Marine Le Pen’s latest salvo against Macron


While the specter of a “black September” – predicted by one of the historical figures of Yellow Vests, Éric Drouet – hovers over the government, Marine Le Pen blasted “the arrogance of leaders and class contempt”, in Hénin-Beaumont, on Sunday, September 8.

According to BFMTV, the leader of the National Rally was directly targeting the “anti-democratic drifts” of a government whose violence will be the “indelible mark of the five-year rule by Macron”.

The worst political mistake of Emmanuel Macron, according to Le Pen, is that he “turned the French against each other”.

The daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen believes the French are being cheated by the denial of the ideological reality of certain acts: “Not a day happens without tragic news and many events this summer have brought us back to this endemic violence. (…) Assuming that these barbaric criminals act only out of folly, and not as everything suggests, for politico-religious reasons, I say: France is not the land of psychiatric asylums!”

It was a barely veiled reference to the attack on a Marseille school, on September 6, where two staff members were injured in an Islamist attack. Authorities however described the attack as a “mental” case.

Steeve Briois, vice-president of RN and mayor of d’Henin-Beaumont, said his city could become an example for the rest of France: “The goal is not to be the only city, but to become a bridgehead in the Pas-de-Calais,” he was quoted by French daily Le Monde.

For the coming Municipal elections in 2020 the theme was announced by Marine Le Pen as “the encroaching barbarism of society” against a backdrop of “uncontrolled immigration”. She said the “municipals will be an opportunity to place security at the heart of the public debate”.