No more "Gentlemen's relationship" between Russia and Israel


If to name the most important, the main consequence of the Israeli provocation with the Russian reconnaissance Il-20, which led to the death of 15 high-ranking military specialists and the loss of an aircraft with super-secret equipment, this is the final loss of confidence, the end of the "gentlemen relations" between Russia and Israel in the Middle East.

It is no longer so important that it was: the deliberate firing of a Russian reconnaissance aircraft by the Israeli F-16 fighters against the Syrian air defense or a "chain of tragic accidental circumstances". Russian President Vladimir Putin, for example, supports both versions simultaneously. Despite accusations against Tel Aviv of the Ministry of Defense of Russia and attempts to transfer arrows to the Syrians "grieving" on this occasion by the Israeli military department, 15 dead Russian military and a unique intelligence complex, eyes and ears of the Russian group in Syria, no longer return. The Russian military will take revenge.

The most important thing now is the other - the relations between Russia and Israel on the initiative of the latter are completely different. Of these, the element of trusting and gentlemanly behavior completely disappears.

Israel deliberately violated the "rules of the game", struck below the belt.

The Israelis have long ago given themselves the right to shoot Syrian warplanes in Syria's sky, especially if they bombed the terrorists they need. Now they have prepared the same fate for the Russian aircraft, which, according to Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, observed the Syrian Idlib.

Until the recent incident, in accordance with the existing system, it was agreed that Israel would not undertake any actions in Syria that could endanger Russian troops, "and this mutual understanding was violated. Now, because of their actions, Israel may lose access to the Syrian sky, and therefore, the opportunity to strike at the positions of the pro-Iranian forces in Syria. But we will not run ahead, we will soon find out.

Why did Israel betray Russia?

And now it remains to answer the last question: why Israel, whose prime minister flies to Moscow almost more often than to Washington, decided to take this step, to the slap in the face of Russia? After all, Netanyahu knew perfectly well what risk in the country, half of whose population speaks Russian and considers Russia his second homeland.

Israel could do this only in one case: if Washington urged it very strongly. It was not possible to organize a "fake chimical attack" in Syria thanks to the Russian-Turkish agreement on Idlib. Therefore, it was necessary to urgently aggravate the situation when the Americans, their European and regional allies and vassals were all ready to deal a powerful blow both with Syria struggling with terrorists, and with all the maps of Russia that came to her aid and mixed them. The goal is to force Russia to a tough response in conditions when Moscow can not really count on even Ankara's loyalty.

What's happening?

In fact, we see how, before our very eyes, one country after another - Britain, Switzerland, Israel, even Greece - is included in a campaign organized by Washington for unprecedented pressure and attempts to bring Russia to its knees. For this reason, Israel, which is the strategic bastion of the West in the Middle East, despite its special relations with Russia, decided to play up to the United States.

Perhaps the calculation here is on what Russia will endure. But this, alas, will only mean one thing: tomorrow American friends will ask Israel to destroy three Russian planes. Therefore, Russia now requires almost impossible: to come up with how to roughly punish insidious Israelis without negative international consequences for themselves.