulster, and therefore it will not be possible to “freeze” or somehow bypass the parliament Johnson. It is clear that he will not be able to “overclock” the House of Commons or shoot it from tanks. England is not a country where dictatorship is possible.

Secondly, the threat of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU has already inflicted billions of dollars in damage to the national economy, led to the flight of banks and companies to the EU countries, the loss of jobs and the rise in prices. Johnson’s firm and resolute intention not to leave a stone unturned for the sake of leaving the EU and creating a mythical “global Britain” in the absence of a profitable trade deal with the US and the threat of American takeover of the British economy, which in some areas, especially financial, competes with the US, will lead to further losses. The damage figures, depending on who thinks, vary. But they are impressive, as well as forecasts of a slowdown in economic growth, serious budgetary problems, and threats to public order in the case of Brexit.

Third, the Euroskeptic Johnson’s premiership is fraught with further aggravation of relations with the EU. Boris constantly assures that he does not intend to yield to the EU in anything, whereas his leadership believes that it has already gone to the British for big concessions. The EU is not ready to offer London generous conditions for leaving the community, so as not to create a dangerous precedent.

Fourth, Johnson’s attempts to bring Britain out of the EU, especially by dishonest methods, will lead to the collapse of the United Kingdom, because Scotland has already stated that it is not going to leave the community.

What does this mean?

All this means that on the way to the goal of leaving the EU, the Tory government will have to go to early elections, which will become a new referendum on Brexit, or agree to a second referendum. Laborites are suitable for both, because they have good chances to win an election or beat Brexit in a referendum. Especially in the context of a split in the Conservative Party about the options for parting with the EU and the loss of Tory popularity - in favor of the ardent supporters of Brexit, supporting the two parties associated with the EU’s irreconcilable enemy Nigel Faraj. Therefore, the fifth guaranteed “achievement” of Johnson for his premiere term promising to be short is the split and weakening of his own party.

It is clear that in these conditions, nothing but the defeat of the conservatives in the upcoming elections is waiting for. Because most Britons now, realizing what this really means, are opposed to Brexit. The latest polls are already fixing a 10 percent gap between supporters of EU membership over his opponents. Many British and especially Scottish people will be happy to vote for Labor, liberals (these have always been against Brexit) or Scottish nationalists who will save them from such a perspective.

So Tories and Johnson are guaranteed to get their Waterloo, and Britain is another powerful blow to their reputation. England will appear before the whole world as a country that has seven Fridays of the week and lacks the courage to part with the EU, mainly due to mercantile considerations. Conservatives, who in many respects are not much different from liberals, of course, will not disappear anywhere. But Boris will pay for this catastrophe with his political career, as well as May for the failure of the soft Brexit. Therefore, Napoleon from Boris will only get a caricature. But Britain as a result of all this uncertainty can really suffer greatly.