A Merger of Monsters: Bayer buys Monsanto for $66 billion


The German chemical and pharmaceutical giant Bayer has bought the world's largest producer of genetically modified products, Monsanto. After several months of negotiations, the total value of the transaction amounted to $66 billion, an increase of $4 billion over the previous offer from Bayer.

Penetrating Europe

Some experts have pointed out that this transaction is the next step in the process of infiltrating European markets, and in particular the German market. Bayer is one of the largest companies in Germany which can lend a positive impact to the image of Monsanto and significantly strengthen the position of GMO-producer lobbyists in the Old World.

Manufacturers of poisons and drugs

Thanks to Bayer's efforts in the early 20th century, heroin became a popular remedy for coughs and was freely sold in pharmacies. Monsanto has been associated with the supply of saccharin for Coca-Cola and the herbicide "Agent Orange" which was used by the US military in Vietnam to destroy guerrilla infrastructure. Decades after the conflict, the country still continues to experience a high percentage of children born with congenital genetic defects. Researchers around the world have shown that the reason for such is the poison created by Monsanto. 

The best enterprise for perverts

According to a study of the human rights organization, Human Rights Campaign, in 2014, Monsanto was recognized as one of the best companies for LGBT representatives to work with. This rating was based on such indicators as the active position of the company's management on the subject, compliance with health insurance program requirements for transgender people and other kinds of homosexuals, and the corporation’s participation in the promotion of sexual perversion projects.