NATO's aggressive provocations against Russia


At the moment, Finland is a neutral country and is not planning to become a member of NATO. Up to 80% of Finns do not support Finland’s membership in NATO. So it is clear that Finland will be neutral in the future along with Sweden. Sweden’s decisions to large extent depend on Finland’s position. Both of our countries are going to keep the neutral position. On the other side, NATO and the USA are doing everything to put pressure on Finnish authorities to make them support membership in NATO. To this end, they are suggesting bilateral defense agreements. Recently, Sweden signed a bilateral defense agreements with the USA, Great Britain and Denmark. Now, Finland is ready to sign the same agreements. This is the means by which Finland can be pulled closer to NATO. We have to define whether Finland is neutral or a friend of NATO.

The citizens of Finland reacted very positively to the visit of Vladimir Putin. According to the media, 83% considered the visit a positive step in Finnish-Russian relations.  Only 2% of Finns have a negative attitude to this event. Actually, this can be linked to public attitude towards NATO.  Finland wants to be neutral. But, unfortunately, there is no way to hide from the hybrid war that the USA is waging against Finland and Sweden. While the majority of people are against NATO, the media is promoting pro-NATO and pro-American views. This is our greatest problem – we don’t have independent media. The USA wants to conquer the most important positions in Europe against Russian Federation, and Finland itself is the most important bridgehead against Russia. Nazi Germany used this position in 1939 to attack the Soviet Union. NATO wants to do the same, to use Finnish territory against Russia. At this moment, the main interest of NATO is to provoke Russia all the time and everywhere –on the land, in the sea, and in the information sphere.  At this moment, they are doing this in the Baltic states and in Poland. But they need Finland and Sweden as well. This summer, Finland was already used during military rehearsals. We had American fighters, tanks and marines in Finland. This was clearly a provocation against Russia. This is the main interest of NATO and the USA in the world.