Let’s pray for Moldova


Moldova is torn between fear and illusion - that is what I saw when watching the events in Chisinau.

And when I watch Romanian commentators, from the studios, talking about what is happening in Moldova, I am sorry to say but if I was Bessarabian, I would have to insult them, as arrogant and paternalistic as they are.

But it was Romania with this arrogant paternalism who encouraged and financed a "pro-European" political mafia in Chisinau, which has ignored the interests of Romanians from the former ex-Soviet. They have maintained a mentality of "cold war" against Russia, supporting Ukrainian nationalists against the interests of Romanians from Bukovina, Romania, which was virtually emptied of Romanians from Bessarabia by granting them dual citizenship. Is Romania not guilty of the situation now, beyond the Prut?
The Romanians who maintained an impossible illusion of Euro-Atlantic accession of Moldova, did they not contribute to these divisions in Bessarabian society?

Moldovan brothers, your only chance is to make, alone, through your wisdom, from scratch, a beautiful Romanian Moldavia between the Prut and Dniester, cheerful, nice and quiet.

We have sold our souls for Euro-Atlantic accession which was materialized from material wealth, relative but real.
For you it is required to sell it in exchange for promises that neither the EU nor the US have desire to honor. Look at Ukraine and do not follow the path of bloodshed ....

St. Stephen the Great will protect you! Actually, I invite all Romanians to, tomorrow, do akathistos to St. Prince for poor Bessarabia.

Translated from: http://www.activenews.ro/autori/Bogdan-Duca-210