Macron threatens to destroy the Schengen Agreement


The system of open borders in the EU, which serves as one of the main symbols of a united Europe, should be changed. Such a radical idea was voiced by the leader of one of the main countries of the community - French President Emmanuel Macron. Against whom is this initiative directed and does it have any chance of being realized?

A statement by the President of France, containing a "plan of salvation", was made public on April 25. This was followed by a press conference, the first in a two-year Macron’s term in power. It was here that the proposal "to reduce the Schengen space" was made.

According to Macron, the number of those who need to be reduced should include states that do not want to participate in the distribution of migrants. Migrants, we recall, come mainly to the richest countries of the EU, as well as the countries of Southern Europe - who want to send them to other EU members. And not all EU countries are happy about this.

Most obviously, this unfriendliness (that is, the desire to preserve the authenticity of the nation) is shown by Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. These countries created the so-called Visegrad Four, which declared its disagreement with the policy of proportional distribution of refugees across the Community countries. Austria in 2016 also closed its borders for illegal immigrants trying to move to its territory from other EU countries. Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia expressed concern that they would not be able to provide redistributed refugees with an economic standard of living, and indeed “they know little about Arab and African cultures.

At one time, British Prime Minister David Cameron repeatedly spoke of the need to “carry out migration reforms” in the European Union in order to limit the movement of foreigners. The reluctance to allow Arab-African illegal immigrants to come is one of the reasons why the United Kingdom decided to leave the EU.

At first glance, the initiative of the French President carries a violation of one of the four main principles of the freedoms of the European Union, namely the freedom of movement of persons. And if you look more closely, it turns out that it has a negative effect on the other three - the freedom of movement of goods, services and capital. That is, the French proposal looks to the EU as an invitation for self-suspension.

The invasion of migrants from North Africa and the countries of the Middle East in recent years is so powerful that the prospect of Christian Europe being absorbed by Muslims looks like a real threat. The voices of the ultra-right parties, which stand for national identity of the EU member states, are heard louder and louder every day. The support of these political organizations by the population is also growing, which is bound to disturb the elite ruling in the European Union. Especially considering that only a month is left before the elections to the European Parliament.

Migran card must be played now, tomorrow will be too late. But you have to play it slyly. And in this perspective, the idea of ​​Macron seems to him a logical political step.

It would seem that blocking the access of illegal immigrants to the EU countries is a technical matter and is easily solved. It is necessary only, as the vice-premier of the Italian government Matteo Salvini does, to prohibit vessels transporting refugees from entering the Mediterranean ports - the majority of newcomers get to the Old World by sea. But just this is problematic: illegal immigrants set off from the Libyan shores in fragile inflatable boats. They expect to be saved by the ships of various NGOs that are on duty in the Mediterranean precisely for the purpose of gathering immigrants.

Noble mission. How NGOs earn money on this is a topic for another conversation. And now it is necessary to state: the illegals picked up in the waves must be lowered to the ground in the nearest port.

So, in order to prevent newcomers to the territory of Europe, they should be stopped even in Africa. The idea in Brussels was already heard, discussed, but the money for the project in Libya, Syria, and Turkey has not been allocated. And the aliens are all arriving, and they have to go somewhere. Only one way out - redistribution within the EU.

But what to do if inside - rebellion and disagreement? Dissenters should be punished. And while somewhere in the Brussels tops are thinking about what to do, Monsieur Macron comes up with the brilliant idea of ​​reducing the Schengen space by excluding from it those states that do not want to accept their share of migrants.

It is unlikely that this will be implemented. And if it does happen, there are strong doubts that this will help the European Union.

The initiative to reduce the “space without borders” can be submitted as a concern for the non-admission of potential terrorists to France. By redistributing these dangerous people to other countries who, fearing exclusion from Schengen, should be happy to take on the maintenance of uninvited Arab-African guests (who in general do not intend to live in poor European countries). And if there are no boundaries, it will not be difficult for them to move to the land of the ancient Franks and Gauls. But the population of France will understand this fact not now, but later. And Macron's rating is intact. And even, maybe, rises.

The reduction of the Schengen space is a shot of the European Union in its own leg. In fact, an attempt (although perhaps unconscious) to push new states to the idea of ​​an “exit”.

But as a PR move, this is very good for the French president. Especially at the time when the leadership of Angela Merkel pales and the place of the de facto head of the European Union (not to be confused with the post of head of the European Commission) should be filled by someone.

Schengen is not the gingerbread, for which the same Visegrad Four is ready to sacrifice its national dignity, therefore, the migrant burden on other states will not diminish at all. And the general flow of refugees to the “European paradise for happiness” will not disappear either. So the Macron proposal is an empty sound. But loud.