Montenegrins will not allow involving them in anti-Russian alliance


NATO has formally invited Montenegro to join the military alliance. But, did they ask Montenegrins? Igor Damjanovic, a journalist, answer the question.

The entry of Montenegro into NATO, at any cost, is a strategic planning of foreign policy of the USA on the Balkans. Complete control over a situation in Montenegro is necessary issue for the United States. Thus, last year the U.S. Embassy has supported the split inside two largest opposition parties in Montenegro - The democratic front of Montenegro and Democratic Party of Socialists of Montenegro . After the split, new political groups do not express any official opinion on the point of entry in NATO. At the same time, they continuously repeat that this question does not matter. This way they are trying to reduce future discontent about the accession to NATO.

Milo Đukanović is going to add the question about association to the agenda of Parliament of the country. He wants to avoid a national referendum at any cost.

Milo is supported by the foreign western countries, firstly- the USA. He is allowed to do anything. He can commit an economic crime against the people of Montenegro, can even hold illegal elections. Moreover, The West will support it.

We, the people of Montenegro, are very dissatisfied with this direction towards the NATO. It does not match with our strategic interests. It does not correspond with our history. We always were counterparts with Russia. The people of Montenegro will not allow Đukanović to involve us in this anti-Russian alliance.