Lumpen-proleteriat, so-called 'elite'


As countdown for the Obama's administration in White House started, it is obvious that the beasts are unleashed and the Atlantists' destroying machinery has no intention to stop. Various branches of unleashed mercenaries and sickos are globe-trotting, hoping to save all the problems, create new and wait for the orders from sicken bosses to cause some more atrocities. 

And, that is why Obama got Nobel Prize for Peace in advance. That he can bomb in peace and for peace. Although, there was peace in Syria when Obama decided that Syria needs peace. Once a warmonger got some prestigious prize, it is written on his forehead that he is winner of the prize and he can continue warmongering. Maybe some people sometimes got it for peace, really. But, even Nobel was not some peaceful guy, he engineered some of the tools of warfare. So, everything comes to its place – the prize finally started to go to right hands or, Nobel Prize Committee uncovered finally its real nature. Every normal person should reject this, literary, bloody prize. It became especially disgusting, since the Nobel Prize for Literature for this year is given to Robert Zimmerman, a.k.a. Bob Dylan, one of the main CIA musicians from '60s to today, recruited for all the wrongdoings connected to promotion of narcotics, riots, pacifying anti-establishment movements, anti-war movements or any kind of social 'alternative' which was against prescribed state policy, but not prescribed by the state.

At the end of the day, Obama's administration is just an executive group of Atlantist's military-industrial complex and its role was nothing else but to maintain wars, clashes, terrorist attacks, assassinations, 'civil wars' and economic exhausting of countries and states in order to maintain power.

And, in circles, again: waging wars raises fear, maintaining power by wars and fear makes ruling durable and the inertia of military-industrial complex continues successfully. Maybe Obama also gets some fake or edited footages in the morning, from Hollywood. The same goes for the rest of the deranged all over the world. They look like they've just fallen to their heads from some other concept of life in which bombs bring peace in the places where there was no war when those lunatics decided to bring peace. All of their attitudes look more insane than any dictatorship, ever. There have been endless examples of different kind of wrongdoings of entire state apparatus in the USA, both within and outside the country. Outside the country means the epicentre of sickos and progenies of incestuous 'elite' – London.

But, the last USA presidential elections disturbed (at least, a bit) that, centralized, but still, distributed chaos worldwide. The structures of powers did not want to see what was coming. Or even better, they are trained not see what is coming, because system itself works, and they are its lumpen-proleteriat. Those bastards might have billions of bloody dollars, being well-positioned, but it still does not change the fact of their lumpen-proleteriat mentality. It looks like global lumpen-proleteriat will not be able to do much in future, except for the destructions. Their major enemies are common sense and consciousness. So, they will inevitably fail, sooner or later.

Lumpen-proleteriat is violent, undefined, uneducated, stupid, allowing to be used as idiot, but still self-centred and ego-maniacal about its role and importance. Lumpen-proleteriat does not understand social structuring and it also does not understand what and how classes in society are arranged and how society functions – they may be hearing about it somewhere, somehow, but, lumpen-proleteriat does not need and does not want to know anything. It is just a horde. Lumpen-proleteriat often acts delusional. Its main partner in production of false reality are mainstream media, financed from the same sources as lumpen-proleteriat in power. Its system of values does not exist, nor exists its approach and attitude toward anything – as being unable to even understand the concept of value. 

For lumpen-proleteriat, there is no difference between quality and quantity as separate categories. It is all blurred by mass un-consciousness imposed from outside, because there is no inner substance in lumpen-proleteriat to start from. Lumpen-proleteriat likes to call itself elite and this is the first sign that there is something very wrong with them. 

The only value which lumpen-proleteriat can produce or multiply is something very material or, more precise, its only outlined value is price, written in numbers. Lumpen-proleteriat is not able to see further than their noses, even if they are Jews and have very big noses. There are no boundaries for contemporary lumpen-proleteriat which besieged public administrations, armed forces, legal or law enforcement departments, not to mention any business sector. Lumpen-proleteriat actually besieged the state mechanisms and apparatus throughout world. Apart of media, the other helpful machinery of lumpen-proleteriat is called marketing and advertising. They help with “creative campaigns”, they misuse symbols, faith, habbits, human values, they lie, deceive, cover up crimes with their sterile and shiny campaigning. While BBC shows children programme with Jimmy Savile full of shiny commercials, Jimmy Savile molest vhildren. While National Geographic makes editorial on Bashar al-Assad presenting him as a great guy, the war on Syria has been prepared. While CNN broadcasts ads about Macedonia as great tourist destination, George Soros is waging revolution of different colours in there…

If lumpen-proleteriat was not used as raw force, it would never come across its tiny mind that it deserves 'something more'. Lumpen proleteriat is created in the games of social engineering, as display of some ideologies and theories, as vanguard for eugenics. Lumpen-proleteriat was created by un-rooting people from their roots, not re-rooted again, but thrown away in the new jungles, created in the processes of staged clashes, social unrests, industrialization, financial “depressions”, educational deceptions and, of course, wars. Lumpen proleteriat is being built from people of different backgrounds and roots - like the United States. That is why United States were the most fertile soil for the development of bizzare powers. Having no history and tradition of its own, United States have to produce it. But, it is not such an easy task as it looks like to ignorant and snobbish lumpen-proleteriat. They became the perfect human weapon in the hands of blood-thirsty, centuries long communion created around necrophiliac, valueless and anti-human projection of life and cosmos. And their main slogan became to fight and to achieve 'something more'. 

And that is where it becomes more clear what exactly would it be that “something more”? What really and truly lumpen-proleteriat sees as 'more'? The only 'more' is quantitative more. As Heidegger said once, America is Europe's Other, Europe's megalomaniac Other, which will bring Europe to the destruction and will bring the darkness and coldness of a long technological night. And this night is not about machineries or assemblages or any other kind of Gestell. It is not about demonology of technics  and technological – it is about human approach to it and it is about moral attitude toward science and engineering. And, it was lumpen-proletariat that was given the chance to create human attitude toward technological. It further brought immoral science, which was cover for lumpen-proleteriat power. 

Lumpen-proleteriat was produced by social engineering in the countries where so-called 'civil wars' were waged. The concept of civil war is very shady concept and it also belongs to the arsenal of special warfare, after the start of financial globalization of the world (the end of XIX century). And, then, lumpen-proleteriat, in less than a century became – elite. And, civil wars were more than helpful in the acquisition of material wealth. 

It is of utmost importance to realise that this so-called 'elite' started to call itself elite, in the first place. The term was not attributed by public, by some wicked journalist or conspiracy theorist, but by themselves. A bunch of writings and documents describe imposing of the term to the public, media, etc.. They simply wanted to be elite, but before that, they (lumpen-proleteriat) made sure they have mechanisms for people to accept them as an 'elite'. They occupied the institutions or various kinds, they corrupted education toward own narrow-minded perspectives. They used cultures and put them in the context of own interests. 

The so-called elite, actually lumpen-proleteriat, is vanguard of 20th century post-modernism, one of the most downward, stupid, low-life and bizzare phase of human thinking and socio-anthropological development. Post-modernism brought lots of low quality, non-wise 'theories' and movements, artificial literature, arts, philosophy, science, even religion and, of course, politics (from local to global politics and policies). Post-modernism covers elite's (lumpen-proleteriat) ignorance and narrow-mindedness.

The fact that they are all lumpen-proleteriat does not have to do anything with their particular characteristics which brought them to power – it was relativisation of all values which brought them to power. One of the most recent case of post-modernist political wrongdoings was electing Obama for USA president. It was more than silly to elect someone for a president just because it was good times to have some Nigger for a president and it was good to declaratively show that African Americans are equal, or that 'black lives matter', as it came later. So many intelligent and decent black people around – but, under the slogan of the first black president, American people are represented by a character even more stupid than George W. Bush and Black people are presented as ultimate idiots, thanks to their fellow Nigga, Obama. Not to mention misuse of black African-American community by Soros and other sick people. Why? Because of sick lumpen-proleteriat, whose wealth (and, therefore, power) foundations lay in the false printed, worthless dollars, based on Fed's (Ponzi) schemes and they need political theatres to make it secure, by deceiving people.

The problem that appears is that lumpen proleteriat, which is given the power for over a century, has no brains. That is why so many atrocities appear in the areas under the jurisdiction of Euroatlantist transcapital global lumpen-proleteriat. Their candidate in the last US elections was Hillary Clinton and across the ocean in Old Europe, their political frontmen are deployed in Brussels, Strasbourg and elsewhere across EU.

Since Europe is facing negative selection for a long period of time, and European peoples are exposed to the worst kind of Anglo-Yankees brainless activities, it is the moment for common sense and consciousness to re-appear in Europe.

And it is also time that Europe ends its sick relationship with USA. Why Europe should care if Henri Kissinger does not know who to phone, when he phones Europe – very false argument by him, unfortunately excepted by European leaders. Kissinger, if he is not overwhelmed with dementia should know better. Europe has many phone codes, for every country in Europe – so, if he wanted to be a jack of world politics, he (and his pal Brzezinsky) should be less Jewish and less Scrooges and spend a few dollars more when they want to phone Europe. Because, their theatrical political strategies with nothing but raw power based on threats by weapons did not achieve anything, except for death and misery around the Globe. And all the globalists structures are rotten inside. 

So, the godfathers of the newest generation of lumpen-proleteriat, Henri Kissinger and Zbignew Brzezinsky (lumpen-proleteriat themselves), should finally admit that their short-sighted political projections failed. They should retire and admit the failure of Euro-Atlantist project, NATO, EU, Kosovo, Ukraine, Libya, Iraq, South Sudan, Rwanda, Argentina, Colombia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc. Well, it was easy for Kissinger and Brzezinsky to be very well educated and smart among ignorance within USA – a little bit harder task to achieve in Europe and Asia. So, both of those Scrooges are overplayed and if they are real fighters with a code – they will admit it and back off. It is about time. Their expiring date has arrived. As well as Euro-atlantists'. They are boring and, why not use one of their most important tool, visual appearance – they all look very sick and very ugly (it is not about aesthetics, it is about their attitude which makes them so ugly). Although it is late for them to do it with dignity and style, it is not late for them to do it anyway. As well as for Elisabeth 'Sieg Heil' The Second. And The Pope. And Patriarchate of Constantinople. And EU Commission. And South American masonry. And African warlords. And false Arabs in Gulf monarchies. And all the "Jesuits" across the Globe.