Kosovo launched an attack on Serbia


The unrecognized republic of Kosovo is increasingly aggressive towards Serbia. More recently, a territory exchange plan was discussed between Serbia and Kosovo. But now it seems to be forgotten. Kosovo’s leader Hashim Thaçi made it clear that he no longer needed any exchange - he just wants to tear a new piece away from Serbia. Will he succeed?

Before leaving for the summit of the countries of the Western Balkans in Berlin, the leader of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, announced that he intends to raise the issue of joining the unrecognized republic of the southern regions of Central Serbia inhabited by Albanians.

“Kosovo has fulfilled all the conditions for visa liberalization, we intend to continue the dialogue. I do not expect that there will be a dialogue or negotiations, but I will voice my position in support of the joining of Presev, Medvedzhi and Buyanovac. We will not allow dual sovereignty [regarding the north of Kosovo] and will not allow the “two Germanium” model, said Thaci.

He was well understood in and around the Balkans. In short, this is the case.

There is a theory of dividing Kosovo into two parts: the Serbian, with the Kosovo Field proper and the majority of monasteries of the early Middle Ages and the Albanian. It was promoted in the “old” Yugoslavia almost from the 60s of the last century. Some of the humanitarian intelligentsia then even offered to give altogether to the Metochia of Albania in order to close the question altogether. Kosovo’s section maps were drawn by hand with felt-tip pens and Slobodan Milosevic along roughly the same principle: Kosovo’s field, monasteries and Mitrovica should remain behind the Serbs.

But after the pogroms of March 2004, the whole idea lost its relevance, since the Albanians quickly burned down 36 churches and monasteries, and expelled the Serbian population. And there is a suspicion that the controlled pogroms in the spring of 2004 were specifically aimed at the Serbian Orthodox Church and ancient monuments, since there are no monasteries - there is no plan to divide Kosovo according to a “cultural-historical” principle.

All the principles of resolving the situation that were discussed until recently also came down to the actual division of Kosovo, only under other pretexts and under the names more beautiful for the Western European ear. The creation of the autonomy of the Serb communities of Northern Kosovo (which never happened) would in fact mean separation of Serb areas from Pristina “on the ground”, but without legal accession to the “big” Serbia. In the future, this could even lead to the creation of another Serbian republic (the third in a row) with the rights of autonomy. But already in the composition of Kosovo recognized by Belgrade - just like the existence of the Republika Srpska Bosna, formally becoming part of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Albanians consistently and purposefully, as they can, sabotaged this process. Negotiations were broken, postponed, they could be canceled due to technical or ideological details. For example, once the Albanians brought a print mock-up on which a black eagle was drawn for negotiations on customs. The Serbs were in principle not opposed to the Kosovar customs officers had their own seal. Only neutral, without state symbols of Albania. Negotiations broke down. After waiting a couple of days, the Kosovars landed troops from helicopters and captured these very customs points, to which new seals were brought.

In the end, the Albanians achieved their goal: Europe ate sabotage of creating autonomy for the Serb communities of Northern Kosovo. The negotiations failed, seemingly definitively, but a relatively “fresh” idea of ​​the exchange of territories was born. Serbia gets Mitrovica and everything north of it, and Kosovo gets two communities of the so-called Preshevskoy valley, inhabited mainly by Albanians: Presevo itself and Bujanovac.

Up to this point, mankind did not know about the existence of the Presev Valley - a small and poor stretch of land with a predominantly Albanian population. Strictly speaking, the term “Presev Valley” or simply “Valley” (lugina) is used only by Albanians, who imposed it on the rest of the world in order to drag Serb Medjuju into it. Serbs deny such a geographical concept, swear, and call it all a “political cliché”. There is no such valley at all. Cards lie.

In 2000, in the euphoria of the victory of NATO over Yugoslavia in the valley, the so-called Liberation Army of Presevo, Medvedzhi and Buyanovets (AOPMB), a clone of the Kosovo Liberation Army, numbering about a thousand people, was put together. Until the summer of 2001, these characters fought a guerrilla war against the Serbian police, clearly counting on NATO assistance. Surprisingly, NATO unexpectedly supported the Serbs. Probably, this decision was influenced by the intelligence that the preshevskie “liberators” received help, including from Al-Qaida. As a result, by the summer of 2001 AOMPB was physically destroyed, the rest were amnestied, and the Valley healed with its simple peasant life. In addition, the trans-European highway passes through it, which became strategic for Serbia after the destruction of the road through Pristina.

There are different opinions about this plan for the exchange of territories. But the Albanians at one time supported the appearance of negotiations on this issue. True, not for long. And two months ago, the Kosovo Parliament adopted a decree according to which any exchange of territories and division of Kosovo itself is prohibited by law, and for the Serbs it is planned to organize a new tribunal like the Hague.

Having tested Belgrade for strength a few times with uncomplicated but brazen provocations, the Albanians decided that why change with them, if they can still be taken away for that, and there will be nothing for us. This is the usual practice of biting off the territories.

Similarly, the problems on the Montenegrin border are not resolved. Albanians demand land on the coast to Petrovac from Montenegro itself, Tetovskoe Gorge in Macedonia, South Epirus in Greece. There are no territorial claims only to Argentina, although outwardly everything looks decent. Just a reptile over and over again swallows another piece of land.

From that moment, Snake Taci stopped talking about the exchange of territories, but simply began to ultimately demand to take away the Presevo Valley from Serbia, without offering anything in return. This seems to him an achievable goal, since Belgrade has never once reacted quite harshly on provocations. And if they do not react, the reptile thinks, it means that they are weak. And if they are weak, then why stand on ceremony with them?

Hardly Thaci is playing some more ingenious game. They just want more land, that's all. This is the usual behavior of a predator. Negotiations will have to continue, however unpleasant it may be. European structures impose the negotiation process on Belgrade, simply turning away from TThaci’s statements. They cannot take the side of the Serbs or stop Pristina’s ambitions, it would be a blow to the foundations of the self-consciousness of a united Europe, which turned the destruction of Yugoslavia into a symbol of the victory of the European mentality. Belgrade can only sympathize.