Libyan army advances: Tripoli Liberation Operation


The Commander-in-Chief of the Libyan National Army (LNA), Khalifa Haftar, ordered his units to attack the capital of the country, Tripoli.
“With the will of Allah, we continue to go on our victorious march, we continue our struggle. Today, as promised, we are responding to the call of the citizens of Tripoli, whose patience has dried up, ”says Khalifa Haftar in a statement released on April 4.

It says that the Operation to liberate Tripoli was a response to the demand of the Libyan people to put an end to the power of militants and terrorists in Tripoli.

According to incoming reports, the LNA units took control of the town of Garyan, 100 km south of Tripoli, and the city of Surman, 60 kilometers from the Libyan capital.

The Libyan National Army (LNA) will continue the attack on Tripoli and execute the order of the command "to eliminate the terrorists" to the end.

 This was stated on April 4 in Benghazi by the official representative of the LNA, General Ahmed Al-Mismari, whose performance was broadcasted by Sky News Arabia.

"Army commander Khalifa Haftar gave the order to clean Tripoli (from terrorists). Real military operations began, and the marshal personally monitors developments. We are approaching the capital, the order has been received and will not be withdrawn," said the general.

Al-Mismari also said: "We call upon the armed militias (extremist groups) to surrender, and those who lay down their arms will be safe. However, our battle with the terrorists will continue until the end."

The general confirmed that the LNA forces took control of the town of Garyan, 60 km south of Tripoli, and reached the area of Al-Hir. Earlier it was reported that this settlement, where industrial facilities are located, was left by the formations loyal to Mr. Faiz Saraj.

The LNA Commander announced the launch of “Operation to liberate Tripoli”, where the puppet National Transitional Council is meeting, on April 4 in a video message.

On Wednesday, the LNA reported on the transfer of military units to the western region of the country in order to “clear it” of terrorists.

On Tuesday, Saraj issued an order to all military units under his control to be on full alert. He also ordered his aircraft to strike at the LNA to "protect civilians and vital facilities."

UN Secretary General António Guterres, who is in Tripoli, called on April 4 for all parties to the conflict to stop the armed escalation. He argued that the UN continues to "make efforts to stop" this escalation and "seeks to calm the situation" in order to organize the Libyan National Conference scheduled for April 14-16 in the Libyan city of Ghadames.

Al-Mismari accused armed groups in Tripoli in an attempt to disrupt the presidential and parliamentary elections scheduled for this year in Libya and the achievement of "political decisions". The Libyan army supports this conference and will do everything to make it happen.

The political process that the general is talking about is aimed at a peaceful solution to the Libyan crisis. But the opposition of the terrorist gangs, entrenched in the capital of Libya and under the control of Sarraj, is so great that the Libyan national army, relying on the support of the Libyan militia and patriotic citizens, decided to clear the city about these gangs.

Let us hope that the LNA will be able to ensure the security not only of the Libyan capital, but also of the National Conference in Ghadames, where all the national forces of Libya will be represented. The head of the High Council of the Libyan tribes and cities, Dr. Seif al-Islam Muammar Gaddafi, is also expected to attend the conference.