New Wave of Massacre in the US


The first weekend of August in the United States was overshadowed by mass executions, as a result of which 29 people were killed and dozens were injured. In less than a day, shooting was opened at unsuspecting people at once in three places.

Manifesto and Carnage

On the morning of August 3, a 21-year-old guy named Patrick Crusius opened fire at a Walmart store in the Texas city of El Paso. The victims of the shooter were 20 people, more than 20 were injured. Among the injured are three children, one of them is four months old. The attacker was detained. At the same time, the media reported that there could be three shooters, and two managed to escape from the police. Later reports appeared that the police detained another man, but it is not known whether he was directly involved in the shooting.

Crusius' alleged motives are contained in a manifesto, which he published on the Web shortly before the massacre. Four pages of racism and hatred against immigrants. The criminal also said that he endorses the ideas of a terrorist from New Zealand Christchurch. On the records from surveillance cameras it is clear that he carried out his attack with headphones and with an automatic rifle. It is already known that at least six of the dead are Mexicans.

Crusius now faces the death penalty, because Texas is one of 29 American states where the moratorium on it is lifted. District Attorney Jamie Esparza has already announced that he will seek the death penalty for the shooter.

In less than a day ...

On Sunday night, 24-year-old Connor Betts began shooting at visitors to the shopping and entertainment area in Dayton, Ohio. Nine people became his victims, another 27 were injured of varying severity. Unlike Crusius, Betts did not survive, as he was killed on the spot by law enforcement officers. They managed to eliminate the shooter, despite the fact that he was wearing body armor. Mayor Nan Waley told reporters at a briefing that the police responded to the signal in just a minute. According to her, the motives of the shooter are still unknown.

One of the eyewitnesses of the shooting told some details of the tragedy in social networks. According to him, the attacker was carrying an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, body armor and special protective headphones. The author of the post claims that the offender was trying to get into the bar, but his weapons were taken away, and subsequently he was shot dead by a police patrol nearby. Other eyewitnesses described the attacker as a young white man wearing a dark hoody. According to them, the attacker continuously fired from his weapon for 30 seconds.

And one more terrible detail. According to NBC, Connor Betts' sister and friend were found dead in a car. According to sources in the law enforcement agencies, both were shot dead. Other details have not yet been given.

Later that night, unidentified men opened fire on people in a Chicago park in Illinois. Seven people were injured, one of them is in critical condition. The attackers managed to escape from the scene of the crime. According to some reports, the firing was from a Chevrolet Camaro car.

Trump called the reason

As for the American president himself, he has already announced his speech regarding what happened on Monday morning. Trump has already managed to discuss the situation with the head of the FBI, Christopher Ray, the head of the Justice Department William Barr and several senators. He told reporters that ways to prevent such tragedies in the future due to mass executions of people were discussed.

Trump also stressed that the shooters from Texas and Ohio are “mentally ill people” and it was their mental illness that caused so many deaths. When asked how he intends to solve the “weapons problem,” the US president noted that the current administration has done more in this regard than the previous ones, but “more needs to be done.”

Democratic populism in action

Meanwhile, Democrats immediately rushed to attack Trump. So, a potential presidential candidate Bernie Sanders harshly criticized the incumbent head of state and the Republican Party. According to the politician, Trump and his associates are not fighting enough with “internal terrorism”. Moreover, it was precisely the numerous statements by the head of the White House directed against immigrants that Sanders called one of the reasons for the pervasive “dangerous culture of fanaticism”. The representative of the Democratic Party called on the president to stop racist rhetoric permeated by an atmosphere of violent extremism.

This is not the first time that Trump’s opponents have blamed him for the fact that, thanks to control of the Congress, Republicans are acting in favor of the arms lobby in the person of the National Rifle Association. Democrats advocate restricting the sale of weapons by law. And now they say that massacres such as those in Texas and Ohio will continue as long as Trump heads the White House.

However, it is quite difficult to imagine that such ideas can be put into practice in the States, because the second amendment to the American Constitution guarantees the right to own and bear arms. Yes, the account of incidents with mass shooting in the USA in 2019 went to the 26th dozen (Chicago - 252nd), but the Americans, as they say, are used to living with weapons. American culture is, in principle, a rather controversial concept, but it is precisely weapons that have long become its immediate part.

In addition, the FBI study showed that over the past three years, the largest number of executions took place in California, the state with almost the toughest weapons laws in the United States. In Texas and Ohio it is pretty similar. It also turned out that the mass murderers do not have any single motive for committing crimes, while most of the shooters suffer from mental illness.

According to statistics cited by The New York Times, the US population is approximately 4.4% of the world. At the same time, 42% of all world weapons are in the hands of the country's inhabitants. Even if you imagine that the Democrats will be able to further restrict access to weapons to the population, tens of millions of trunks will remain in their hands - an attempt to seize them will be a flagrant violation of the rights of Americans and will provoke unpredictable consequences.

Therefore, such statements, like what Democrat Sanders made, are purely populist in nature. But there is a downside. What was prescribed in the main document of the United States 230-odd years ago as a guarantee of the possibility of protection, has now become a way of massacres. Times have changed, and the Americans somehow have to live with it. However, not everyone supports the Republicans in this matter. Rallies demanding amendments to the law on weapons in America are no longer rare.